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Report RSS Archer-Class Fire support destroyer (view original)
Archer-Class Fire support destroyer
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That hole on top makes some respect. Nice model.

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rkraptor70 Author

Corse it do, it's a big gun! XD

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I like big guns =)

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Name: RSS Archer
Class: Archer
Role: Fire support destroyer
Length: 400 meters.
Armaments: 1x Type 9000 "Poseidon" modular plasma accelerator cannon.
Defenses: 28x RSW-06 plasma autocannons in dual turret mount.
Deflector shielding (Rating classified).
Crew: 800 (26 if operated by a skeleton crew)
50 Clone Marines.
12 Pilots.
Complement: 1x RF-6"Talon" Fighter squadrons.

In the early day of the war, it became clear as daylight that the current RCA ships couldn't survive long against their Imperial counterparts dew the immense firepower and shielding the they carry. While new ships design's that can more then evenly match their enemy's are already well under way, the RCA needed a intern vessel that can soften up enemy ships long before actual engagement. While the carrier strike was an good option, the estimated amount lives will cost in every strike made the RCA Admiralty to seek a less costly alternative. The RCA design buru's responded to this requirements was a simple, but strikeingly effective design. They simply merged a scaled-down version of a prototype Planetary modular plasma accelerator cannon into a scaled-down Redempthon-class Star Destroyer hull. The ship worked in similar principal that of the 10,000 year old Cal-class battleship, Using it's massive hull-mounted cannon to engage enemy ships and bases from afar, and using it's ling autocannon armaments to defend itself in close ship engagement. The class became responsible of a number of early RCA victory, destroying enemy basses and vessels even before they can mount and coordinated any from of retaliation. The introduction of this vessel also led the Empire and CIS to adopt the concept and develop their own version of a "Fire support vessel" as it was called by the RCA.

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