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Paranoia 2: Savior

Game review may contain spoilers

SPOILER WARNING: For those who haven't played the game, don't read it, so I advise you to stay away from the review until you've beaten the game on your own.

I'm really impressed with the sequel that possesses an advanced goldsource engine with a High Dynamic Range feature built into it along with other brilliant feature settings, good music, (although some of them were borrowed from other music artists, like Marilyn Manson, The Eye, among others) and they fit the game's atmosphere quite fluently.

Paranoia II: Savior, is a game that follows the events after sometime the saboteur group was slain, but the rest of the Spetsnaz team were chained back from victory whenever the Zombies had swamped the upper levels through the ventilation shafts from the underground laboratories. Much to the shock of the Spetsnaz operatives, they have to fight fire with fire against the hordes of the undead, at full force. Around 1979, 1981, 2, and 3, there was a life retaining device, and a Lumberman mech research project, that's been active around that current millennium. But on the other side of the coin, there was plenty of system malfunctions that constantly backfires the project, but the engineers still push forward. I found those projects rather disturbing, but what unsettles me more is the Vanya incident. There was this, mutagen that caused the baby inside Vanya, to become grey and really deformed. Weirdly enough, the baby never grows to full size unlike all infants, but he still ages. Until now. In 2008, Major confronts a boss, that I assume is that baby that was mentioned before, and he had increased in size.

Paulina is still alive, but she's horrified and shaky after the Zombies try to get a hold of her, and also because of her loneliness and anxiety that she's going to die, but in the end, she gets successfully escorted by Major to the surface without any injury. But Major isn't lucky. Due to some form of blood contamination, he was rushed to a military hospital immediately.

Three weeks after MOLE was detonated in order to prevent the Virus and the rest of the Zombies from spreading, Major had woke up from his hospital bed, and the infirmary was quite run down and decrepit. There was no sign of life, anywhere. He advances down the stairs and walks out the exit door, finding the city to be deserted with many dead bodies lying around, and it's quite dark outside due to the thunderstorm's downdraft overshadowing the environment. Before he abandons all hope, he stumbles across an abandoned ambulance, and there was finally someone talking through the radio, wondering if there are any "survivors" remaining to be escorted. Major... is not alone.

So that's the plot.

As for the weapons, the very first pistol doesn't seem to have any recoil, same with the Glock 17, but they still function quite fine.

As for the NPCs, the AI is also a mixed bag. They turn clockwise and counterclockwise rather slowly like a Gyro/Kebab cone.

Overall, while the game is really great, there only exists a couple of flaws that are left behind without repair. But still, this is a brilliant game that just keeps Half-Life alive. The ending in my opinion, is both twisted and quite good, but I was wondering if there is going to be a Paranoia III sometime in the future. Heh, it deserves an answer... at best really. Congratulations dev team! ;)

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