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Thius game has been developed by students in the "Videogames Desing and Programming Master taught in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria", it can be downloaded free: Download for free

We are a recently created robot whose objective is to defend the factory where it has been created.

We can choose to select the language, so the game is available both in English and Spanish.

In the story mode we need to collect various data disks, avoiding to hit with the obstacles and destroying all the enemies:

In addition there is an endless mode where you can have a randomly created experience and your own record gets saved:

Plus you can play directly online in this link: Play online here

And it plays smoothly in the browser:


Definitely it is an interesting game to play, I would like some sort of cooperative mode.


What do you think?

eCrossminton the videogame

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This weekend more than 60 people from around the world have been competing in the Crossminton Spanish Open.

At the same time a game fully developed in Canary Islands have been presented, which is dedicated to Crossminton.

We have had the opportunity to see great players as Peltier, playing the game with their own characters:


Image taken from

There was also a tournament where amateurs as well as professional player could compete face to face in this interesting videogame.

In this video you can see how id the game played:

And here you can watch a newer version:

In addition the public could test it in the event:


Taken from

Plus if you would like more information about this sport you could watch a match:


Estoy aprendiendo este motor de videojuegos y como los cursos que sigo son en inglés y como pienso por un lado que como mejor se aprende es enseñando y por otro que deberían haber más recursos en español, por eso he decidido publicar la traducción de un curso en español.

Son tres partes. No requiere experiencia en programación porque es introductorio.

La primera parte cuenta los fundamentos de la programación: variables, operadores y métodos:


La segunda parte narra otros fundamentos como el control de flujo: if, switch y bucles.


Ya la parte tres es la que a mí me gusta: comunicar objetos del juego entre sí, usar las colisiones y los triggers, es decir la fisica y el sistema de eventos, el raycasting y el crear y destruir objetos del juego:


Hola he estado siguiendo unos cursos muy interesantes en de Unity, y al descrubrir que me eran útiles decidí traducirlos y poner los pasos y materiales en un curso.

Enseña cómo animar un personaje en 2d, usar la máquina de estados y controlar el personaje mediante teclado.

Primera parte: Creando los objetos y animaciones sencillas

Segunda parte: Aprendiendo a añadir movimiento al jugador

Tercera parte: Añadiendo salto y más animaciones al jugador

Además he aprendido que realmente se aprende enseñando, es decir, cuando hice el curso la semana pasada entendí, pero no fue hasta esta que empecé a redactarlo traduciéndolo, cuando me cuestioné un montón de cosas y aprendí de verdad.

Hello I want to share those two games found on

Passpartout: A game where you as painter try to survive paying the bills with what you get from painting your canvas.

  • I do not like: Not having interaction with customers.
  • Not having challenges as paint with X colour or do Y geometry.
  • It is not said into the game what price is recommender at first, even if authords do say it is fundamental to start with 30 buckets canvas.
  1. I like: Different clients do want different art
  2. Each one values how many time do you spend painting it, or how much does it cost even what title did you put on it.
  3. Controls are easy just mouse.

Police stories: Decide whether arrest or shoot

  • I do not like: not having a graphic tutorial even if I do think the way which squad orders are implemented is easy to understand because it is imaged based, and are hints about what does E action key; but I would prefer an introductory tutorial.
  • Opponents are quite static, I mean they await for you to enter into the room; except one time during the first match when I found one guy exiting a room by itself without opening it.
  • Objectives are not clear, I mean it should display how many bandits are left.
  1. I like: Enemys are randomly placed.
  2. Decistions are crucial for you and your mate as well as criminals too.
  3. Having a mate to give orders to is great.

Bundle kitt:

  • I do not like: Why is there only a cat in all the game, the main character?
  • I like: Story and the wow moment during the catnip thing.

Good afternoon I want to share with you my thoughts about 4 games:

Elliot Quest:

Thousands of years ago, the black magic was ejected from our world. But now, one wizard has come back, and is looking for revenge.

You will play as Elliot, the last wizard apprentice, on a magical adventure trying to rescue your master from the evil hands of the black wizard.

What is Elliot's Quest?

This game was made by four students of videogame design and programming expertise from ULPGC as final project. The game works like a first level demo.

