Level designer and aspiring game designer. After a recent trip to my first GDC, I was more or less advised to focus and I was on the right track. "Keep doing what you're doing," were the words.

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I've been scratching away on the latest maps additions while still pondering what to do with some barren spaces on them. Recently I came up with an idea that will make good use of these spaces, but that also meant making even more interiors. These maps I'm building, are bigger than a city block. By map standards that might seem minimal until you see that almost all of the buildings have interiors with multiple entryways, multiple floors, destructible areas, and will be filled with breakable objects. There is rooftops, sewer tunnels, and subway sections. This, with the additional concept of being able to traverse anything you can see, creates a very expansive battlefield.
So what do I need? I need 3d modelers to fill these maps with props. I need programmers to implement the many systems I have in mind. I need a couple of artists for special effects, concept art, and possibly texturing. I need an animator willing to go beyond what is expected for a 3rd-person shooter because there will be a lot these characters can do besides run, shoot, and take cover.
I get very few views on my profile, so those who actually read this, spread the word. I need some people willing to join before I even want to put up a page for this project. This, and maybe other projects I have in mind.

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