Gordon Freeman wakes up to a new day on the station Moonwalker. It all seems like a typical day... or so he thinks.

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flippedoutkyrii says

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It's still and always will be a beta, but for what it is it's quite fun.

While the name threw me for a loop (I genuinely thought Michael Jackson was going to be involved somewhere in here) it's a sci-fi mod with plenty of action aboard a space station.

Many area's however feel shoddy and sometimes the fights are one-sided (But not impossible), it's still a stellar mod.

While it may not be for everyone, Moonwalker is a blast for anyone looking to quell their half-life fix :)


Weperlol says

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It's like a lower quality USS Darkstar with button hunting and a non-satisfying ending.


Qwertyus says

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Very interesting mod with good mapping.


BigSm0ke says

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When I started playing I expected a USS Darkstar clone. The mapping was pretty nice, but most of the areas were quite empty. I really liked the custom sounds but they were obviously taken from other mods. It also has some new textures and the areas have good lighting in them.

I downloaded the English version of the mod but it still is in Czech language except for the computer parts. The game is quite hard but still playable. The ending was not bad but kind of cliche. To make a long story short: It's a reasonable mod but don't expect to much from it.


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