Hi all, I'm Tim and I'm designing and making website's as living and as hobby, besides that I make mods for command and conquer Generals Zero Hour those mods are, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Redux and Halo Evolutions. Recently I'm also working with Unity3D to make mobile browser pc/mac and xbox/ps3 games with it. The idea is not clear but it would come with its development I do already have a test map that could be use as one of the campaign missions but like I said the idea is just dark now and I'm also testing around with it, I do made it possible to get AI in my Unity3D game, but the Online Multiplayer isnt working correctly, need to know more just drop it on my wall/comment box and I'll answer it on your page, remember that if you reply to my comment on your page I wont see that you reply'd to me so be sure that you post it on my wall again, and if you want to make sure I do answer it the send me a PM. Cheers Taxikiller / Tim

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Life is Strange

Game review - 1 disagree

I just finished episode one of "Life is Strange" on the Xbox One and for what I can tell so far is that this game plays just great, the story that we have so far is just absolutely great, the music that is provided for in the background and with the interactions are a great choice, and I cant really say a bad thing about this game, it was a bit tricky in the beginning of this game on how the mechanics worked for the console version of the game, but beside's that it is just a lovely game to play.

If the game was without the "Rewind power" you could say that this story could be a real life experience from someone on the planet.

PS, at the moment I can't really write a great review about this game because the 5 episode's arnt out yet, but when they do I'll be back and rewrite this review.


Hold the Assault

Mod review

Saints Row: The Third

Game review - 2 agree

Saints row I can remember the day that I played the first game of it.

The reason why I like it more then GTA is because of the characters and the comedy in it. The story line is unique and it keeps following the Saints, instead of every time a new main character like you do in GTA.

Yes of course Saints Row is a look a like of the GTA series and I do have to say that GTA is a great game but when I play a new title of a game I want to keep following the story line and GTA doesn't give me that.

When I play Saints row it give's me a strange feeling that I cant describe, its the vibe that the game have.

I give it a 8 out of 10 because there are somethings that could be fixed before launch like for example loading the cars could be faster.


CnC Post-War

Mod review - 3 agree

I loved to play this mod, in the beginning it was a bit hard to understand the new gameplay you created in the mod (its not like a normal RTS game and that's what I like about mods they are completely fresh.

When I started to play the mod I expected to just build my army and have control points for resources. But that totally changed when I found out I need to hold them to (destroy) my opponent, I love the way how the game begins with just 2 Humvee's and a squad in them and how the Humvee's enters the battlefield ! its almost like a small scripted campaign but instead of that a normal skirmish match where you have to built a couple turrets and a landing spot for your heavy armor. I cant wait to play the final version of the mod and see with what you come next.

You got my support in this mod and will give you any feedback later in the development of the mod and when I put some more time in playing this mod.

8/10 because its hard to play in the beginning (nahh that's a joke) I give it a 8/10 because this is just a beta and not the full version.



Game review

I have been playing this now for months and still love the game, cant say anything else then try before you give your opinion


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

One of the best freaking horror game out there!

You cant do anything about your encounters the only thing you could do is run and hide and hope they wont get you. first 1 hour of gameplay gave me chills.

You want a good horror game and not something like Deadspace / Alone in the Dark / Fear / Alan Wake then you have to download this.


The Red Alert

Mod review - 4 agree

So yesterday I have been playing it for 2 hours and it got an 10 for the old red alert style back in the 90's overall the mod is just great.

but the down part is that the air-units got a small sight of view and that my units don't attack automatically, for me then don't know if other people got this but like i said this mod give's back the old red alert feeling pretty well.


Zero Hour : Human-Covenant War

Mod review

The uploader of this mod didnt made any of the content or the code, he found a leaked version of the mod Halogen and then started to replace some of the assets or replaced the vanilla placeholders with official Halo game assets. if the uploader of Halogen created the assets him self or got a team member that made custom assets then this mod would get some respect from me, but since he just uploaded a old generals zero hour mod known as Halogen I flag this for the sake of having respect to the original developers.


Twisted Insurrection

Mod review
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