The Conversion Pack is a comprehensive add-on to the original Battlefront II. It adds 25 new maps - including all of the maps from Battlefront 1 not originally featured in Battlefront 2, 5 new gamemodes, a new era, and a substantial amount of expanded unit content to the original game.

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Extra content which is less focused on quality. Still its a must for SWBF2 diehard fans like myself.

The mod adds on a great deal of content. And for role playing especially, this mod is handy. However, this mod is far from perfect. As like with Dark Times II, I often experience crashes when trying to use certain maps, and some of the models (I keep think of Bastila...) seem to need a replacement or upgrade of some kind.

KotOR is a welcome era, but weapons feel a little less distinct, and it just feels less familiar when playing KotOR era. I didn't get to play GC, but I found often that the sides felt a little too similar for comfort. Some of the hunt modes, such as ones that pit Mandalorians against lower ranking Sith agents, were actually more interesting for me.

Really, it's the crashing that prevents me from giving this mod an 8/10. I have trouble believing that there wasn't some solution that could have fixed some of the issues. Perhaps in trying the patch (as I'm just reinstalling the game now) I'll find it easier to use.

good and fun mod

This Mod definably has a lot of content. however this is a doulbe edged Swrod. On the postive note, you get a lot more units and maps. If your bored of the regular version of SWBF2 then this might be what you are looking for. kotor mod era is probaly the best done part of this mod. Skins for that era are well done as well as the classes thmeselves for sith and republic sides.

Now the negitive note, This is one huge file. Its takes up 3-4 gigs of memory and you need to change your settings just so certian maps dont crash. Some of these maps are not as great as some people claim it to be. There are deffinably bugs here and there even if you do download the 2.2 patch. The units are...well look at it this way, sure there are more units but some of them are lazied down reskins of other characters. There is almost no variaty in special class weapns other than a slower cheaper version of pistols. Some of these character models are out dated by now and dont look very good. The hero characters...a lot of time are lazy reskins just thrown in. At first it seems like all the content makes up for it, but in the long run you will long for something more.

Installing can be a pain if you have a laptop or a less than decent computer. So my verdict is that there are far too many negatives than positves. So unless your a really big Battlefront fan, give it a try. However if you download this expecting for most thing to be perfect, then your time is best spent downloading "The ultimate clone Wars Mod" or Marvel4's BF1 conversion mappack which offers the most up to date BF1 maps with extra enviroment features and is 5xtimes smaller and easier on your computer.

I was looking for more content for Star wars battlefront 2, found this highly rated mod on Moddb, I did enjoy some of elements added yet most kotor elements seem hugely out of place for me and for areas like hero and villains feel out of place.

This mod is great and just full of potential, nice work!

Gameplay: N/A

Fun Factor: 8/10

Content: 10/10

Functionality: 6/10

Playable modes: 9/10

Learning Curve: 10/10

AI: 10/10

Balance (OP or UP stats.): 6/10

God Mode/Free camera: 9/10

New Maps: 8/10

KOTOR: 5/10

Story: N/A

User Interface: 8/10

Worth the Download: 5/10

Gotta tell you when I saw a video of Battlefront II introducing Space/ground combat in one map topped with Starfighters fighting in mid air with ground troops caping points in BF II, I was like, "whoooaaaahhhhh.... GET."

Sadly, I have not yet found the part where you can have space and ground battles in one. I was really hoping to try that. But the new units, KOTOR, and new playable modes are well done. Thank you for importing back the BF I maps, I missed Bespin by a ton!

Nothing new in gameplay elements besides new units with new guns like the Commando getting a little minigun, and nice vehicles with it and aircraft finally introduced, but I sometimes get crashes. Crashes.... are annoying f'ers but they got to get fixed.

KOTOR needs some more work on the units. The user interface blue panel you added, imo, has got to go, it kind of takes up your screen when you are so used to the vanilla BF II.

Again, the playable modes are great, but what is the point of the classic BF I conquest? I though BF II and BF I conquests were the same...

Anyways, great mod, I've been playing it a lot, well done.

Edit: I almost forgot. The Empire Commando and CIS Magnaguard (with the sabre) are OP as heck.

The commandos (like the droid commander) are not fun to play with as they only have weak and UP pistols. Not to mention they require more player points than the OP units.


I think all of us have played Star Wars Battlefront II. The game is ok but a little bit boring. The conversion pack adds new the maps from BF1, new units, new heroes, new vehicles, new weapons, new force powers, new maps, new game mods and new eras. For example you can play on Harrun Kal, you can play order 66 game mod, you can play in the kotor era, you can play as Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Asajj Ventress, Darth Malak and a lot of others. I can say just one thing. You can't play Star Wars BFII without this mod. It has some bugs but they're so small that you can't even notice them. This mod is great. It's the best mod for BFII.

This Mod has a great deal of potential but still has its fair share of crashes even with the patch. I want to believe it is because I have a crappy computer but actually it is quite strong.

New Maps:
There are two kind of new maps: Maps from the first Battlefront game and selfmade maps. The maps from the first game seem to run fine and well converted. The new maps are well made but has a tendency to frequently crash. This often happens when you play in "instant-mode" when the new maps are put onto the list.

New Game Modes:
The new game modes are fine and works without greater problems. They are not exactly as exciting as one may think but they are stable and fun most of the time.

New units:
The new units may be the most interesting part of this mod. There are many new heroes with different skills and appearances. You can now play as heroes from Knights of the Old Republic which is quite cool. Their appearances may not be perfect but you can live with it. The mod also includes new infantry units and vehicles. The infantry units are fun but doesn't add anything to gameplay. The inclusion of vehicles is great but sometimes you get the feeling that some of the maps are just too small for bigger vehicles.

New Galactic Conquest:
A new GQ is available which feature the Old Republic. The ideas is great but it lacks stability. It crashes every second planet you visit and as always this spoils the fun.

I won't say this mod is bad but it certainly lacks stability. Almost every 15 min. the game crashes and it happens especially when you do certain things like playing the new maps in instant mode or when playing GQ: The Jedi Civil war. A shame. It has great potential.


I put a 9 because in classic conquest mode, when I choose clone wars, it crashes.


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Extra content which is less focused on quality. Still its a must for SWBF2 diehard fans like myself.

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