Someone wrote: A multiplayer patch for POSTAL 2. With these updates installed, POSTAL 2 becomes one of the most configurable online games ever produced. Key Features:

New Menu Map
Board of the original menu map? Well, even if not, a new one is included toshamelessly promote RWS products. If you have the free release of MP, you willhave already seen this.

New Gametypes
Postal arena uses its own maps to place two players in a one on one battle, and3 maps are included. Spectators can watch from the sideline until it is their turn tofight. Winner stays on.Click here for more details on how to play Arena!

King of the hill
Each map has at least one hill spot mark by a floating RWS sign. Enter the ‘hillzone’ to start gaining points, and make sure you keep everyone else out! Youonly gain points from being inside the hill, not from frags.Click here for more details on how to play King Of The Hill

Airmail is an original postal 2 gametype that places powerup packages thoughtout the map. They range from boots that make you jump higher to Mario styleinvincibility. Some powerups are activated, some work automatically. By far themost impressive and popular postal 2 mod/gametype ever, well I say gametype,but it really a mutator so it’s possible to add the Airmail powerups to ALL ofpostals gametypes, including snatch!Click here to see a full guide on how to play Airmail!

New Weapons!
Sledge hammer
The Sledge hammer from Apocalypse weekend now available in Share the painand included in all the maps. Map makers can also place it in the maps with thispatch installed. The alt fires works too, so be prepared to kick away a flyingsledge coming your way!
Unholy GrenadeThe unholy grenade is primarily for the jihad gametype, but can be placed inmaps or used with 1409X’s weapon replacers in other gametypes. Black in color,it bounces more then a normal grenade and has a MUCH larger blast radius. Ifyou see one of these coming be sure to run!

New Maps
There are new maps for the arena gametype, and a new snatch map called BankRun and a deathmatch variant called Bank Brawl, adapted from the single playercampaign based on community feedback.

New Features
One of the most notable new features in this patch is the voting. As an admin,You can select what maps, mutators and gametypes will be available for votingat the end of a game. It’s also possible for someone to ‘rock the vote’ from theirmain menu during the game. ZoundsWith this mod enabled, it will broadcast sounds to everyone based on ‘triggerwords’ that players type. For example, if someone says ‘hi’ it will play a GaryColman voice clip of him saying ‘hi’. Admins can also add their own soundpackages to make for some really interesting zounds, as well as altering thetrigger word for each one.

Popular but controversial mod that changes the way the hit detection works onservers for some weapons. It registers a hit client side, not server side, so if aplayer is in your cross hairs when you shoot, you will get the hit even if both yourpings are above average. It changes the way the game plays and some playersdo not like it, but over all most players favor a ZP server. It’s possible for theadmin to disable it altogether or select what bullet weapons use it. Further more,players can turn it off in their menu screens if they would rather play without theirend.

Spawn protection
Protects player from damage for a set amount of time, with a bunch of yellowdots around them to show they are being protected. (Default 2 seconds). It doesNOT protect bots.

Players can now press Y, U or I to do a third person taunt for a bit of fun. No firstperson animation is played for taunts.

Boost Jumping!
It is now possible for server admins to enable the ‘boost jump’, as found ingames like unreal. Hit the jump button at the peak of your jump to gain extraheight. Great for low gravity game types or just to add a little more playability toa server.

More characters and teams to pick from!
ATF Agent, Bandmembers, Book Protestors ,Cock Asian Guy, Suicide Bomber,Homosexual, Protestors, Zealots, Krotchy.It’s also possible to change it or add your own characters to the roster!

Other features players will notice:

-Bots are now random, so you will not be fighting the same bots each match-If the player has not selected a Character to play with, the servers willautomatically assign one randomly. This is to stop an ‘attack of the dudes’situation where everyone is the default dude character.

-Shows an icon above a player's head when they are typing-Adds more unreal style kill announcers. Hear Vince scream ‘killing spree’ ect asyou rack up the kills.

-Message of the Day screen that informs you more about the server you areplaying on

Admin features and options
For server Admins, it’s possible to tweak many aspects for the game. Anything inGreen is new to 1409X since Xadmin 202 and other included mods.

- Enable/Disable suicides on servers.

- Enable/Disable the homing rockets

- Enable/Disable the player’s ability to crotch while in mid air (known as theCjump)

-Enable/Disable Taunts on servers

-Enable and configure a jump boost for when the player presses space at thepeak of a jump.

-Admin messages that display during a match in the players chat console. Thetime of message and delay between each one is configurable

-Chat spam filter that can be configured to stop players spamming the console-Can now ban more then 50 ips, and also define the range of the bans from thepostal2.ini.

-No Clipping Mode for spectators -- walk through walls, etc.

-Can now disable the ‘death strings’ so that players do not have to see who has killed everyone in the console.

-Alter the pickup and weapon placements, or remove/swap them, as well aschange players starting weapons. You can add other custom weapon mods inthis way too. You can also select and ‘alt’ replacer, so the server will pick fromtwo different weapon or powerups when replacing, meaning you can double theamount of weapons available to a player on any given map.

-In game commands – kill, teleport or rename (among other functions) players onthe server. New to 1409X, these also work in the webadmin too

-Change the speed of the players movement, the height of the jump ect-Damage modifiers let you configure the power of each weapons damage onplayers

-Alter the amount of ammo a player can hold for each weapon

-Increase or decrease players default health-The ability to rename bots, and stop them using certain weapons.

-Message of the day Display a message to those that join your server, alsoallows a custom logo to be shown.

-Logs chat files and IPs of those that join the server, and admin logins-More selectable characters and configuration: you can alter the roster as youplease from the default mp players and some newly added ones.

-Configure the time it takes for dropped weapons to despair (default 60 secs)

-Server can now list more then the 33 maps-Ban players by name. Default names banned include "Player" and "Admin"-Can now run up to a 32 player server (if you have the bandwidth and seriouscpu power)

Masses of bug fixes, but I can't fit them all here. Included in the documentation.


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1409X Multiplayer Patch

1409X Multiplayer Patch

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