  • I do not like: Spawning tutorial too late after doing first click and respawning it after every new retry, instead of disabling it after playing for first time.
  • Being forced to click exactly where the object is to drag the object. Maybe could it be better if you press left button and while you hold it the nearest object comes closer to you, to launch it with the right button?
  • We do not have opportunity to refill hearths.
  1. I like: This game mechanic about being able to launch whatever object is not fixed to the ground.
  2. Main character is a funny ankward looking kid, and enemys' animations are fancy too.
  3. The wow moment when you change suddenly from outdoors to indoors into a castle.


You are a medieval princess which is closely to being raped by an archbishop.

This game was made by four students of videogame design and programming expertise from ULPGC

  • I do not like: games' music is missing while playing
  • Boss is equal to another actual enemy but bigger
  • Enemys do not avoid your attacks
  1. I like: Walls become transparent when camera is close
  2. We can rotate the camera
  3. We can stunt, avoid attacks, there are two different attacks, combos and the character is a girl.

The Temple of adventure:

An ironical paradox about criticising videogames with a narrator like Stanley Parable.

  • I do not like: too many time without interacting.
  • We do not hear clearly narrator's voice while stalactites are dropping.
  • The letterish play ending.
  1. I like: Skyrim's critic while showing the game's object
  2. First moment when you break the game's introductory video


An interactive musical.

  • I do not like: to foresee musical moments
  • Anticipate which decision is good/neutral/bad
  1. I like: captions while singing.
  2. Main character being a cat.

Today I have finished papers and I am into the Informatic Engineering degree.It has been taxing to enter since Iborked it all doing the first papers on April or so.I am really excited by three motives.I am going to attend to a degree where I am really prepared to from secondary, with high marks. Also, it is my oportunity to scape from "slavery".Yes thst is because I dont want to be a eighteener working without formation, as a farmer, scrap merchant and so on. In addition to that, I guess I will do my best on this degree because I have the dream to become game programmer.

As from now, I dont want to commit the same fails as the previous year. For example, I need to balance between studies and sport to keep me fit by in and out. Also, I cant keep me other year without doing one of my hobbies, alike playing videogames, hanging out with friends to walk and camp, and even swimming which really relaxes me and it's really cheap.What's more I need to spare the little time I will have free with my family, because they are the ones I love and they love me, that's all.

Of course, I will have a lot of challenges into university. The first and most important of alls, is to addapt my body to the classes' schedule. For that, I will need to put my alarm like fifteen minutes before, the time I need to prepare me, that's other thirty minutes, so then fourty fife sooner. Its really important for me to awake slowly and do some stretching to release calmed energy. Because if I get awake snd inmediately breakfast it will charge me with tension energy, and the muscles will be nasty all thr day. Oh and the mornung's challenge is to take the bus at 6:50. I am like 40 km away from university but hey... I want to go. Other resource is going with afriend who lifes nearly and studies nearly to, and pay him to take me to there.Obvioysly I havent car licence, and if I were him I would like to take some money from other guys to keep car's cost. Also I need to addapt to use paper books, notebooks, and informatic resources as digital notes and so on. At least I have a great library service there on the university, where I can use all the books teachers ask for. I am remembering, the first book I need to take is one realted to business management, because it is needed until January. And definitely my biggest challenge is to dont be extremely competitive neither extremely friendly. I mean, I want to be on the medium point between wanting to know more people which have simmilar hopes and its on my class, and not to lose so many time on that without listening to classes. Obviously, winning to my shame is one of my needs, and I will do my best to dont be silly, knowing that I have attended to my first class session, the worst part has passed...

Do in conclussion, my target is to get at least an approved on every subject. Also I am especially interest on study more on those where I get more difficulties as maths and arithmetic, and aprroavh my english' skill to get good marks on it.

Huge hopes

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After recently checking university's sign up' s lists, I have been quirkly hopeful. I mean, as I got great marks, around 10 of 14 points, I could really choose whatever I wanted to. That's nice, would you sincerely think? Right, but the point is the sign up document had been completed like four months before final official tests. So that, it leads to some errors, as I will explain.

