Hallo. I am Gabrilduro, the Developer of this Western Mod of M&B WB v. 1.158/1.167. I always dreamt of a Western videogame or of a ACW videogame and this Mod has them both and is an Rpg in 1st/3rd and strategic view. It is for a Single Player Campaign, but has also Custom Battles and a cool Multiplayer (even in Coop mode!) with playable Factions of the American Civil War and Wild Frontier, Mexican Second Empire and Indian Wars. DOWNLOAD LINK for last UPDATES of 1860s Old America is in the Update and Download section. Just click it. Sorry, but you will NOT get any assistance here. Please go to the main Homepage on Talesworld Thread and post a comment there....to get all the explainations, watch Videos, Pics and posts. Thank you Gabrilduro PS....DO NOT forget to RATE the mod in the REVIEW section, folks!!!

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I'm submitting this low score not because the mod is bad. It's an ambitious mod witch fails in the expected areas. I'm giving it a low score because the author insists on selling the final release in return for good reviews. A complete disregard for any creative criticism and an extremely disrespectful practice to both the community that supports it, and those who intend for and use the review system for it's intended purpose. NOT being used to blackmail users into giving the mod good press.


Many have criticised Gabrilduro for his extremely obnoxious behaviour in the past, but this has taken it to a whole new level, his cult of personality is out of control, and it's time for a long, hard reality check. The below image is a small collection found through a few minutes of browsing the 1860 mod forums:


As for the mod. It's average. It's a full conversion with many weak areas, the majority of textures are downright ugly (http://i.imgur.com/CLGOguw.jpg), The map is empty and lacking in any polish (http://i.imgur.com/N2FaUVR.jpg), And many of the flavour items are simply ported from some of "Gabby's" older mods, which are of a worse quality than this. (http://i.imgur.com/tDlpnm0.jpg)(Those "Only MP" factions prove my point exactly) And don't get me started on the multiplayer (http://i.imgur.com/JG0L8X9.jpg.

I suppose that's all I can say about the 1860's Old America mod and the powers that run it. The only positives I can possibly say are that the music choice is stellar for assisting immersion, if only the rest of the mod hadn't stopped that happening a long time ago.


Never playing regular Mount and Blade again... this mod is awesome, it plays much differently to native Mount and Blade where I wouldn't dare take on another force if it was greater than my own where as in this mod I would go in guns blazing and take em out. I would rate it 10/10 but I can't because I'm a new member, that's right I made an account just to say how good this mod is.


As of late, the modder decided to hold the final release until his ego get pleased on moddb by having this particular mod reaching 1000 rates that should not be under 5, on top of that instalocking the thread about it without a single reply posted.

While the mod is excellent, this aptitude quickly ruin the consumer's experience, and unless gabby decide to pass a reality check, this mod won't get a final release.

I love it. Everything I want, can't wait for updates!

But I gave it a 6 because of it's actual functionality.

Many times, if you join up in a battle with another general, and you end up falling in battle, whether you lose all your people or not, you get kicked out to a party of 1, and are immediately attacked by the enemy and will lose.

I have fought a battle going in with 60 guys, lost the battle, only losing 30 people (wounded & killed), I was able to leave the battle, but somehow I only had 14 people left. That is not good at all!

My biggest problem tho, is the fact that if you fall, which with slightly accurate guns can happen a lot, you will lose the battle. I had one where I fell, and had 18 guys left, versus 4 enemy. Easy win. I tried auto-resolving but it got to the point where it was 10 vs 1, then 8 vs 1, then 4 vs 1, so I stepped in to fight and kill the one guy, if I hadn't, they would have lost. Big disappointment.

Another problem is the fact that there is no real way to make money, without already having a ton of it. That being said, the way I've managed to make money is going town to town and attacking raiders, because nine times out of ten, a village will be filled with raiders for you to kill. This is so often it is ridiculous and it should be toned down, a lot. But it is the only way I could make money by taking my "just dues".

Other than those major problems, I love this game and am going to continue playing it and i REALLY hope the updates keep coming regularly. It would be a shame for this MOD to not get further developed.


tau434 says

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I have to agree with Extradaemon and some of the other posters on here.

Now before anyone goes off calling me a troll, I am a modder myself. I understand how hard the process is, and I'm not one to criticize a good amount of effort in a project someone genuinely wants to see succeed.

HOWEVER, I'm giving this a 1 out of 10 because the creator is unfairly trying to manipulate the rating system in exchange for a "promised" release of another version of this mod. That already drops my review score down by six whole points.

What's more, this mod isn't really worthy of being called a .99z release; it's more like a .5 or .6. I only point this out because the author pointed out in a previous thread that "voting 0.99T less than a 5 will be considered trolling." So basically what he's saying is that this mod won't be perfect, but it will be fully playable. Fair enough.

