A modification for Mount and Blade: Warband, set in the universe of George R. R Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire". Also known as the popular HBO TV-series "Game of Thrones".

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Cozur's God Complex make this mod not enjoyable, he refuses to listen to fan requests and treats any criticism unwell. All in all, he should have never released this mod if he was going to pretend others that download this mod do not exist in any form apart from to inflate his overblown ego.

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For what you said against the World of Ice and Fire Mod. way to get personal isn't it. Your review went too far. And the way you review people's mods is equivalent to bullying...............

And what makes this funny as hell is as soon as you rate a 1 on competing mods, you delete it afterwards so people can't see how much of a complete ******* you really are.

Great mod, at least for 0.91, but the creator is kind of an *** and inmediatly ban or delete any critic or question regarding support,like someone already said, cozur ego is too much to handle the amount of errors this mod have,it's sad cause this will mean the fall of this mod

The pathfinding is garbage, glitches are everywhere and crashes are too frequent. Not only that, but the developer is more arrogant than anyone else I've ever met. He doesn't take critique maturely, he doesn't listen to bug reports and he rarely responds to questions. Cozur honestly shouldn't be a modder, he acts like a child and tells people to go hate on other mods. I hope others will realize that this is a lost cause, so many other mods deserve attention.

I love this mod. I really do. However, I am forced to give it a terrible rating because of its maker. Like a number of people before me, I've been turned off by Cozur's rude, childish, and incredibly arrogant attitude. He's a ****, pure and simple, and I'm feel forced to go elsewhere for a good Game of Thrones M&B:W Mod. They are coming, don't despair. Don't bother dealing with Cozur's total lack of support or even ability to display basic courtesy.

I like the mod concept, I appreciate it but Cozur is a self righteous douche. I hate to rate down a mod based on the dev but in all honesty that's how ridiculous his behavior is. Grow up Cozur you ******* child.

I'll give this a 1/10 because Cozur is a massive jerk who creates bot accounts to downvote his competition, so I am letting him have a taste of his own medicine by rating this 1/10.

With that written, let's get to the actual review, to see just how far off the actual rating is;

Lets get the positives out of the way first;

*Most items look solid, and some look gorgeous, and there's always neat new items to be found. The OSPs used are used well and most of them as of 1.4 fit the feudal late medieval setting surprisingly well.
*Troops look solid, troop trees make sense and nothing looks over the top. Along with items, certainly one of the stronger points of the mod.
*The progression of equipment quality and stats are nice, down to earth and realistic. There's real notable, realistic difference between cloth, gambeson, mail, transitional and plate armor whereas a lot of mods get the stats of many wrong and thus inflate their value. Quest rewards are also not massively overpowered whilst still being pretty neat and rewarding.
*Quests are alright.
*Map is big and looks good.

Now on to the bad things..

This mod is barren and uneventful. It has interactive NPCs,random events, dialogs, quests and despite that is the single most uneventful, boring and monotonous mod I have played in MB. Why is that?
*Diplomacy is locked for the sake of the mod being lore friendly, which is hugely detrimental to the mod.
*There's minimal room for dynamic rises and falls of factions, which never happen. Westeros stagnates.
*Taverns are barren, companions never travel between taverns, there's really nothing interesting or worthwhile in a tavern after you visit it once.
*Nothing interesting or impactful ever happens. The player can shift the tides of this, but only after massive, massive amounts of tedious grind.
*Loot rewards are repetitive and not very rewarding
*All the items are hideously unoptimized, making for massive lags where there really should be none.
*Companions are for the mos

Cozur says
Feb 28th, 2014
Just such a bad idea, period.
- nice to see that you are able to reflect on yourself. =)

this is a great mod for mount and blade warband and a great mod showing th Game of thrones universe

The mod is barebones, buggy trash that doesn't even contain most of the good mods, has a lot of nonsense (infantry upgrading to mounted archers somehow), major issues with upkeeps, and more.
On top of the that the author is an immature arrogant **** and ModDB moderators confirmed he created multiple fake accounts to downrate competing mods.