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While this is not a bad mod, if I had to summarise it in a single word it would be cramped. The opening sections in particular are really terrible in this regard. Every encounter with headcrabs, zombies and barnacles are so close and in such tight spaces that they are impossible to outmanoeuvre. This coupled with the fact that you have no HEV suit for a long time and as a result have no HUD either.

The rest of the mod is well put together and enjoyable to play, but the feeling of being constricted remains throughout, as though the level designer wasn't entirely sure what scale to work to.


Buddhist Wars

Mod review - 1 agree

Well this was... insane. I wasn't expecting a serious mod by any means and sure enough, this is downright ridiculous.

Quite simply the mod is a series of killboxes with enemy counts so vast that their AI completely fails to react. I was walking straight up to grunts and crowbarring them to death as they maintained their staring competition with one of of the Buddhist Barneys, half way across the map.

So yeah, I guess you can play it if you like stupid mods, but don't expect to be challenged in any way.



Mod review - 1 agree

Having completed Doomed-Life, I honestly cannot say if this was a troll mod or not...

Right from the very start the level design is frustrating, requiring you to complete a series of jumps on a floating city street full of holes. After that you are warped to Chile, 1998 BC? But a 1998 BC where there were grunts and assault rifles and you basically enter Black Mesa. From this point on, you're basically playing a regular sub par Half-Life mod.

However, the final third of the mod sees you going through a series of bizarre level changes, seemingly out of the blue. You are taken to a cartoon realm of MSPaint textures and instant kill deathtraps, then you are taken back to your cell, then you're in a city and the mod ends...

Throughout the mod, there are considerable stretches where you are given NO health kits at all. So you have to slog through a number of grunt fights with 20HP or less. It's also VERY common to find a headcrab directly behind a vent cover or some other breakable barrier, so be very wary of that. Other than that, your basic goal is to find the buttons that explode the thing blocking the way forward. That's it. Find the button, explode the thing, repeat.

Overall, this was downright annoying to play through and I'm frankly quite glad that it's over. Uninstalled!


Solo Operations

Mod review - 1 agree

Solo Operations is a slog to get through. The mod is mainly comprised of corridors, which while being very well detailed often make no logical sense. For example, some hallways lead to a vent opening and nothing else, others are only accessible via a hole blown in a wall with seemingly no other point of entry.

The mod took me a while to finish, but this was mainly due to the overabundance of corridors with nothing in them. The only enemies you face throughout are grunts, and there is very little variety to the engagements, mostly taking place on the same level as the player. There is little to no height variation meaning that all fights fell, quite literally, flat.

The finale is one of the worst areas in the mod, with shotgun grunts around tight corners and in alleyways so tight that the AI struggles to navigate them, leading to the final engagement with a chopper which you have to take down with your mp5 and shotgun. This becomes more of an endurance challenge than an actual boss fight.

I assume this is where the mod should end, but at this point it just stops and you can't progress...


Quarter Life

Mod review - 1 agree

Quarter Life is a peculiar mod to play through. It certainly contains some nice and unique ideas, but suffers from a lack of customisation in other areas.

There is very little in the way of narrative, and the only enemies you really "fight" are security guards. The grunts on the other hand are on your side and will assist during cutscenes.

However, using the standard Half-Life assets results in some very odd consistency issues. Guards and scientists offer their usual friendly greetings before running in fear or drawing their weapons respectively.

This really could have done with some reskins to models and some new voice lines to drive home the fact that the roles have been reversed.

As for the maps themselves, there are a lot of beginner style errors and inconsistencies between the maps. You can get trapped and destroy items key to progess without getting any feedback from the game, so you will run in circles a few times only to find that you need to reload a save or use console commands to restart the level. There are also transparent railings and vent covers which look terrible, and I can tell this is simply because the wrong render settings were applied in Hammer.

Not bad for a first map, but not really entertaining to play as an experienced developer or player.


Half-Life: Anti-Climax

Mod review - 4 agree

Anti-Climax is a gorgeous looking pack of three maps that expertly draws out the playtime to last around an hour.

Having only recently seen the mod appear on ModDB, this release caught me totally of guard. However, given the fantastic attention to detail on display in the screenshots, I just had to dive in as quickly as possible.

First of all, let me just say that anybody going into this mod expecting your usual Half-Life game play experience is going to be very surprised, in a good way. The mod uses only a handful of areas to deliver a solid follow up to Half-Life's bad ending. The key is that the means to progress are multifaceted puzzles that require you to teleport between these different areas to complete them.

Solving these riddles is satisfying, but not without headaches. The mod suffers from an overall lack of narrative, in that it isn't always clear what your goal is. The first location I found myself in was the lambda labs and I genuinely thought I had broken a sequence somewhere before returning to the main teleporter during an act of desperation. It is also possible to miss key elements. I think I must have walked over the keycard three times before consulting the included walkthrough.

Lastly, the one section of Xen that includes floating islands is riddled with clipping issues, making the dependence on accuracy in your jumps a rather frustrating experience.

Don't get me wrong, this is an overall fantastic map pack with a satisfying and challenging conclusion (especially when shooting for that good ending) but it is marred by Goldsrc's technical issues regarding complex terrain, and at times struggles to convey your primary goal.


HDTF: 24 Hours

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

You faced up my ****!


XT Tower

Mod review - 2 agree

Not sure why this has such a low rating.

It was a little easy, I don't think my health dropped below 75% at any point. The mapping is also a little basic and blocky and the lighting isn't particularly interesting, but there is a definite degree of charm in these maps.

There's some really cool stuff in here! I had to laugh when I walked into the huge outdoor area halfway up.

I guess overall it did start to feel a little bland towards the end, but I still wouldn't say it was a terrible experience. Hope to see more from you, working with what you have learned.



Early access mod review - 3 agree

Another appalling excuse for a mod. This is just a lazy model grab with no credits to the original authors (the people who put in the hard work)

There's no consistency between the models, the zombies apparently find the time to change their clothes after getting headcrabbed.

It is also massive in size because it contains all of the games original assets, whether they have been modified or not.

Half-Life minus get's a 1/10 because a zero rating isn't possible.


Autonomy Lost

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

The follow up to one of 2017s best Goldsource mods, it's no surprise that Autonomy Lost looks incredible... for the most part.

While a lot of the areas contain a ton of detail and nicely varied lighting, the last few sections feel terribly bland.

Same can be said for the gameplay. Nice and challenging throughout, but this takes a nose dive in the closing couple of maps with a lot of featureless open arenas. While this does mean you have great freedom of movement, allowing you to circle strafe larger enemies while filling them with buckshot, it also means that it is entirely possible to sit out of range of their attacks and plink away at them with the glock. It is also very easy to get trapped on the geometry in certain areas, requiring the player to use noclip to get out and proceed. It also has a couple of sections where I was apparently key hunting, without knowing that I was key hunting. I would see a message that I had acquired a key, only to backtrack, confused and searching for a locked door that I had apparently missed.

The plot is pretty basic to the point where it isn't really necessary at all. In fact, the intro text faded so quickly that I only really took half of it in.

Ambience remains fantastic throughout and is one thing that maintains it's high standard right up to the finale.

On top of all that, the mod is crammed with some really nice scripted sequences, as well as a number of easter eggs that reference music, movies and other videogames.

"Shake it baby."

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