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wotmate @ Entropy : Zero 2 Demo

The file you download is a zip file. You need to use a program like winrar or 7zip to extract the contents of the file, which is a folder full of stuff. Then you put the folder full of stuff in your sourcemods folder and restart steam.

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wotmate @ Entropy : Zero 2 Demo

Ok, some thoughts on the demo...

Bad cop talks too much. I don't need his back story, just the occasional smartarse quip.

I think it would make more sense for his orders to come through as text in his mask, and not as a combine elite giving him orders over video. Maybe even have an advisor instead of a combine elite issuing the orders, but definately via text.

It's nice to have a hunter on my side for a change. It would be great to be able to issue orders to it.

Apart from that, the gameplay is good, the pacing is generally good (Some of the corridors/canyons are a bit too long), I LOVE the new AR2 reloading animations, but the SMG pulls up too much under fire.

Still looking forward to the full release. I can guarantee that I'll be playing E:Z2 sooner than I play HL:A (unless someone has a spare index kit they want to post to me).

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wotmate @ Entropy : Zero 2 Demo

I've been looking forward to this more than I have Alyx

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wotmate @ Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Circumstances Episode One

Nah mate, don't worry about it, constructive criticism is how we grow.

There were a few little bugs and things that didn't make sense, but generally it was playable with some good combat.

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wotmate @ C&C 3: The Forgotten

As posted in the steam forums here:

Anyways, for those of you who own the Origin version and are searching for a way to install mods for this "impossible to mod" version of the game, then you're in luck! Here is a guide to solve your issues; this may also work with the other versions of the game (CD and Steam).

As we all may know, Origin has disabled any and all command line arguments from their game executables for the Ultimate Collection, so trying to get to the games launcher using the -ui or using --modconfig parameters won't work; however, there is a work-around that enables mod functionality for the game.
Here are the steps (courtesy of's technical support and help guides):

1) Download your mod of choice (most likely from ModDB or similar).

2) Unzip the downloaded mod wherever you find convenient.

3) Ensure that your mod has a .skudef or .SkuDef file along with however many .big files it comes with.

4) Go to the directory in which your game is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer 3 TW and KW\Command Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars). Inside that folder should be a .SkuDef file, may be named something like "CNC3_english_1.9.SkuDef" or some equivalent (no quotes, of course).

5) Make a backup of that file, and place the copy somewhere safe. DO NOT keep the copy inside the root of the game files; the game will use it instead of the one you've edited (Credit to BlackAlpha for discovering the overwrite issue).

6) Right click the file, select "open with", then select a text editor (Notepad or something).

7) At the top of the file, add an empty line right above the line that says "set-exe".

8) Write this line WITHOUT THE QUOTES on that empty line you just made: "add-config path_to_mod_skudef_file" (if the path has white spaces in it, don't put quotes around the path.)

8.5) Example of the line: "add-config C:\Users\[USERNAME]\CNC3 Mods\Tiberium Essence\TiberiumEssence_2.0.skudef"

9) Save the edited .SkuDef file.

10) Go into the Origin app and right click on your installation of Tiberium Wars; then select Game Properties, then uncheck the box labeled: "Enable Origin in game". Enabling Origin in game may cause some issues (issues have been mentioned before while researching this, you may get lucky and not have to disable Origin).

11) Run the game's original launcher
That's it! Your game should load up Tiberium Wars with your installed mod! Hope this helps you as it did for me :steamhappy:

Also, I will be posting this anywhere that needs this valuable information, as it took me nearly a month to figure this out myself; I just so happened to get lucky with my google search keywords.

One more thing: I have a repository on GitHub that automates this process for you if you are interested--not required, but is convenient:

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wotmate @ C&C 3: The Forgotten

Got any tips on getting this to run on the Origin version?

I've followed the instructions on this thread on the steam forums:

And I still get no joy.

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wotmate @ Mesa - Fallback

Tried playing this, it starts up fine, then when I hit new game nothing happens.

Console says this:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/op0aa.bsp'
map load failed: op0aa not found or invalid

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wotmate @ Baryonic Predicament by Miigga

Well, I tried, I really did. I really liked this mod, but I'm at a point where I can go no further. There are a few missing things so I've had to noclip through to pass a couple of puzzles, but I'm in the big cavern where the buildings hang from the ceiling and I can't go any further. I've noclip into the room past the tram, and I can't climb the ladder onto the roof to realign the laser. Even if I noclip onto the roof where the laser controls are, I can't press the buttons, and I'm just stuck in space.

This is really broken. Sorry, I loved it, but it's really broken.

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wotmate @ Baryonic Predicament by Miigga

It started out great, and I was loving the puzzles, but I can go no further. Something is missing.

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wotmate @ The Sprucecape Mod

Dude, nice mod, but that ending!

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wotmate @ Generals Zero Hour Continue

Is there any way to change the difficulty level in the single player missions (not skirmish)?

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wotmate @ EZ1 V3 is out now!

You're a legend Breadman, looking forward to E:Z 2

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