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Delenda Est works to bring authenticity to the in-development indie title 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant. Delenda Est molds the game into a coherent focused design, adds features, new art, and new civilizations, and serves as a testbed for new ideas that could potentially make their way into the core game.

Principate RomansHan ChineseTheban GreeksKushite AfricansEpirote GreeksScythian Nomads

Delenda Est includes all-new unit balancing, all-new technology trees customized for each faction (with technology choices and unique techs), new buildable structures, new playable factions (Kushite Africans, Han Chinese, Theban Greeks, Epirotes, Imperial Romans, and the upcoming nomadic Scythians), modded maps, brand new maps, capturable mercenary camps with dozens of new mercenary units, farmlands that enrich the player's food production, a brand new resource, and much much more!

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delenda est a21 small

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Delenda Est has been released for 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant. It is compatible with the Alpha 21 release and is fully playable. Download today and slay!

delenda est download

Click the link above to download the mod!

A list of the top changes and features in Delenda Est:


emblem chinesekushites

The Han Chinese bring the power of the crossbow to the battlefield, while the Nubian bowmen of the Kushite Africans rain destruction on their enemies.


And last, but not least, the Scythians will debut in a future release, so keep your scouts fresh and your eyes peeled!



Glory and Cult Statues are a brand new addition to the game. Acquire the Glory resource by building Cult Statues unique to each civilization. The Chinese build dragon statues, while the Athenians build Athena statues, and the Mauryan Indians build statues to Buddha. Praise these statues with your units to be granted Glory faster. Lastly, killing enemy units and destroying enemy structures gifts the player additional Glory. Use Glory to train heroes and research special technologies.


alpine lakes tournament 2tarim basin 2

New skirmish maps bring fresh new gameplay, such as Alpine Lakes Tournament Edition and Tarim Basin, for 2 or 4 players.


The look of the GUI is freshened up with a new look to technology and unit portraits.


New models, textures, and so much more, from contributors such as Stanislas, LordGood, Lion Kanzen, and wackyserious!


First and foremost, Delenda Est requires the Alpha 22 version of the indie title 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant.

After downloading the Delenda Est zip file, unzip the files to the mods folder in the 0 A.D. directory on your computer. For Windows, you can find this folder in Documents (or My Documents)/My Games/0ad/mods. For example, here is the address on my computer:

C:\Users\Justus\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods


  • Linux : ~/.local/share/0ad/mods

  • OSX : ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/mods

To enable Delenda Est, go to the main menu, tools & options, mod selection. Select the mod from the list then choose enable. Click save configuration, then start mods button. Voila! (BTW, this procedure is used for every mod.)



The mod continues to evolve. Please, report any bugs you find and also feel free to discuss the balance of the mod.

If you see gray textures, wait a moment and they will load. If you see some error messages, they will go away. The AI is clumsy with the mod, so be patient. The mod is MULTIPLAYER compatible, so play it with your friends!


Delenda Est has a bright future and many plans. We hope to bring Formation Combat to the game as well as other enhancements, such as a brand new Scythians faction and more new units and game features.

battalion with hero and bannerma

If you have skills in art or programming and are familiar with 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant and want to enhance the game by making Delenda Est the best it can be, then join in the fun on the Wildfire Games forums and contribute to developing Delenda Est.

0 A.D. Delenda Est released for Alpha 21

0 A.D. Delenda Est released for Alpha 21

News 12 comments

The Delenda Est mod has been released for 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses. Download it today right here on Moddb.

Preliminary Plan for Scythians

Preliminary Plan for Scythians

News 8 comments

This is the preliminary plan-only for the Scythians in Delenda Est. This civ can serve as a prototype for the Huns in 0 A.D. Empires Besieged, and is...

Civilization: Theban Greeks

Civilization: Theban Greeks


The great power of Central Greece and leader of the Boeotian Confederacy.

Battalions and Formations

Battalions and Formations

News 15 comments

If official release of the game does not include battalions and formations, then this is how Delenda Est would attempt to include battalions and formations...

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Playable Noba for 0 AD: Delenda Est

Playable Noba for 0 AD: Delenda Est

Model Pack

Adds the Noba (or Nuba) of western Sudan as a playable civilization to the O AD: Delenda Est mod.

Config File to convert 0 A.D. to isometric

Config File to convert 0 A.D. to isometric

Effects GFX 4 comments

This is a config file which will mod the camera settings to make the game isometric instead of 3D. The game will look much like an old-school 2D RTS.

Delenda Est - Alpha 22 release

Delenda Est - Alpha 22 release

Demo 18 comments

Delenda Est is now available to try for 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant Alpha 22.

British Mainland (2v2)

British Mainland (2v2)

Multiplayer Map

This is a medium sized 2v2 map for 0 AD where two teams fight over the British Mainlands which is a hard unforgiving land with hilly terrains but offers...

Delenda Est - Alpha 21 release

Delenda Est - Alpha 21 release

Demo 29 comments

Delenda Est is now available to try for 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant Alpha 21.

A Gladiator's Arena (2)

A Gladiator's Arena (2)

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Basic map for deathmatch skirmish between 2 players, where the only way to get to the enemy is through a gladiator arena or by breaking gaia walls. Good...

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JOELPACO2106 - - 89 comments

I would like to see the Hebrews. I hope to see this on te future

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

love this game. butt theres a plothole. without he center making any infantry. when you lose all your units. besides citizens. you cant bui,d a barracks or anything military!
so you ahve to let slaves build a barracks or have a militia or police like building to create a soldier to allow barracks and other military buildings to be created.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mythos_Ruler - - 464 comments

This is fixed for Alpha 24. Citizens can build all buildings.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GeraltOfRuuvia - - 55 comments

m.hq protoype update@simulator/ai/petra/trademanager js 2760:2

I got this every scenario map. Didn't even modified the base map at all. What's going on?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GeraltOfRuuvia - - 55 comments

will you release an update? literally got errors on every map I make even tho they're just reskins of existing maps. Dunno why but errors keep popping on the left side of the screen and no, they dont go away.

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tomasmat - - 60 comments

you can look here or here but the next development version is located here

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sedhoo - - 100 comments

hurrah, new release.. so I guess you are continuing ?
great work

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Justus_Avramenko Creator
Justus_Avramenko - - 145 comments

Mod page reopened. Can download the latest Alpha 23 release here:

Reply Good karma+2 votes
juxiaoyin - - 210 comments

i dont know what you do ,but 23 is many bug and too garbage, i like 22, i hope you can solve those problems.

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juxiaoyin - - 210 comments

why chinese change so much,and chinese become very confusion, cavalry is Greece, farmer like Rome, archery range is India.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Justus_Avramenko Creator
Justus_Avramenko - - 145 comments

Those are just placeholder art assets until new art assets can be made. :)

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