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Nod's Revenge

Mod review

Really fun mod, nice mix of Red Alert and Tiberian Techs. Little laggy in larger fights, and the Black Hand are a little too strong right now, seeing how Cloning Facility+Tib Fiends can tear through most ground forces relatively cheaply, but otherwise very good. Only major complaint is that as the version number has gone up, it's become less compatible with the campaign. As of V0.89 it no longer works with either, while the previous version only worked with Allied. Still, not that big a loss, and I'll still recommend this mod as one of the first whenever someone asks me for a good YR mod.


1860s Old America

Mod review - 2 agree

First of all, I want to say that this mod is fantastic. That being said, I only gave it a 7 because I ran into some problems. Anyways, here's what I found really good and bad.
The Good
Gorgeous scenes.
Guns don't feel like reskins of With Fire and Sword's.
Barring one City, mostly stable.
Companions aren't dead weight in the early game.
Nice variety of firearms.
Various factions have nice aesthetic design and are distinct enough that I could pick out mixed forces on the field very easily.
Indian forces actually capable of going toe to toe with other factions, without being weak in comparison.

The Bad
Repeated crashing whenever I sieged New Orleans. Testing by attrition victory shows it only happens if enemy has enough forces after main battle to require going into town and manor. Didn't encounter in any other towns though.
Massive lag spikes in large(80+ soldiers on field) field battles with Confederate Forces(May be my computer, but figured I should mention it since it doesn't happen with the other factions forces)
Day One bandit group of more than 100.
Other bandits insisting on chasing me even when outnumbered by more than fifty.
Trying to pay off bandits to not attack when I was low on troops, bandits still chased and attacked after pay off.

Also, not sure if this was a bug or not, but when I raided Raleigh Fortifications, acquired full ten inventory management's space worth of grain. Character had looting 2 at the time.

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