3 races clash in this Real Time Strategy game set in the near future. Play as the newcomer Terrans, the insect-like Mantis and the mysterious Celereons. Build massive fleets and rage war across multiple star systems connected by wormholes.

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It is a real shame this game is the only one of its kind.

Great RTS space game, I don't know any other where you actually can build bases around planets, where you can find and secure jumpholes to other systems. Although it is not 3-dimensional, it seems to be a "Command and Conquer", just that it is in space.

Unlike many other RTS games, there are more than just one currency: Ore, Gas, Crew and Command Points. The last one forces you to to manage your fleet wisely. You can't just overwhelm your enemy by pure force.

The campaign is great, very interesting (the situation changes all over again). Well, it's a little bit "cliche"-like, evil aliens VS good humans, although even that is not absolutely right, foras everywhere are exceptions...

The sound and music of the game fits in it perfectly! Terrans got a patriotic, nationalist theme, Celareons a far-east touch, very relaxing music, and Mantis an evil, dark element. And each theme lasts about 15 minutes, so you won't be bored about the same track over and over again.

The balancing is also outstanding, although Mantis got only 3 levels of upgrading, while Terrans got 4 and Celareons even got 5 levels. But to even the odds, each faction got special features, abilities and upgrades. Also not the technology, but strategy and tactics decide whether you will be victorious or not.

Talking about graphics - well, they aren't that modern anymore, but for the time it was developed, the graphics are still pretty good. And its backgrounds and textures just make the game as perfect, as it is.

Unfortunately its sequel, "Conquest 2 - The Vyrium Uprising", was cancelled.

Conquest - Frontier Wars at todays graphic would be one of the best games ever!
And aside from that ... it IS already one of the best games EVER!

And ... I forgot to add:
With the Mod from AllGrey, Conquest 2 - Frontier Wars Forever - I'll give it a 100 / 10!


one of the best games that got me hooked on rts than you cfw!!

Bought this game a long time ago, when I barely knew how to speak English. Still, it is one of the most fun strategy games I've played.

This game was one of the first RTS i played, and probably the one that made me love this genre. The story is awesome, it has an insane replayability factor and graphically, even if its not outstanding, for its age is really great.

Forr all those awesome hors, this game deserves the 10.


Just awesome. There's nothing else to say.


Conquest: Frontier Wars was one of the first really successful space-based RTS games. It used many of the current elements of RTS and introduced a few new ones, set with a strong story and good graphics for the time. Unfortunately, it was not widely recognized or received, despite receiving high scores from many who played it. It pre-dated the modern slew of 4x games, almost as a bridge between the RTS genre of the day and the emerging 4x genre. Well worth the play by any serious RTS player who enjoys a retro feel and enjoys playing with spaceships.


nuketf says

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this IS the best RTS aver made


An amazing space-based RTS. In my opinion it just falls behind Sins of a Solar Empire. but for its time, is the greatest Space-based RTS of all time!

One of the best space-based RTS games ever, and my personal favorite besides Homeworld series.

I remember buying this game along with a gaming magazine back in 2003, and loved it ever since. The gameplay is very unique. You build bases around the planetary orbits, which are used to produce fleets. There are multiple systems you can navigate and conquer, as well as extend your by building jumpgates on the wormholes, which connect one system with another. These jumpgates are used to extend supply routes between the systems, as well as block the enemy access to your territory. without jumpgates or the headquarters on the planet - you cannot control any of your other platforms in the system.

There are also unique ships for every race, ranging from small fighters to majestic capital ships, every ship has its own specific weaponry and special abilities for capital ships, that can be researched.

There are three types of resources that can be harvested from planets or asteroid/nebula fields: ore, gas, crew (the latter is limited to planets). Each of them are needed to build ships, research ship upgrades, and so on.

Every fleet also can be bolstered and commanded by an Admiral/Warlord/Magistrate (depending on race). Every of them has its own unique bonuses for the entire fleet and certain ships.

Also, you can take over enemy platforms or non-military ships using Troopships and its counterparts, so you can also bolster your fleet using ships from other races (you need to research upgrades for other races individually, since tech trees are not linked).

In multiplayer and skirmishes, there are certain maps, as well as a random map generator, so every time you play the map will be unique, you can also specify map's properties, such as number of systems, terrain. Sadly, there is no map editor in order to make specific maps, and that's a bit of a letdown.

Anyway, the game is definitely worth trying, it's fun, and graphically it's pretty neat, considering it's from 2001.


This game is the best of the best!

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