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Beat Hazard Ultra

Game review

I woudld higly recommend it because is so simple and funny both at the same time. It mixes the traditional ship game with an engine which cn adapt the match to the music which you are playing at the same moment. In fact, every sing is so different, as well as tring to complete a rock and roll sing is really difficult. It will be fit nicely to play against your friend ( I think you have to play one with keyboard and the other with a compatible game pad)...

Also in the other hand you should change the "light´s power" to 50% or you eyes will fastly get damaged or something like that... it´s really original.

Nice one.



Game review

It,s a very well narrated single-player experience where you get alittle bit confusing and frightened at first when you are alone and there is an strange voice growling orders to you, and then the story gets better and better. Very good.


First Strike

Mod review

As im not a Staw Wars fan I have enjoyed this mod, but I would have enjoyed it more if there were any more campaigns and a true BF mod support, because it´s not "easy" to play a BF2142 game, especially it´s not easy to set it up.

Maps are the thing were this mod really fails, because there aren´t really epic maps, at least for me. This mod would be 100 times better if it approaches the Titan mode code, to replace the titans with Star Wars assets, yes.

Also Jundland Wastes map, is the ONE, it´s epic to have both giant vehicles and try to get the enemys one, also hearing your squadmates talking about it is awesome. Obviously space maps are unexpected and cool, but Im so noob on them, so I don´t like them at all, but I appreciate them.

Plus, some map´s objective aren´t clear, there should be more in-game tips or some tutorial vids, yes. And weapons and gadgets are some better than vanilla game, especially the giant portable infantry shield.

Finally, I don´t remember exatly, but in some maps there is a horrible balance between each team´s vehicles, and in some others there isn´t cover for infantry like small objects and boxes, it´s designed well, but not finished well.



Running with Rifles

Game review - 2 agree

This is a genuine game, but not the best of alls!

As the best part, it´s so easy to understand more or less spending 10 minutes you take the basics, it´s very friendly and the comic-setting is so good. So, I have tried only the demo but if it´s 8 euros it´s worth buying, but definitely it is a casual game.

Also, I have not played anything like this, and multiplayer should rocks.



Game review - 1 disagree

I played it like 20 minutes and I din´t really enjoy it a lot. I think surviving games are a game´s type that I like, but this needs more exploration elements also I suggest:

- Try to set up a very begginers tutorial, where you directly talk for example saying: "In Sovereign, there are 3 types of weapons: Stick, better for close combat, wood easily usable in mid-range combat and iron the trickest one, it is used for long range", also displaying all that in a window in the HUD should be useful, to anybody who don´t understand your voice/English well...

- Maybe adding more environment types as you want in the future...

- Adding basic animations for eating/curing and a little sound when you are too close an arrow like wind blowing or something.

- Adding a hybrid between your manually placed world and randomly generated one.

- Also, for improve exploring feeling, making a map crafteable and some sort of minigame like this:

First, you create some mini images for some "key positions" like the bunkers at first, the red elevator at 2nd stage etc... Then you make a "basic white map" to be crafteable in-game, and leave players complete it. So if you see a rare cave or a good bunker to be protected in there, you mark it with an icon. Then when players passes all environments can get a rough view of his "explorer talent" comparing your perfect map, with his completed map...

- Also making a story, or some type of narration between environments would be cool, and adding to it some hand made draws about the character would be cool too...



Game review

Really enjoyable, especially with friends, also it has some survival experience that is a very good feeling.
Overall its a very dynamic game.


Portal 2

Game review

The most exciting and crazy game Ive never played, a really shame that nobody here of my gfriends have it too, but singleplayers is very very good especially the sounds and it´s between difficult and intiutive.

In three words: A Friendly Georgeous Physycs game, with the best story ever, in a game.


Battlefield 2142

Game review - 2 agree

The best (and first) game Ive played in PC. There is an amazing epicness feeling about the small sci-fi environment, the story the map, the graphics are all correct. Also, that thing that makes this awesome, is it avoides beign so complicated, in fact there are like 8 vehicles per team but everyone has a lot of functions/tricks etc...

I remember when I picked up a bag from the ground and my brother (that was saw that) said me "Hey, is isss... that an amplificator or something? Coold, we both had our mouses like very opened, and we both tried to explain wath was that...

Also, actually Im discovering new things, and Ive played +1000 hours and I have not all the medals/ribbons/etc, they are very very complicated, and far to beign "Hey let´s take it in two rounds..." nah nah nah, there is for example one with requieres to beign with the Armored Grond Trasnport (APC) 100 hours and to kill 8000 people...

Especially the squad Voip options is so correct and makes it better, so you can hear other idioms people, advice them, inquiries them, laugh with them, speak a little bit with them etc... really enjoyable!

Finally, the TITAN mode is the key that this game is so good, fighting over a 2km map with 2 giant ships that can be moved over all the map, and also have 7 attack turrets, overall is really awesome, you should see a video of "BF2142 Titan mode" recommended.

Finally finally, a tip/challenge::: try to use the EMP secondary APC shot, to stop enemy gunships/transports and force them to land near u, then hurry up!!! and RUN OVER it, it´s the funniest thing you can do against a "Pro air pilot" :p



Northern Excursion

Mod review

If it´s ever released, it´s for me a 10, as the "Never-released officialy booster pack for BF2142"

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