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The Cage

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

Destiny Rebellion (Amnesia)

Mod review - 1 disagree

Hey there my good fellow.
What a nice surprise your mod, I finished it last night.
Let me tell you my thoughts about it.

Every step in your mod reminded me of another.
It is quite evident how much others mods influenced in your style.
Most of the things others call original I've seen it before in other mods, including mines. But it's a good thing, I always say every new Amnesia mod raises the bar a little higher for the next.
You learned many techniques and methods and put them together with yours and something good came out of it.

There were some flaws, like some textures, pointless areas, unneeded large locations, lazy usage of code, and many others I can't remember. But that's just me being too strict. Overall it was ok, you worked alone, hard and kinda fast for the time it took you to complete.

I didn't like the style, the mixture comedy+serious game, those optional areas and everything non-serious. Amnesia is horror, if there's no horror you failed.
I know this cause it happened to me, so I pay attention to every review, comments and what utubers say.

But the story is good, well placed and respected, also the levels have a good amount of work and dedication. Kinda strange some ingredients that didn't fit the place. I do like the fact that you exposed yourself to do the voice acting and how you applied your ideas into the game first and then worry about how difficult is to accomplish it.

So I'm giving you this score not exactly because I liked this mod, but because I think you have the potential to accomplish something way better. Top quality, if you only challenge yourself.


Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod

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I know how hard you worked on this.
Those late night talks over skype, tired and sleepy.
Fighting each file and script, trying and testing all over again and again.
Nobody knew where were you going with the game or story, you changed it every day! omg, and you kept adding maps, daily, and the voice actors, confused, still figured out a clever way to close the story. They did great.
Everyone that participated on this, doesn't matter how small or large his contribution was, he learned something new, and I know you did too.
I know you didn't earn money with this Amnesia mod, nobody does. But we had fun at least, so many funny moments I can't count nor forget. ^^


Key to Freedom

Mod review

Great usage of the amnesia assets.
You really surprised me how well you executed the scary events, skillfully using any resource you had available.
One or two aspects of the game are weak, but i think you put your efforts in the right place. Where it really matters. 9/10.


Escape from Brackenburg

Mod review - 2 disagree

It is an acceptable cs that maintains carefully the style of the original Amnesia.

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