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Text Adventure Screenshot

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I have not been able to spend as much time as I wanted to with this project due to not having enough time on my hands. But here is a screenshot I took just now.

As you can see, only 5 forms (or windows) are finished. And for anyone wondering what this choose-your-own adventure game might be about; it is basically just a game meant for laughs, so pretty much comedic. Of course it will have a story plot and everything, but definitely will be sharing a few jokes here and there.

New Years Update

RandomArmy Blog
Development Planned to Begin in October 2013?

The brand new FPSC: Reloaded engine is planned to be released sometime in October of 2013, therefor I will (probably) get it in that month! But whenever i do get it, that will be when development starts. Just thought I'd update you guys, happy new years!

Source SDK Projects Possibility

Alright, I have enough experience with Source SDK to at least know how to make a basic multiplayer map. I could probably whip up some cool Half Life 2: Deathmatch maps and put them up here, it's always a possibility and I could consider it. If I do you shouldn't really expect these to be really too-too good, since I don't really have much experience in Source SDK.

Choose Your Own Adventure

I've done these kind of games before, and I can definitely do them again. It's pretty text-based but you don't actually type; you select what you want to do. Now, I can probably get this done in anywhere from a week to 9 months at most? But that's only for coding and making the thing, then there's background music. I have fairly enough knowledge of the code to add a basic music player if they don't want to listen to the standard music, the thing is... I'll need to make the standard music. The artworks for the game would take a couple hours, that is, if I wanted them to be good. If I was going to start on this I'd say it'd be in at least a week.

New Website Coming Soon

The Random Army Games website will be up whenever I get the paper to rent a domain to put the website on. It should be more stable this year and will not be going down like it did last year.

Thanks for reading this little "newsletter" from Random Army, stay tuned for more info in the next Article!

Random Army October Update

RandomArmy Blog

Okay, guys. I know some of you are bummed out by the cancelation of Nyctophoiba. And some of you (most specifically one of you) have messaged me what's going on. Well, here's what's going on. The Nyctophobia was not turning out so good, and with everything that was going on, between school and social life, this game was a priority. The thing is, the game engine was poor; poor AI, sound messing up, scripts getting messed up (though this wasn't totally unfixable), map size, and the horrid physics. Luckily, The Game Creators (the devs of the FPSC engine) are remaking and improving the FPSC engine. They are adding more features to make this engine much better and get a way better review than that of what I just explained. They are improving the engine with just the things I need; graphics improvements (yay 2012 graphics), new weapons, improved atmosphere (well, atleast from the released videos I've seen), improved AI, new scripts, and plenty more. I will post a link to the Kickstarter page of that at the end of this article. Anyways, what should you expect from Random Army? Let's put a list out here:

  • The new engine means I will be making new games with it.
  • These new games will have more possibilities: bigger size, and the other mentioned featues.
  • The new games will not have cheap 2005 graphics that the original Nyctophobia was going to have.
  • Multiple types of FPS' to be expected other than just horror (of course)
  • And just about all of those mawesome features from earlier.

And to anyone who here reading who supports Random Army, thanks for reading this.
That Kickstarter link promised from earlier:
Edit: Hopefully the project gets enough funds. Crossing fingers.

Need help with a game in Source SDK (Base 2007)

RandomArmy Blog

Okay, I know how to make game HUD, menus, and level design. All I need somebody to do is modeling, weaponry (not sure what kind yet), and textures for the models being made. I don't go on too often so please leave a message on the Random Army Facebook wall, or send a PM to my YouTube channel. Links below;
Facebook Page YouTube Channel

My progress videos.

RandomArmy Blog

Okay, recently I cancelled Nyctophobia, I am currently trying to work on a new project (this is not a confirmation though), and when I get time to record tests and progress videos, I will be uploading them to the RandomArmyScraps YouTube channel. Do not get hyped up for the videos uploaded, but think about what features I can add to future projects. Thanks for reading! :)

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