A man, a wife , 2 children... living a happy life... Will your premonition be revealed??

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Nearly professional Voice-Acting.
Best Mapping I've seen in any Amnesia game/mod yet.
Awesome atmosphere and scary.
Innovative quests.
And it's difficult in some passages.

Just Applause for this !!!


hypershadic88 says

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This custom story in short is a masterpiece,
this is up there with bitterwood peak or maybe even better!
The voice acting, the story, the areas, the puzzles all of these are
top-notch, this is what AMFP should have been.
I seriously hope the last call from eddie is a indication
that we will be graced with more amazing work.


Bulltramaxx says

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You already know how I think about this mod DnALANGE ;)

But for the audience I will sum it up here real quick:
- Awesome Story line, very original, not too short, nothing I have ever seen before!
- Great atmosphere and it gives you a constant feel of fear.
- Very original scares, no cheap jumpscares and no loud noises to scare you.
- Very good voiceacting! I really liked every voiceactor in this mod, especially the woman that did Rose's. That one was really awesome!
- Great mapping, some very big areas that won't make it easy on you!
- Nice custom music and sounds. Like the new chase music! I got really surprised when that music came up near the phonebooth and the pig got me!

The ending could have been better, but a good ending is hard to make.
Some of the bugs in the beginning were a bit of a shame, but after I reinstalled the game, everything worked out fine. And for the next time, I'm still waiting for that scare that will launch me out of my chair! haha

Amazing job DnALANGE. 9/10 (It would be 9,5 if I could give it to ya!)


Now THIS is what I've been waiting for, since the disappointment of "Machine for Pigs" !!!
I was always a big fan of MODs/CSs for Amnesia TDD, but this CS in particular is the first one that uses everything! Amnesia 1 & 2, Penumbra and lots of custom stuff! And it's done soooo well, that sometimes I find myself forgetting the actual mission while snooping and looking around - that how great the detail level is.

Long story short - I think we are witnessing history in the making with this one!


falcone663 says

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Why?Because you have alot of creativity,nice voice acting and other.Tough I have noticed a bug in the game (so far).It's when I got to the streets,where the monster pigs are,and used the boltcutter on the facility door,I tried opening the door,but it got bugged so I couldn't opened it.I tried killing myself,but I couldn't.So I gave another shot at the door,then I noticed it was slowly,but really slowly opening.I really recommend this conversion mod to all the amnesia fans out there,im sure they won't be dissapointed.

Great mod - don't listen to the people who gave it a 1!

PremonitioN features :

+ the best custom story intro I've ever seen
+ an outstanding level design
+ an incredible horror atmosphere
+ creative (+ hard) puzzles
+ an actual storyline to follow
+ really well-made monster encounters
+ an awesome soundtrack
+ one of the best voice-acting I've ever heard in a custom story
+ many hours of gameplay(definitely one of the longest I've ever played)

I wouldn't count the following as *real* negatives but just to mention a couple of things :

- I think there weren't enough monster encounters, considering how huge the mod is.
- I didn't like 2 short moments :
1 sequence consisting of darkness+blur+image trail, and another sequence consisting of light+blur+image trail, because in both cases, I didn't know where I was going, or even where I'm located, for that matter lol It kept blurring things out like crazy. For me, it was a stuggle to proceed during these moments. Well, it seems some sequences can be quite nasty, when you play with all post effects, like me.

10/10 A Masterpiece.

Released on New Year's Eve, it was a great gift to the Amnesia community :)
To be honest, I was expecting no less, because no doubt, you are 1 of the top custom story developers in the world.
I'll be looking out for your future projects!
Keep rocking the show!

Best wishes to you & your girlfriend! Love will save the world!
And ignore the trolls.
Most likely, the guy who rated this 1/10 can't even make a single room. He's just jealous of your talent. Jealousy is part of the human nature.
Haters gonna hate.
They only motivate you to become better & better, and you're proving this ^^
Have a wonderful day!


impala-of-mayfair says

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Wow, wow, WOW.
Quite a bit of unexpected plot twists! The game took a while to work, but it was well worth the wait. This is an incredible full-conversion mod, with multiple breathtaking atmospheres, a thrilling and satisfying plotline that sets up a possible sequel, and takes "A Machine for Pigs" to the next level.
The mystery behind the "Hatman," though, is what I found to be the most intriguing. I'd love to learn more about him and where he came from.
"Premonition" brings together the old and the new; featuring favorite old aspects of Amnesia such as the Penumbra worm, the flashlight, and the creepy mansion, and introducing newer concepts like mines, city streets, drive-able cars, and improving upon the man-pigs.
I highly recommend "Premonition" to any and every Amnesia player - it's an experience you'll thoroughly enjoy, whether you prefer puzzles, horror, atmosphere, graphics, or a creative storyline - Premonition has it all.
Thank you so much, Lange, for this beautiful custom story.
It's a work of art.

Perfect in all the ways possible. Seriously, I'm a game developer and I'm really jealous of your work! I loved it mate, congratulations!

I heard about the myth of ''Stealing Content'' things but I honestly do not believe. There is a lot of things that I've saw on Penumbra, Machine for Pigs, Justine and Dark Descent, some custom models too for sure but I have see them in the internet (I'm using some of it too).

Well, the plot is completely amazing, the puzzles... Hard, but not annoying. The monster encounters are dangerous, intense and really interesting, like one of the reviewers said, it is what ''A Machine for Pigs had to be''.

Do not worry man, I really want to see more of your stuff. I've played FEAR AMNESIA too and I loved it (It didn't have monsters but meh, this doesn't matter much if you have a good plot to tell and share to the players).

AWESOME, stunning and very professional. Even the Voice-Acting is amazing. Like I've said, perfect in all the ways possible. I really dream of your help someday, for my custom story Amnesia: Fear in Hands!


10 out of 10

It's awesome, no doubt.

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Nearly professional Voice-Acting.
Best Mapping I've seen in any Amnesia game/mod yet.
Awesome atmosphere and scary.
Innovative quests.
And it's difficult in some passages.

Just Applause for this !!!

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