The combine have discovered a Time Machine in the vastness of space, built by a non combine alien race, the combine hope to turn it on and invade earth at an earlier period in history when modern weapons and Gordon Freeman doesn't exist. The Time Machine was built 100,000 years ago, so the combine can go back in time to a period sometime in that 100,000 years. The Time Machine was left partially on, and the Combine hope to get it running at full power. Gordon Freeman and Alyx get sent there durring the slow teleport from Nova Prospect to dr. kliner's lab, and you have to somehow stop the Combine from turning the machine on.

The problem is that if the Time Machine goes to full power it pulls the sun towards the machine, the sun then enter's the time vortex surrounding the planet and then goes on a strange trip
and does a lot of damage to the place where it goes, namely your Earth.

There's a 2 minute cut-scene at the beginning where you can't do anything till you wake up.

This is Episode One of Four.

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A Frayed Stitch in Time Episode One

Full Version

Episode One unrar with winrar then drag the cascade directory into your steammods directory and restart steam.

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I enjoyed this mod. The section after the "Game Over" message is where the story really begins, but unfortunately the mod ends shortly afterwards. Like yalikescake said, looks like we won't see the story continue. If you're having issues, chance gameinfo.txt to:
SteamAppId 215
ToolsAppId 211

Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game hl2
Game sourcetest

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Well, despite what a lot of the trolls and professional jerks have to say, I liked this quite a bit. Some of the other cracks are just absurd. "Irritating" enemy placement? You mean like, parts were hard? Duh.

I do agree that the backstory you give doesn't really seem to relate to the game itself; I assume that would develop more through the other episodes. Also a few video glitches, someone else noted the early rooftop sequence where you are looking through the roofs, couple other very minor bits, but no worse than in HL2 itself, like enemy body parts clipping through the walls.

I thought it was a good balance of shoot-em-up and puzzle. I liked the maze sequence especially, with the headcrab tanks in the basement and the power cells. I had played this once before, and got as far as the train-yard sequence. Don't remember if I just gave up or if that was when a computer died and I just never got back to it. Anyway, I figured out what needed to be done and survived the ending sequence -- at least I assume it's the ending sequence. It says "Game Over" but it seemed quite abrupt and left me hanging; however I didn't realise until I came back now it is supposed to continue (I thought I was going to come up in Kleiner's lab.)

Bottom line -- very nice mod, and you can't beat the price. Nothing innovative, just good HL2 gameplay. I really hope to see the rest some time.

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Maps are partially completed, they AREN'T CLOSED, so you see the sky like a mixture of ghost images(what happens when there isn't any skybox).
story is boring, with all due respect, but boring anyway.
citizens only run around, don't do anything actually useful.
There is just one rebel, who is killed.
No squad.
Few weapons but this isn't too bad.
A lot of zombies, in a small place (reminds me of eXterminate Mod)

It could be an awesome mod if you actually focused on making it better.
Unfortunately i see half-made good maps, bad used mpc's.
Kleiner dissapears, there isn't much information about the story IN-GAME.
It forces you to read the summary before you actually play it, using your imagination to figure what is going on.

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@ belboz, you also can defend your mod without calling everyone a failing sucker...
BTW: Killing hordes of zombies isn't funny, it has so much action like shaving you with a bowling pin.

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belboz Creator

I can see now why there isnt many halflife 2 mods, due to nasty comments from ***** like you lot pouring daily through mod builders mailboxes. Its enough to put you off for life, you ***** dont deserve to get anymore halflife mods, I can see now why halflife 2 episode 3 has been delayed for so long due to your comments, you just so thick you just dont get it.

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belboz Creator

wow you all fail stupid *******

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wow, this mod was bad....where do i begin? jeez, well ill start with the positive by saying that conceptual, it was somewhat cool and the design on those huge towers was pretty damn awesome, but aside from that.....holy crap, bro, you messed up big time. i'd like to start by saying( and pardon my language and caps, but this really needs to be stated for ALL future modders to see) ENOUGH WITH THE ******* ZOMBIE SPAMMING!!!!!! IT NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE FUN!!!!! ITS JUST FILLER WHEN A MOD DESIGNER HAS NOTHING BETTER TO PUT IN THE AREA! IF YOU DON"T HAVE ANY BETTER IDEAS THAN DON'T MAKE THE MOD! anyways, back to normal now, i just gotta say that even without the zombie spamming, this mod was sill pretty damn bad. there were glitches that i never even knew were possible occuring in this mod, such as the one where sprinting suddenly got disabled for the rest of the game, or the other where i couldn't pick up any smgs dropped by combine soldier, or the one where i'd hit a dead combine body with crowbar and it would start wincing in pain and after a few wacks another combine would suddenly appear and fall over and die. I also was really peeved at the part where you unfairly blow me up at the start when i pressed a disfunctional panel after getting the HEV suit. awful awful design; terrible pacing; odd and irritating as hell enemy placement....the list goes on and on. please try to learn how to make good mods by playing some good mods and studying what makes them good before you attempt to make another one.

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i actually quite enjoyed this. as much as i would love a second episode, im afraid i wont see one. i got very sucked into this story, and i loved how huge and epic some of the areas looked.

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