2027 is a modification and a prequel to Deus Ex.

  • New stunning DirectX 9 based graphics.
  • The story is flexible, nonlinear, and allows much wider exploration than before. The final outcone depends entirely on you and your actions. The solutions to any challenge depend only on your imagination.
  • Lots of new weapons and equipment. You will be able to purchase weapons in shops, unlike in the original game. You will be able to improve your weaponry in different ways.
  • New skills, perks and augmentations have been added.
  • A player will be able to use portable spider bots, which he can control and use for exploring a territory and attack. It is also possible to repair and recharge these bots.
  • Weather effects, ranging from a light drizzle to thunderstorms and snowfall.
  • Almost all the locations are based on real photos and maps, and the levels in 2027 will be wider than in the original game.
  • Many cutscenes and intros give a real atmosphere to the rich storyline.
  • New high quality fonts with anti-aliasing.
  • A lot of bugs from the original game have been fixed.

If you have a technical issue or you are stuck in the game, please take a look at the 2027 FAQ

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News 59 comments

English version of 2027 has been released. You can download it from our site Project2027.com or from the downloads section in ModDB.

Human Horizon lab Human Horizon lab

This release (version 1.2) also contains some bug fixes for the Russian version. You can ask your questions on our forum Dxalpha.com

Russian version of 2027 is out

Russian version of 2027 is out

News 12 comments

Russian version of 2027 has been released and available to download.

New 2027 site

New 2027 site


2027 site has been re-opened. You can also follow us on twitter now.

update... finnaly


I've added some new (well, they are not really new already) screens... just to keep this page alive. New version of the 2027 site will be ready in...

2027 trailer video


2027 trailer is available to download (9.5mb)

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2027 (TORRENT)

2027 (TORRENT)

Full Version 1 comment

The final version (1.2.1) of 2027 that includes both English and Russian versions of the mod.



Full Version 8 comments

The final version (1.2.1) of 2027 that includes both English and Russian versions of the mod.

2027 OST

2027 OST

Music 7 comments

Some of the music tracks from the 2027. Individual tracks are available on our site.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 470)
Taberone - - 78 comments

Why does this mod remove the "toggle run/walk" keybinding that vanilla DX1 had? Very inconvenient, holding down SHIFT for too long to run across some of the larger areas makes my fingers hurt.

Is it also possible to disable the view-bob when running? Option to disable that like in DX1 also seems to have been removed.

Other than that, my absolute favorite mod, the gunplay is so much better than vanilla DX1 because the guns are more lethal and their rates of fire are more realistic, no more locked burst-fire assault rifles and no more pistols shooting as slowly as a single-action revolver.

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SweetRamona - - 5,117 comments

How did this become the 9th popular mod today?

Did some big video game news site or well-known lets player or streamer played this?

With that being said, I really should play this at some point, it's quite high on my to play list of late 90s and early 2000s video game mods.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 693,151 comments

Warlockracy made a video on it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Jane_Denton - - 57 comments

I know this is an old mod but I think we can agree Deus Ex and all their mods are timeless classics!

I was hoping there might be a way to get the Kentie launcher to work with this mod instead of the default launcher you have? The reason is that when using high resolution the GUI scaling is very tiny especially on a large monitor and since it's not voiced it makes it hard to read.

If I could get the Kentie launcher to work with it instead then I could configure it to change the GUI scaling to 2X which would be the default size of the OG Deus Ex and makes everything easier to read. Having the high resolution with the 2X scaling would be ideal so if anyone can offer advice on how to get this to work it'd be great thanks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
garfildxm - - 4 comments

Can the blogger teach me how to import fonts in other languages ​​and modify the text content of the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Is_Online - - 95 comments

So my laptops pretty crummy (what with it's 2 cores and no dedicated GPU), but I've managed to launch the game with Advanced Options on (with fullscreen) had to input a 720 resolution (1280 x 720) and it launched, had a hiccup with a menu color (slate grey with glowing menus makes the font color and background color practically have the same color, at least the main menu does).

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Guest - - 693,151 comments

One of the greatest mods I found for deus ex,
It ties so perfectly into this universe,
that I consider it a canon!

The creators managed to pack a whole new fresh Deus Ex experience,
Which feels authentic,
More then the new games IMO.

And something has to be said about the new games,
because the game is set in 2027, which is the year of Human Revolutions,
it references stuff from HR, in Deus Ex 2k.

and this was the first time that I felt that Deus Ex is connected to Human Revolutions..

I felt a lot during the play-through of this mode,
and I know that there is a hungry audience for this,
so if like me,
you looked for a fresh deus ex experience,
Then this is the mode I recommend!

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Mrpoke2020 - - 31 comments

Are the pain/death/gun sounds original or were they taken from another game? Just trying to solve this mystery because I cannot find any info of where these are from.

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Ded Creator
Ded - - 119 comments

Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Soldiers of Fortune 2

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Guest - - 693,151 comments

Hi! I cannot control REISSIE bot. By pressing LMB it's just spinning and running around without real logic. Is this how it should work?

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