Level designer and aspiring game designer. After a recent trip to my first GDC, I was more or less advised to focus and I was on the right track. "Keep doing what you're doing," were the words.

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The end of March Progress

Soulglove Blog

From the recent pictures you can see the Asian apartment block map is pretty much done and presentable. The Orphanage map is done, but has no textures. I've been pretty deep in creating the Skycarrier map that it has turned into a full-fledged level. If I work at it all weekend, I'll have a video for it. Monday I have to send out resumes to any and every place I want to work for because my time is up. For every level design I have shown, I have ten I haven't shown. Hopefully I can throw them all in on my site in a somewhat professional fashion. Stay tuned.

Project: "Get Attention Before I'm Homeless"

Soulglove Blog

From my videos you can see I've put much thought and effort into realizing the potential of the particular map design, even if I had to remake it twice in two years. Until I find a few select props to place in it, it's not done. Until then, I will be pounding out fast maps, one every two days to be exact. I need work and I need an income or this won't last much longer.
Some level designs already thought out and started:
- Orphanage for the psychically gifted
- Asian slums inspired by a location in Tsui Hark's film "Time and Tide"
- Train route similar to ones in Switzerland and from Albula & Bernina
- Skycraft carrier

Most of these will be simply blocking out the level, but as long I get the idea across on what the happens are supposed to entail, my time restriction should be okay.

End of February content

Soulglove Blog

It has been weeks since my last video, but there will be more to come shortly. I have been working on multiple side projects at once. With the Creation Kit for Skyrim, custom car skins for Twisted Metal, adding props to my old Downtown map, and catching up on older games, there hasn't been much time for anything else. Perhaps next week I will have one or two more videos showing off the advancements in the Downtown map, with props and mechanics.
With that said, I do have some more ideas for a Skyrim mod which I could use help from a skin artist, a scripter, and possibly an animator. This hint will give it away, but it has to be said for people interested--if you really like the Mortal Kombat universe and want to help mod Skyrim, drop me a message.

Recent work (As of late December)

Soulglove Blog

I haven't stopped my level designs. If anything, I've been working longer hours from home just to perfect a new project. I kind of don't want to reveal what type of game it is; it's different than a lot of multiplayer games out there. I can say it's multiplayer-only, tactical, and persistent. I have about 10 maps drawn up and only one of those are blocked out. I will post progress.
Edit: I noticed an extraordinary amount of hits on my profile today. If any of you are interested in making this project or any other project with me, feel free to message me.

More options

Soulglove Blog

I've been scratching away on the latest maps additions while still pondering what to do with some barren spaces on them. Recently I came up with an idea that will make good use of these spaces, but that also meant making even more interiors. These maps I'm building, are bigger than a city block. By map standards that might seem minimal until you see that almost all of the buildings have interiors with multiple entryways, multiple floors, destructible areas, and will be filled with breakable objects. There is rooftops, sewer tunnels, and subway sections. This, with the additional concept of being able to traverse anything you can see, creates a very expansive battlefield.
So what do I need? I need 3d modelers to fill these maps with props. I need programmers to implement the many systems I have in mind. I need a couple of artists for special effects, concept art, and possibly texturing. I need an animator willing to go beyond what is expected for a 3rd-person shooter because there will be a lot these characters can do besides run, shoot, and take cover.
I get very few views on my profile, so those who actually read this, spread the word. I need some people willing to join before I even want to put up a page for this project. This, and maybe other projects I have in mind.


Soulglove Blog

I'm off to GDC. Yeah! I bet no one cares. When I return, whether I find work or not, I will be posting and broadcasting the work on my projects. Soon after that there might be jobs I will be posting for a 3rd person shooter Chris Y. and I have been working on for awhile. If you're an excellent animator or programmer, we will be needing you. I don't work on projects that have competition, so consider it.

Secret Lone Project

Soulglove Blog

Shhhhh...*whispers* I've been designing something secret for over a month. A game I can make myself, so watch for progress on that later.
Here is some samples of the boss battle encounters:


Started something...!

Soulglove Blog

If you didn't know, me and another member started creating something over a month ago. We're not posting anything substantial until it is up to set standards. By then, we'll be looking for a really good animator, a programmer, a special effects artists, and possibly another person to help me make maps. Right now, we are sharing design ideas, he's modeling, and I'm mapping and will be doing the concept art for the project. If anyone is interested in being part of the team now until then, feel free to message me and we'll see what you could help with.

I need to start something...

Soulglove Blog

Not to say I don't work on any projects, but I can only work on so much myself. I have numerous projects I've started on with designing, writing, and concept art. I don't think any companies are hiring post-graduates right now. They all want senior this, senior that, like experience means everything. So, I need a team. I have ideas, I have concepts, I've done most of the heavy thinking for them. If some people step forward who want to do any of these projects (Listed at my site, references) and then we can do one. I need to start a project instead of waiting around to be hired full-time elsewhere. So, programmers, modelers, animators, environment artists, anyone interested?

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