At the age of 4, my grandfather bought me a Playstation 1 and Resident Evil 2. Ever since my first play I've had an interest in zombies. Years later more info has been built, and now it's more of an obsession. I make games, mods, books, etc. with zombies and sometimes other things but mainly zombies. There may be a problem with me...I seem to have a bad obsession with zombies. I get games that have zombies and or zombie mods -_- only reason I got A LOT of games. Listen to metal, all kinds, preferably death. Enjoy survival horror, the classic style. A developer of games and mods. Poet, writer, gamer, and amateur voice actor. Been into gaming since 3, been listening to metal since 13, and have been making games since 13.

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The Reckoning : For M&B

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With a generic unoriginal plot and once again using the oversaturated zombie genre, this mod fails to be even worth the time to look up. It's being held back by the flaws and issues of Warband seeing how it's a mod for it, and suffers due to it. You won't find anything great about this mod unless you're a Warband/zombie fanboy.



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A good quality engine that can offers a lot and the games show it. Unity truly is worth investing in and many many products have been made on it. Popular Steam products as well! If you want a easy but flexible engine to make a game with, then Unity is the right choice.

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