Hi, Here are some bits and bytes about me, I'm Richard. My age is 18 and I live in the Netherlands. I like to play games on PC and Xbox 360. I love to play Counter-Strike and I play it almost every day. I'm a big fan of the GoldSrc engine so I play a lot of Half-Life mods. I also like big parties and music festivals in the house scene. Mostly festivals with Hardstyle music.

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When I started playing I expected a USS Darkstar clone. The mapping was pretty nice, but most of the areas were quite empty. I really liked the custom sounds but they were obviously taken from other mods. It also has some new textures and the areas have good lighting in them.

I downloaded the English version of the mod but it still is in Czech language except for the computer parts. The game is quite hard but still playable. The ending was not bad but kind of cliche. To make a long story short: It's a reasonable mod but don't expect to much from it.


Dead Sector

Mod review may contain spoilers

To me Dead Sector felt like a survival-horror mod and I gues it is. There is not much combat in this mod but it doesn't spoil the fun I had. In the beginning of the mod you have no weapons and your avoiding most of the enemies. But when you get your hand on the crowbar there is a lot of bashing involved.

The mod exudes an atmosphere of desolation which you can feel in the entire story. There are many dead corpses on the floor which confirm it. The gameplay mainly consists of puzzels that can be solved with quite the logical thinking, so I didn't got stuck any moment. I was happy about that because I just finished The Trap and that took a while.

I didn't found any bug or glitch in the game and the level design is really awesome and kept my attention on it the whole time. The end was a little confusing for me because you got rescued by soldiers which you killed like 10 minutes ago. But in general this is quite a nice modification that didn't bored me at all. But this mod doesn't make a high jump or attempt to be better than most mods. This is just a great entertainment in gameplay for a couple of hours.


The Trap

Mod review

Awesome mod. Everything was perfect, from the beginning til the end. I only discovered 1 bug in the entire game. Sometimes when you take a elevator you can get stuck once it stopped. For me this mod was pure euphoria! I was really in to the story even though I couldn't understand one single dialog, because its all russian. The only problem I experienced was the difficulty level. You have to be a goddamn good puzzler if you want to finish this mod without even one quick look through a guide/walktrough. Throw away your sudoku's and chessboard if your in for a real big puzzle. The hardest puzzle I have ever participated in!


Day of Defeat

Mod review

I haven't experienced the time this was still a mod, but I have played DOD for a good 50 hours and it was awesome! The models, levels, gameplay, content and sounds are outstanding. The only thing that irritates me about this game is the way you throw a grenade. It would be way more awesome if you threw grenades like you throw them in Counter-Strike. And campers are not easy to handle in this mod. I'm glad some servers have a campmeter plugin installed so you don't have to deal with them everytime. But the developers did a great job on this one!


Half-Life : The Alpha Unit

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

I finished the mod. I enjoyed playing it and it didn't bored me any second. The storyline starts of good, so I was excited to retrieve the data from the laboratory anomalous materials. You really feel like your playing Corporal Daniel fletcheur. After playing Cry Of Fear for a while, I really wanted to visit Black Mesa again.

For a large part this mod is intended to play with your Alpha squad, which I really liked because in Opposing Force you are mostly on your own. The level design is good but not of a high quality and on the last part of the mod you can clearly see that some parts of the original Half-Life were used, but you can also notice that this was the intention from the mod developer(s). I have experienced quite some bugs in elevators that I was somehow stuck on the ground. But after trying 1 or 2 times, the problem was solved so I am not decreasing the rating for this mod for this bug. I also had the Node Graph out of date bug a couple of times but that wasn't very frustrating. But I came accros a very unpleasant bug...

In some part of the mod (almost at the end of it) I got a HUD message that I have to bring my teammates (Medic and Engineer) with me. So I went back to get them both. But when I got passed the blockade (which prevented me from switching to a new map) the Medic kept dying. I tried everything to save his ***. From using god mode to noclip, I couldn't get him alive when the map changed. He just felt down dead and then his body dissapeard. Because of that I had to load the next map which was mat2.bsp. Luckily it didn't ruin the game but I had to use impulse 101 to get my weapons, health and armor back. If nobody experienced this awfull bug but me, then please let me know, but I doubt that unfortunately...

I was very disappointed because the mod its self is really nice. There are also A LOT of enemies and monsters in this mod. It would have been nice if you took a couple of enemies away, in perhaps a little patch..:)


Cry of Fear

Game review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

I finally finished the mod. This mod is outstanding. I have never seen such a extensive use of the GoldSrc engine before. A lot of developers can see this mod as a good example of what is exactly possible with this engine. It took me about 6 hours to finish it with endind 4. I have never experienced such a scary game since The Suffering on the xbox. It got so scary that sometimes I felt my heart rate increasing. especially when I faced the guy with the chainsaw a couple times. when I saw him in the forest, I almost sh*t my pants. I will set some Pros and Cons next to eachother so people can see how I came to this conclusion.

+Amazing models and textures.
+Cutscenes I have never seen this good.
+Very good level design.
+Lots of content
+Music and Sound effects are really creepy.

-You have to visit locations which you already passed by quite often. For example; to pick up keys or fuses. For me it was frustrating because you don't know what to do or where to go. I had to watch a walktrough a couple of times in chapter 4.
-The difficulty was hard for me even on easy. Especially the part in the train wreck was very frustrating.

I am not going to complain about graphics because the engine is over 10 years old. But to me it looks fine. If there is ever going to be DLC or a sequal I will definitly play it! The best SP mod of 2012 so far!


Team Fortress Classic

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Played this alot in the early days. Its still fun to play now but the mod is running out of players which is a shame.



Mod review - 3 agree

Counter-Strike is my all time favorite mod. The impact it had and still has on todays multiplayer games remains remarkable. I've never experienced the time before 1.6 but I bet it was great! I know there are a lot of people who want to go back in time to 19 Juli 1999 when it first came out til steam took over.

Who would have imagined that a modification on a game would be the most played multiplayer game in the future. A new Counter-Strike is coming in April 2012 but I don't think any future made CS can defeat the classic one that runs on such a good engine. The gameplay in this game is so fascinating, it never bored me and today its still good. I'm still a regular player that plays almost every day. Every day i'm thankful that Minh Le ("Gooseman") and Jess Cliffe ("Cliffe") made this:)

I have downloaded the Counter-Strike: Throwback edition lately. It's such a waste that there are no servers online at this moment. It sure looks nice. I'm glad someone posted the older versions of CS to relive some nostalgia, even when I never experienced it myself. certainly a 10/10 on this one.


USS Darkstar

Mod review

It has been a long time ago when I played this one! I remember that I enjoyed it very much. Perhaps I will play it again in the future to bring back that nostalgia!

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