I have been studying all over highschool without knowing what to do next, and that is a fail. A great power on our lives is released when we do have clear our objectives and we constantly try to achive them day by day. So, as you would guess, I wasn't decided four months before final tests about what to do next. The only thing I was totally sure was I wanted to study on university. Why? That's because I do want to approach the only-one-in-a-life oportunity of beign capable to get superior studies, knowing so different people from here and there. Also, I wanted to approach my first and second pre-university courses' scholarship (which I have kept) to let me pay a dialy bus from me house to the university, which is like 40kn far away. Plus, whith my high marks I have nearly all my enrolment's expenses payed, so I do want to study.

But the problem now is that I am not enroled into what I want to study really. Because, four months ago I had have completed the document and I put as first option: Sea's Sciences. Why?, because I had heard about a matemate that was already on university he was studying it, so I get informed. It's basically geology, physics, maths, chemistry all in one, so I liked it. But when I asked myself' why do I want to study this? I hadn't answer' other than my curiosity about the signatures and so on...

So that, what I want really to study is the third option choosen: informatic engineering. I have had a dream some years ago, around being able to learn English and how to code games and go to other countries to work in studiosmlike EA or so on, and it back in time got my heart beating quite loud. But, two main factors confused me four months ago: firstly, my brother, like 10 years ago chose that degree too, but he abandoned on the firstny yeat, so I was temerous or even intimidated about choosing that degree. Also, secondly, I have been qquite addicted to PC gaming from 2007 to not so long, and this last highschool's year refused to use comouter by miself. In fact it was broken at lasts summer days and I haven't used computer other than for doing schoolar works, to prove my will. That led myself to know I am now able to play without being addicted but it also froze my game's programmer dream.

After all of that, noe I am totally sure I want to study whatever I need to, to be able to program games. So that,
considering I do like English I have decided to: firstly, wait until september's enrolment vacancies, to look for aome informatic engineering seats' free, (there are 190 inscriptions avaliable per year) so Im like a little frustrated of not being able to enter directly, even with my highmarks, because my preinscription's choose fail.
Secondly, I will inform myself on the university itself or by familiars what are my alternatives if I don't get a vacancy. From now I know I can change my enrolment document until december, but I need more information. Thirdly I am going to sign up on the Official Language Schooo, and get my B2 English level. I want to attend from my second degree's year until the fourth one, so I am going to need a lot of work to do bith things at the same time and pass them all.

Hopefully, this blog helps me to cure the frustration quite well, so that's all for now, bye.

How about next?

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I have just passed my secondary studies so I am totally free to choose whatever I want to study next, so how should choose it?

The main thing I know from myself is I like learning English. Also I get some interest around physics, even if I don't get outstandings marks on it, I have some interest on it. What's more firstly I was very attracted to a degree called "Sea's sciences"', which is focused on what does the title says, theoric biology, geology, maths, physics and chemistry. At first I was fancy studying that degree, but then considering that beyong whatever infinite times I read what's that degree for, I mean for workingnI didn't feel sure about that.

So next, I started looking for informatic engineering, which was my second option. Looking to the studies' schedule it has in the first year, three subjects related to maths, two related to use English specific informatic vocabulary, two about programming, two going on explaining hardware's components, one about leading bussisness and that's all, cool.

My main hope is being able to program games, that would make me feeling proud of myself, and even more if I could live with this work that would be great. My second hope is being able to study this and English at the same time, I mean, study it on an official languages academy, knowing that I really like it, plus it is so useful that would make me so happy. My third hope is take an Erasmus plan and being able to do some of my degree out there, the only condition is a country with mild temperatures, so then, all the shoutern european countries. Doing that would be awesome, just maybe one of the most unique experiencies of my life.

In conclussion mainly I could write that hopes are as important as formal education, I mean subjects. Also I am highly sure about studying whatever oneshelf really wants is just better than studying whatever is better paid/seen socially, because oneshelf needs only to care about what does him wants to do on his life, instead of been pussy enough to get into some studies that are popular or something like that. Especially under the fact that after like more than 10 years studying whatever the "Governement" wants you tu study, now is time to break that out, and approach the opportunity to choose freely, because I am enough sure I won't bork my degree, looking what whishes do I have, I won't tolerate myself to fail some year out there...

And what about you? How did you guys decided what to study?

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