I am a simple person who likes to keep track of some of the cool stuff going on in Moddb. Every once and a while I may also write a reveiw about a mod or game. Some of my favorite games are the Command and Conquer series (Tiberium most of all), the Half-Life series, Civilization, and Starcraft.

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Really fun game and totally worth at least trying. Not perfect, and I could mention a few things that could be improved upon, but I had a lot of fun with this. So yeah, if you have any interest at all, go play Dishonored.



Game review

Recommended if you are a FPS fan. Great game environment and style... this is one of those games that sets itself apart from the crowd.

Also, don't read up on the story before playing. If at all possible, go into this game blind to the plot.


Metro: Last Light

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Definitely takes what made the original great and built upon it. There were no problems I found with the game that made it unplayable and very few quality concerns.

The story is engaging, soundtrack beautiful, and the levels are challenging. They did a really nice job crafting the game atmosphere and environment.

The DLC was where my main disappointment was, it was good, but it could have been better. In my opinion, if you don't absolutely love this game, then don't bother with the DLC... but if you do really like Metro and want more, I would recommend it.


Metro 2033

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Excellent FPS and decent RPG. The gaming industry needs more games like Metro, with great gameplay,a wonderful and well-crafted environment, and a good story, the moral; "violence begets only violence, death begets only death".

The developers did a good job in Metro.

Recommended for anyone into shooters.


Far Cry

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Far Cry is a fun game. The Jungle combat is difficult and engaging, the AI challenging, and the environment spectacular. Jungle combat and stealth elements get 10/10. That's about all I liked about it.

The game is atrociously difficult, I will not lie. That is one good thing about it, but the fact that I HAD to use hacks just to finish the campaign is telling. I could not take it anymore. It is sadistic.

In terms of game-play, fighting in the jungles against humans was fun, fighting in labs and bunkers against mutants ("trijans") was not... I just did not enjoy it. Like Crysis was ruined by the Aliens, Far Cry was ruined by the mutants.

Otherwise the game is pretty fine. It is fun, but painfully difficult. It is good halfway through the story. The environment is excellent. Not much else to say. 7/10, fun but not uber great.


Deus Ex

Game review

Do you own a PC?


We need more games with a depth in game-play and story like this. Seriously, play it.


C&C3: Tiberium Wars

Game review

My personal favorite C&C ever... alone it is good, but download the Forgotten mod from CnClabs and it is made perfect!

The story is wonderful, truely C&C IMO. It also has a sense of ambiguity at the end, giving the player (based on their faction preferance) the chance to decide their own ending in a way. The addition of an all-star cast in the video sequenses (very well done) only makes it cooler.

Gameplay is great. Each faction has their weaknesses and strengths, but ultamately, no side is too powerful over another. With the Forgotten expantion, you get an additional faction that adds so much to multiplayer as well.

Art, graphics, and unit design are great! The soundtrack is perfect!

The thing that I think makes this game a uniqe C&C is the database system, which includes a great deal of backround story and concept art as well!

If you are into stratagy, I highly reccomend this.


C&C4: Tiberian Twilight

Game review

This is why many C&C fans miss Westwood... because Westwood gave a crap about their fans, at least it seemed that way, not Electronic Arts, nope. This is evidence of that. C&C4 is a shameless money grab. No effort put into it at all. Not a crap given about the fans. Do not buy this.


Half-Life 2

Game review

PC Gamer once called this "... the greatest game ever made."

It's hard to disagree.

Half-Life 2 and its two story expantions episodes 1 & 2, combine intense combat, puzzle solving, and emotional story telling... all from the first person perspective, as there are no cutscenes at all, and the entire game is one big blast from the perspective of the protagonist. This is a MUST PLAY for the dedicated fps fan. And is also reccomended for any gamer.


Twisted Insurrection

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I am happy that I took the time to download this. Twisted Insurrection is a fresh take on the tiberuim saga, and brings new life to the C&C classic Tiberian Sun.

The mod is very enjoyable as it brings you the classic and simple gameplay of Tiberian Sun with new gameplay elements. For example, tech buildings, natural hazards, and a greater variety of tiberium life forms.

The music is all brand new, yet it is all very well done and some music tracks have found a place in my personal favorites.

The feel that the faction balance has been improved, while still providing different tactical approches that one can take being GDI and Nod.

The campains I have played so far are very well done. If you are into skirmish battles, I must say that the numer and detail of new maps they have is impressive. Very impressive.

Finally, I believe the story is an excellent alternate to Tiberian Sun

Bravo. I recomend the the C&C fan as well as a C&C newcomer.

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