FEATURES: Original Story - Voice Acting - New Puzzles - New Threats - Alternative Endings - Developers Commentary - Works with and WITHOUT Justine patch

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amazing! Absolutely amazing! This story contains one the best level designs in amnesia modding community along with solid atmosphere, carefully placed scares and a few inventive ideas, such as lions with glowing eyes or the mysterious ghostly statue that continually follows the protagonist around the mansion as the story progresses. The mood that is created by the climate of the ancient building is mesmerizing. I strongly recommend this one to the veteran players of Amnesia!


HumiliatoR says

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Oh my godness this was a freaking epic adventure to play and one of the scariest CS I ever played so far.

I tested 0.9 months ago and now I played full version and I was so impressed in this mod. One of the greatest stories out there even it's same old amnesia asset stuff you managed to make it freaking intense, atmospheric gameplay I ever experienced.

Let's start with the map design. You really put effort on designing because I seened so detailed stuff in the rooms and everything was nicely maded with lot of work putted on it. Damn!

Scares was one of the strongest points why I loved it. There were none cheap scares, just really interesting and really terrifying ones. Well done!

Overall I enjoyed this a lot, this is easily one of my favouritest stories so far, storyline was excellent and all the script talent was amazing.

What you are waiting players? Go play it! Mod of the year so far!

Thanks for this dude, for making it and scared the crap out of me for a long time! ;)

Amazing - 9/10


I've been putting off playing this Custom Story for a while now...and Amnesia, too...and my God, what a CS to play coming back to Amnesia.

This is, hands down, THE BEST CS I've ever played, and I've played a great number of them.

Words cannot express how amazing this CS is, it's beautiful; no, it's not beautiful, it's a masterpiece, it's literature. Beautiful story, beautiful level design, awesome scares, man it's got it all.
The level design is the best I've seen in a near stock Amnesia asset CS, it's beautiful and has a feel all its own. The story is captivating and intriguing, what will happen next?! Voice acting is kinda comical, but that adds to the charm of this CS.
The scares...oh man the scares. Scares most often don't really get me in games, but these got me, oh did they ever. Perfectly placed, perfectly paced, amazingly well done. Genuinely creeped me out a few times and genuinely scared me, that rarely happens with me.
I can't truly express how beautiful this CS is, it's just simply a masterpiece.

Many will say The Great Work, White Night, La Caza, and some others are the best Amnesia CS...well they've never played Key to Freedom, it knocks all others out of the park.

If you're new to Amnesia Custom Stories and want to hit it off on a high note that can NEVER be matched, Key to Freedom is the one for you.

If you guys ever make another CS, good Lord, everyone can count on it being good.

Amazing work guys.


It's an absolute masterpiece, the story is amazing. The puzzles are amazing. The maps are amazing. The quality is amazing. Everything is amazing.


superb custom story really enjoyed it. unique puzzles with a lot of trial and error and simplified puzzles with automatic placement of required objects. the ending was also something i have never seen before. if you have not played this custom story you have not experienced amnesia fully.

First time I was completely shiver, great CS


One of my top 3 Amnesia mods, easy. This is a masterpiece and I really can't come up with even a single criticism of this mod. The atmosphere is sheer terror, there was not a moment after about 1/3 of the way through where I felt safe. This mod truly made me feel like I was being hunted, and not by brutes, grunts or even the suitor. You'll have to play yourself to know what I mean. And if that alone isn't scary enough, there are some great jump-scares as well and they aren't cheap.

Now that's just the horror element. The level desgin was also excellent and detailed, the plot is interesting, the puzzles are refreshing, the voice acting is superb and it has multiple endings.

Although I wouldn't quite say this is my #1 favorite, it is probably the most well rounded mod ive ever played. There are simply no flaws in this one

This is my second custom story that I played but have played many others after and this is still my most favorite, I love, it was scary, spooky and creative all together.. I have save this to my CS folder that I will play again in the future, this is a must play... You have to try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed it. I honestly haven't seen any flaws/bugs.


rikmac says

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Epic stuff, very creative.

My second favorite Custom Story, following right behind Amadeus. I freaking loved this one and it will always have a place in my heart. Phenomenal work!