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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

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after bugs deleted this mod will be a new breath in stalker gamimg series.

The new story is amazing(how zone enemies born), its full of comedy(even in the darkest night, when your pda beeps and you read that funny/dark jokes you feels like you are there), the stashs sistem we can play over and over and getting every time different (location)stashs, action its amazing with a zone full of bushs its funny fighting military units with green suits, camo with nature very well, becoming much harder to fight them depending on weather. the mission sistem its cool to, in my first play it end very soon, i want to discover what is the message of monolith call and k.o. the journey ended. My second play now with(patch 3) its been reawrded with stalking efforts bulldog6 in a stash in dead city, if you dare to look around you will be rewarded.
the good ending(its absolute)its a masterpiece the sunshine, the birds, the music, its like you wake up from a nightmare (zone.

this mod tried and gets into the objective of this zone story(roadside picnic read it please)

humans are only ants stalking artfacts from an... read to know the rest....

my best regards to the team for this nice piece



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one game spectacular, ultra-realistic, funny and with a few nuggets of dark humor.
a diamond cut,
a synergy between modders and gamers to get the ultimate post apocalypse survival game


Old Good STALKER Evolution

Mod review - 4 agree

one of the best mods i played to the best game of the series STALKER.

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