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I'm back.

rkraptor70 Blog 9 comments

Yeah not much to say here, other then I'm back. The last three moths were a bit turbulent, we had to manage some things, change house etc but in the end most things are pretty straightened out.

On other news, my sister is getting married! So I'm a little busy with that having to arrange stuff for the upcoming events as unlike most countries, marriage isn't celebrated in one festivals, but in a total of four separates events.

And finally, I've begun playing WarThunder, username is the same, so if anyone interested feel free to send a friend request.


rkraptor70 Blog 2 comments

This is difficult to let out so I'll say this as straightforwardly as possible, at 5 August, around 12:20 am, my father died. This has shaken my family badly and now there are a lot of things that are needs to be done.

I will too busy with these along with my studies to hang around moddb and work on any kind of models. So I'm taking a break and I don't know if I will return.

Loss of my pen drive and back to square one.

rkraptor70 Blog 2 comments

Today is definitely one of the worst days of my life.

While taking my father to the hospital today, I lost my pen drive. I have no idea how did it managed to slip out my wallet that was inside my pants pocket but by the time I realized it it was nowhere to be found. Everything I have made for the last two years, 3D models, Ship designs, FanFictions are gone as I was stupid enough to not keep a backup.

I don't know what to do now, as it is not easy to simply recreate two years of work, moreover, my life as a journalism student is taking its toll. I may not have enough time in work on anything in the future.

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