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I have been thoroughly enjoying Half-Life: Prison v2.1 crossplatform v1.0.1 what a treat to have a piece of work that really tests confounds and pushes ones gameplay to the absolute limit.

Reactor’s individual talent shines in his ability to set up puzzles and fights together with a relentless and overwhelming precision.

His mapping is superb, a delight to look at and he makes use of every niche nook cranny and angle to maintain the momentum of the game.

I never imagined so many surprises and clever tricks could be done in a half life mod.

Reactor is a true master…..

Reactor says on his page that there will never be an English version.

I would like to think that maybe there can be.

I am not a translator although have had some success with translating the Russian dialogue from the wave files using google translate after downloading a free virtual cable for the sound card on my computer. the process is rather fun so if anyone wants to try themselves please get in touch and let me know how you get on.

Here are some results from the sound/barney folder wave files.

As you will observe, some were poorly done so I had to use some common sense and judgement to work with grammar and make some sense, others I have left untouched so far. I did substitute the words "oh my" avoiding religious blasphemy.

ba_closed01: Hey! Over here.

ba_closed02: Help! I’m here.

ba_closed03: Come on.

ba_closed04: Quick!

ba_closed05: What are you stuck there?

ba_closed06: Hurry!

ba_closed07: Hey you!

ba_closed08: Hike here you will not go try through your mine.

ba_monolog01: Ah, At last.

ba_monolog02: In general, Tolstoy should keep you in touch with the current situation.I have to ask you for help and things are bad.

ba_monolog03: You see that rubbish was worn all over the cattle department,my last RAP wasted, although they managed to call in reinforcements.

ba_monolog04: Gasp…...Oh my!

ba_monolog05: In general, the inhabitants of Xen organized the invasion of our modest prison and all because of the fact that several years ago deep underground they built a hive, our prison is now in this very place and the invaders will not stop until they get it back.

ba_monolog06: You can’t imagine how hard I pressed the authorities for this information.They knew they were exposed for many years but it was too late.

ba_monolog07: We have a chance to stop the inhabitants of Xen. If we don't take it,then who knows how this madness will end?

ba_monolog08: Follow me.

ba_monolog09: Oh my! easy, you sat for 9 years and can not wait for some 2 seconds.

ba_monolog10: This secret passage will lead to a portal that will take us directly into the Xen hive.

ba_monolog11: I think I know how.

ba_pan01: Is anyone there?

ba_pan02: Don't shoot me, I'm a man.

ba_pan03: You are definitely not from our group.

ba_pan04: No shit yourself a gun.

ba_pan05: You want to go further. It seems that this door opens in another place.You have to go to the other side of the corridor, but I cannot do this without long Jump.

ba_pan06: Take this key. I hope you know where to put it.

ba_pan07: Thank you friend.

ba_pan08: Have you ever wondered where the sky could be deep beneath the earth?

ba_pan09: I heard that you were brought here 9 years ago during the first alien attack on the ground and awoke only yesterday.

ba_pan10: How to get into the very lair of the iubitei On the invasion,this is unlikely to stop But will we smash them in full?

ba_pan11: Interesting gun she generates strange clots of energy.

ba_pan12: Opposite is a hole in the ceiling.

ba_pan13: Well, I also looked there afraid of this abyss.

ba_pan14: Hey!

ba_pan15: F*** you!

ba_pan16: You remind me of someone familiar, I can not remember who.

ba_pannew1: What the hell! Get them off me.

ba_pannew2: Thanks!

ba_pannew3: Recently, the entire crystal factory was apparently destroyed by a newcomer,seems the factory was not so necessary.

ba_pannew4: So do I.

ba_pannew5: Husband can stay factories some kind of crap in the words you need to pick up to destroy the window from which did not appear nothing did not work very dangerous thing do not come close.

ba_pannew6: I'll cover you.

ba_wait1: When plugged in love Pushkin can wake up. So let's take a closer look there.

ba_wait2: Any problem?

ba_wait3: Take the key.

All the best


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