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It is the mod i have waited for for years its finally here i hope this mods lasts till you die or it is finished before, keep on working on this till its complete.

is good but is not finised :D nice work wel done

I would give it a 10, but it's uninished.

Great job on the work so far.
The finished product should be a 10/10

It is great and i love it! I'd give it a ten but the mod doesnt have all the models so until the its a nine.


The uploader of this mod didnt made any of the content or the code, he found a leaked version of the mod Halogen and then started to replace some of the assets or replaced the vanilla placeholders with official Halo game assets. if the uploader of Halogen created the assets him self or got a team member that made custom assets then this mod would get some respect from me, but since he just uploaded a old generals zero hour mod known as Halogen I flag this for the sake of having respect to the original developers.


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