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C&C: Tiberium Alliances

Game review - 2 agree - 4 disagree

After playing the game for over an entire year already, I give it a 7 / 10 (satisfactory).

It is really fun to play, it gives a C&C-Feeling (units / buildings are taken right off the original games and the new styles fit into the Tiberium universe) and it really is about strategy (at least in terms of PvE).

Unfortunately, that is pretty much the only good side of the game.

The biggest issue is the lack of balance in terms of Points of Interest and the Pay2Win element.

You can increase Command Point and Repair Time storage by using Funds you can buy (or acquire by participating in surveys or polls and events). Command Points allow you to attack targets while Repair Time is required in order to repair your army. The normal storage is limited at 100 CPs (10 hours).
Also, you can directly purchase Command Points at a ratio of 12 CPs. Likewise you can purchase Tiberium, Crystals, Power and Credits directly - while this is not really recommended, for it is very expensive to do so.

The next issue would be the massive POI imbalance. To explain, POIs are "Points of Interest", which grant the possessing alliances attack / resource bonuses. The differences in POI strength are most severe at the top alliances. It is almost impossible for minor alliances to catch up let alone overthrow a stronger one.

The slow speed, lack of updates and massive encounter of bugs are also taking a deep hit onto the game, which is why I can't give more than 7 points (satisfactory).

Actually, the only reason why I still play the game is because of the Community I have built up with my bare hands and the fact that the game is still unfinished and incomplete at many sectors.

Bottom line: Play only if you want to invest a lot of time into it and if you are serious at leading an alliance to victory. Having a big wallet is also of advantage for you. And one last thing - try to find an external way of communication. The ingame communications are too insufficient to control an alliance at all.


C&C: ShockWave

Mod review - 2 agree

This is not a Mod.

That is (almost) an official expansion.

When I play vanilla ZH, I'm kinda angry that it isnt as good as Shockwave.

I've completely fallen in love with this mod, I can't imagine ZH without it.

Sure it has some bugs (not more than ZH got), but still this is one of the best mods EVER!

And remember - it is NOT dead. It is just finished - but a mod is never, NEVER really finished!

Keep up the good work, I hope that you will soon come up with some new ideas - maybe a fix of the very few last bugs in the game.

This modification is the best example how an add-on for an add-on should look like!


Crossfire 2.0

Mod review - 1 agree

This is not a mod, this is an add-on.


Microsoft couldn't have done it better.

I'm just ... speechless.


Conquest: Frontier Wars

Game review - 3 agree

It is a real shame this game is the only one of its kind.

Great RTS space game, I don't know any other where you actually can build bases around planets, where you can find and secure jumpholes to other systems. Although it is not 3-dimensional, it seems to be a "Command and Conquer", just that it is in space.

Unlike many other RTS games, there are more than just one currency: Ore, Gas, Crew and Command Points. The last one forces you to to manage your fleet wisely. You can't just overwhelm your enemy by pure force.

The campaign is great, very interesting (the situation changes all over again). Well, it's a little bit "cliche"-like, evil aliens VS good humans, although even that is not absolutely right, foras everywhere are exceptions...

The sound and music of the game fits in it perfectly! Terrans got a patriotic, nationalist theme, Celareons a far-east touch, very relaxing music, and Mantis an evil, dark element. And each theme lasts about 15 minutes, so you won't be bored about the same track over and over again.

The balancing is also outstanding, although Mantis got only 3 levels of upgrading, while Terrans got 4 and Celareons even got 5 levels. But to even the odds, each faction got special features, abilities and upgrades. Also not the technology, but strategy and tactics decide whether you will be victorious or not.

Talking about graphics - well, they aren't that modern anymore, but for the time it was developed, the graphics are still pretty good. And its backgrounds and textures just make the game as perfect, as it is.

Unfortunately its sequel, "Conquest 2 - The Vyrium Uprising", was cancelled.

Conquest - Frontier Wars at todays graphic would be one of the best games ever!
And aside from that ... it IS already one of the best games EVER!

And ... I forgot to add:
With the Mod from AllGrey, Conquest 2 - Frontier Wars Forever - I'll give it a 100 / 10!

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