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The quality of the maps are a tad inconsistent at times, but most of the maps are amazing, and the introduction is just brilliant. However, the ending was disappointing with all that build-up.

"Untitled" and "Challenge" are my two favorites, although "Observation" definently had good puzzles.

I enjoyed this cs a lot, it would be definite 10 if it wouldnt have been for the occasional glitches. The makers of this mod made an extremely god job considering this was made in 24 hours.


This is truly an amazing mod filled with others that must be played together! Such an amazing atmosphere and gameplay!


freakmajor says

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I love this custom story. Many storys in one an much time to play:D

This was a very interesting custom story. The mix of different developers was a very cool idea, and seemed to work out very nicely!

Not bad at all! :D

Most of them were awesome short stories but I really hated the one called "Challenge" and the "observation" one, the challenge one was just annoying and the observation one was very buggy at the gate part, the gate wont open after I placed the barrals onto the buttons

I liked the idea of creating a composed custom story. Though, each map is completely different and they have nothing in common.

Amazing. Absolutely love the concept. Custom monster's, different ideas, concepts. Honestly "The Observation barrel part was a bit misleading, you would assume you do something with the switches, but nope, you use an exploit to get through the gate lol. Also the key on that map where you have to find your little sister was clipped through the chest. Also, some of the triggers are a bit wonky, for example in the graverobber, you can trigger a different spawn if you go back far enough to where the orb was, or jump near the top of the ladder to trigger the next part. Nonetheless, this was so much fun, and a big pat on the pack to all the devs that took part. The parody of main Amnesia was great too.


Adake says

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This is legend.


It was a very unique idea to put a hub of custom stories inside of a single custom story, and with only 24 hours to work on each, I believe the end result was fantastic! The Brennenburg Brothers started playing this CS on 2016 March 6 and finished it on 2016 March 16.

+1 I didn't forget about Ralphie
+1 Oh no, not dubstep.
+1 Lights out...
Also, upon realizing that the hub of the game was itself a custom story that had to be finished in 24 hours, bravo, very well done.

+1 Observation by Apjim
Very fun! It was great seeing the full potential of the HPL Engine, the other BB and I were just talking about how some Layers of Fear-esque map generation could be added into an Amnesia CS, and this shows that potential.

+1 Journey to Brennenburg by Palistov
LOVED the puzzle!!! It took us a decent amount of time to figure it out, and it was worth it! Hope to see puzzles like this in future custom stories.

+1 Grave Robber's Nightmare by Kman
Very scary level, and no despawns! Despawns, unless scripted by the storyline, really ruin Amnesia custom stories, especially when the player dies.

+0 Sewers of Oblivion by Obliviator
Underwater effect would have been better with some sort of low grav, instead of locking items in-place. Hud effect was cool though.

-1 Scary Noises devin413
This was the worst custom story of the bunch. There wasn't anything interesting to it and the final solution wasn't very obvious (granted, he does tell you what you have to do).

+1 Untitled by Acies
Would be interesting to see this gatherer effect scripted into future custom stories. Jack and the beanstalk, don't wake the giant?

+1/-1 Funny Place by JMFStorm
This was.
Sadly, I glitched through the map every time I played it and didn't get a chance to see the brutes until my other BB told me what they were, so I replayed the map.

+0 Challenge by Khyrpa
Reminded me of Dear Esther (vomit, The Chinese Room, vomit), except better than that entire game.

+1 Echos of the Past by Mikhail
Old Key was invisible, otherwise loved how the items reorientated themselves with progression (didn't notice until second playthrough). I always wanted something similar with the bread and apples going from fresh to rotten with sanity loss. Your little sister quickly becomes an afterthought.

+0 Tunnel Vision by Vradcly
Incredibly short. Barely memorable. Large boxes that can somehow be thrown are the only thing of note.

+1 Hunter by Statyx
Loved how the screen dimed as you put on your jacket, which makes sense if the character was putting on a shirt. The voice acting was actually VERY GOOD. Most voice acting in custom stories is horrendous, but this was great. The problem with voice acting is when it sounds fake, or that the person is reading lines. This sounded like a guy worried about his dog. Mrs. Harrison's voice could have been louder, and the only part of his voice that wasn't good was when he yelled "Hunter?!".

If I had to pick favorites, it would be the first three listed.

Unlike my other custom story reviews, where I start at 10 and count down with negatives, and then up with positives, I started at 0 since there were multiple stories.

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The quality of the maps are a tad inconsistent at times, but most of the maps are amazing, and the introduction is just brilliant. However, the ending was disappointing with all that build-up.

"Untitled" and "Challenge" are my two favorites, although "Observation" definently had good puzzles.

Jan 6 2012 by LordXamot(Cavou)