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Ultimate Mod Warhammer 40k

Early access mod review - 1 agree

SO underrated. fantastic mod, it's still in development as of early 2018 but hot damn it is good. so far they have chaos, tau, guard, and space marines. everything from the models and textures down to the fx and sounds, its all there and its glorious when in unison. a few slight bugs but nothing at all game breaking. a solid 10/10 from me, keep it up guys and i see this becoming the next big 40k mod.


A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review - 1 agree

i think this mod will have a very bright future. it already has a very good base from which it branches out. things may seem grim with the 20 level 1 ratings, but trolls will be trolls i suppose, and while there actions speak for themselves this mods progress will speak for itself.


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review - 3 agree

i gave it a 6/10 which i believe to be fair. my reasoning behind the rating are as follows. 1 - very poor optimization. though the models and textures themselves are quite fantastic, when a battle is locked quite literally to no more than 25-50 men per army the gameplay shows a lack consistency. forcing your army and the enemy's to use what it can and placing you and the ai in awkward positions. this is with a gtx 980 ti hybrid water cooled and overclocked gfx card, a i5 devils canyon processor overclocked aswell to 4.0 ghz, and 20 gigs ram. so hardware is certainly not the issue. 2 - there is also quite a big issue (imo) with a feature of the mod itself. the mod can (and most certainly will) stack effect upon effect (both negative and positive but more often than not negative) effects on your character and army after certain events and the options you choose. forcing negative stats and giving off a very depressing and overwhelming vibe in general. there is no option to turn off these effects what so ever and the mod author dose not seem inclined to give one. this would not bother me if 1 - the effect only lasted a certain amount of days instead of being permanent. or 2 - there were "cures" for these effects. 3 - very little actual combat unless heavily pushed in that direction through allot of grind. i should not have to practically MAKE the games factions want to fight eachother, they should already be doing that themselves. the "questing" and "rpg" aspects of this mod are quite amazing and well done but when all of that greatness kneels to the factions in ability to fight eachother and put your well earned xp and cash to good use it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. as if all of that questing was pointless overall. i understand this is done for storytelling and lore but i believe that gameplay and fun in itself very heavily outweigh lore. 4 - there is no 4, i simply made this to argue with the level 1 rating. i hear cozur has angered allot of people, but that is no excuse to stoop to such low levels as to degrade another's work with a level 1 rating. sure, he may be an ***, sure he may have done some things. but there is no excuse for that behavior. leave a valid rating with a valid review. if you have a problem with the author take it up with him or an admin, not the mod itself.


Blitzkrieg Mod

Mod review - 1 agree

great mod, been playing it for years now. going back to v-coh is not even an option for me. not that v-coh or coh 2 is worse, just different play styles. where as in coh 2 the troops can be shot at for long periods of time and still not die (arcade style imo) blitzkrieg is much more fast paced. those troops better be well placed and have loads of backup because they can die very fast. tank stats are much more realistic as well. people say that the game wagers much more toward a german player than an allied one, this is not true. you simply don't know how to play your faction in blitzkrieg and could probably use some practice. i don't just say this as a german player either, im american. all in all a great mod and one i think will still be going strong years from now.



Mod review may contain spoilers

i think its quality work.


Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

very good mod, definitely worth the vote.


Off Limits

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