Except, in it's current stage, it's not a playable "full conversion". There are a lot of bugs and content that's been skipped over, from text errors to bullets that drop off after only 50 yards. I can't shoot a guy coming at me without getting in close enough where I might as well draw my sword. What's more, the map is extremely sparsely populated with very little design beyond the general landmass itself. The shootouts which are so widely advertised are really just regular tournament battles, albeit with guns. Plus, the one map is so darn large and the AI so slow to move, it takes forever to fight just one shootout. Another three points off.

The parts I liked? Music choice was stellar, use of historical figures was definitely par, and selection of weaponry was definitely well thought out. But the mechanics make every battle really awkward to fight, and the campaign map just doesn't offer a whole lot to hold my interest for more than 30-40 min of playtime in a sitting.

I'm not one to criticize modders for their hard work. I don't give out low ratings lightly. But the abuse of the rating system combined with the lackluster content of a claimed .99 stage total conversion leaves this mod severely wanting for me. Modders don't work for the attention or praise, we work because we genuinely love what we do and simply want to share our work with the world. If you're basing the success of your modding career off anything else, you clearly don't understand that.


God670 says

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After playing the recent release that came out in December I have to say it has vastly improved since it was released. I'm not going to comment on people talking about cult of personalities or prior mods that he has made that make it "unacceptable" in the "communities" eyes. I'm here to base on experience.

1. The map has more settlements than the previous two releases. A step in the right direction as it seems to have meat and not bones.

2. The bandits no longer travel in war parties of 30 as a majority but they exist none the less.

3. Towns seem to have an overhaul in appearance. Since I played as the Confederates I noticed that their is no ferry and the bandit was several leagues away.

4. The bandit camps or I assume they are bandit camps are now in the open. This is also a good move I guess since they are seen everywhere and I guess they server more of a dungeon than a place of interest.

These are improvements that must be noted and worth the while for those who are returning. How ever there are still some bugs and issues that haven't been resolved yet and they must be addressed.

1. New comers will notice that they start at level 7 with over 40 in strength. Why is this you ask? Simple the A.I. have weapons that can either kill you in 4 shots or one if you are close enough.

2. The towns still give 1 to 2 units and even in vanilla you got maybe 4 or 5. So it makes building a small fighting force against the A.I. a challenge.

3. Nation that have (MP) exist only to disappear in a week saying defeated. I don't know why this exists in the game I couldn't tell you.

4. Even with these villages being around it still feels, dead in some ways. I think if their were more towns and more generals it would fill the void of the map. A map of that size demands armies of that magnitude and towns and castles as well.

Even though it says final release, which I hope it is not, the game is still fun and challenging. If you like westerns you will like the challenge.


My favorite mod for original m&b was 1866, so I had high expectations for this one. All I can say is that it delivers. Awesome mod!


The mod is awesome, I do have some very little exceptions for the upcoming 1.0, but very little, like the Firing the smoke is very weird, its not like in the 1866, thats the thing that really irritate me but every other thing is beautiful and awesome!


Hi Gabrilduro,

I apologize for being away from 1860's mod so long since the 0.99 G, but I restarted a new character in 0.99 T and can say that it is even more fun now. What I said about the possibilities of your mod to "reenact" the actual historical events and/or one's favourite Western movies is of course more and more true from version to version. I just discovered there's even an ironplated poncho for all those that would like to play "Fistful of Dollars"! Right now, I play as a "Fortyniner" who fled from Europe after the unsuccessful attempt to create a democratic and unified Germany in 1848... This man now works as a mercenary for American Settlers to fight in a border conflict against the Mexican Empire. Later on, he will join the Civil War on the side of the Union.

But to all who read this: you can play so many different characters in this already smooth running mod simply by choosing what kind of missions you do and what kind you don't. Become a buffalo hunter, a soldier, an outlaw, a mercenary, a trader, a gun-for-hire travelling from town to town, a native american trying to fight against the demise of his nation...

And there are matching outfits and weapons and horses and even companions for each different playstyle already there; the only thing you won't find is a "Main Quest", but that isn't fitting into the open-world-idea of M&B Warband anyway, so go on, watch some history documentations and/or Western movies and then play it from first person perspective with gun sounds and black powder smoke and of course a great soundtrack as well!

Play it - Rove it - Rate it!



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Never playing regular Mount and Blade again... this mod is awesome, it plays much differently to native Mount and Blade where I wouldn't dare take on another force if it was greater than my own where as in this mod I would go in guns blazing and take em out. I would rate it 10/10 but I can't because I'm a new member, that's right I made an account just to say how good this mod is.

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