"I am not a man of words. But I respect the power of words, for that is what transformed me. The words of the Sith Code. Others had heard them, contemplated them, and so on. But I understood them, and they changed me. For what was I before I heard those words? Nothing."

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The Unknown...

3707300048a4473520218b2.jpgCrys Nightcrawler doesnt remember much of his past. The last thing he remembers is being 17 years old, training with a Human Female in the dunes of his home planet Tatooine. He doesnt know who his father and mother are, not who was that woman that was training him. He woke up 5 years later on a cell aboard a capital ship. He doesnt remember how he ended there, but he knew he was on trouble and had to escape.When the guard open the cell to grab him to take him to a torture chamber, he was able to deffend himself and strike down the guard. He took the key kards and a vibro blade the guard had and set free the other prisioners that helped him escape. Most of them were mandalorian (or so they called themselves that)and fought side by side with Crys. Even if they were many, and most of them well trained, only a few mandalorian survived. A tech-geek and what it seemed to be the leader of the mando group on the capital ship.

The tech-geek mandalorian took a group and went directly to the bridge to start the self-destruct sequence. The leader with the rest of the group and Crys went to look for a ship to escape. The battle was intence, and contact with the Tech Group was lost. However the self destruct sequence was enabled. Crys and the leader of the group were the only 2 survivors that got to the hangars, the leader was shot on the back while trying to get in a fighter ship.

As soon as Crys got in the ship, he started the engines and escaped the capital ship. A few minutes later this one exploded. A squad of X-Ceptors were chacing him. After a unfair and almost lethal battle, Crys was able to escape from the scene, however his ship was heavily damaged. Because of this damage, the ship didnt last long on the space, so he dicided to go to the first planet he found.His ship crashed on a rock where the Blue Moon Cantina is. He was knocked out because of the impacto for almost 2 days. He is woken up by the sound of Gamorrean laughing. There were also some humans and other spieces that he didnt know. He was able to escape from them and ended in the Blue Moon Cantina, there he slept for some days until he felt better. In those days he saw a Galatic Empire banner and decided to join.He was accepted almost right away and the shuttle came to pick him up and took him to the academy. There he was given a room and a training officer.

A new life...

zelldincht2.jpgThe Space shuttle took him to the Imperial Academy, there, he learned the basics of everything. History, Civics, Military, Civil, The Army, The Navy, The Goverment. As soon as he steped down the schuttle, he was given his directions. First off he met his Training Officer Lt. Raffael Goschmitt. He provided Crys with a datapad and his clearance cylinder. Also with tips and hints to get around and his first instructions.After he was set on his room. He began doing everything as fast as possible. Passport, Insigna, Studing. Everything. The test took several days, since it was the first time he saw any of this. At first it was confusing, and added that he was nervous, he wasnt able to concentrate that much. However he pulled it off with a final grade of 83.21%, and graduated as an Imperial Navy Pilot. For him, that moment was the best of his life, because even if he still didnt know his past, he was able to be part of something that was building a future.


Crys is quiet, polite and sometimes very shy. At the same moment he can be talkactive, hyperactive and kind of a pain in the ass. His mood swings are related to the so little knowladge of his past, and the flashbacks or nightmares he might have. However he always try to control them, and try to be on control of his emotions. But not always he can do this, and its most recommended to leave him alone when he looses it.


"The best battles are those that can be evaded. If they cant, well, then there is no turning back."- Crys saying to a Mando Prisioner, debating about the lust for battle.

His combat style is some-what different than the usual. His movement are delicated, swift, fast and, in some point, sudden. Even if he has the theory "never strike to kill", if the situation demands it, he carries a couple of hidden crafted knives. This knives are made of a mix of metals that make them resistant, strong, sharp and light. They are carried in a bracelet that has a mechanism that activates with the movement of his hands. His technique is based on evasion and locking, and strike to leave the opponent eather knocked out or unarmed.He doesnt remember where he gained this skills or learned this techniques. However he does remember that some of them was used by the woman that was teaching him when he was 17.

Service Records


Character Sheet

Commander: II

You are able to command half a
fleet and a moderately equipped army, dreadnaught/SSD not included.

Soldier: II


Hacker: II

Your skills in hacking now
gives you limited access to government and corporation systems and you can
access more advanced security systems.

Underworld: I

You have gained a reputation in
the underworld as a criminal and your uncanny ability to survive against the

Companion: Prowler 1000

Called "P-10" or "Peter"

The Prowler 1000 is a compact probe droid created primarily for surveillance and exploration. When deployed on an unexplored planet, the Prowler is able to record its surroundings and run a variety of tests using the multitude of sensor suites programmed into its system. Though such work remains the droid's primary function, it has proven useful in a variety of other roles.The Prowler is equipped with a vast array of sensors and features that have led to its reputation as a highly effective, multipurpose security droid. Several photoreceptors are incorporated into its design, all of which feature multiple magnification and spectrum settings, allowing for detailed observations of light, heat, and movement. This makes the Prowler a popular choice for reconnaissance among military personnel, and security forces have taken advantage of the Prowler's advanced pathfinder algorithm, adapting it for use as a surveillance unit. Additionally, police forces have adjusted the Prowler 1000 for their own purposes, using the enhanced sensors and chemical testers for forensics work and search and rescue missions.The Prowler design also incorporates a pair of small, mechanized arms which can be used to manipulate objects or levers and simple controls. Unfortunately, due to the small size of the arms and the meager repulsor output, the droid is only capable of carrying the smallest and lightest samples and objects. This prohibits the attachment of any weapons and greatly hampers the Prowler's usefulness in defending itself while exploring.The Prowler 1000 is a common droid used in a wide range of occupations throughout the Galaxy. The droid is a useful tool for scientists, military and security personnel, holo-journalists, and anyone needing a relatively inexpensive means to obtain accurate visual and physical observations.

Droid Info:
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