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A lot of games are coming out, and many are great, others have a great lot of potential to go for. In which case, I have grown curious as to what games you lot are eagerly awaiting for:

State the game you would like to see, or if you think a game, no matter if its Indie, AAA, any genre or theme should be looked into by other people. Please say why the game is one to look forward to rather than simply posting squat. Cheers

A small questionare...

ramagon Blog 15 comments

I was in school at lunch and i began to wonder a few things... and i wanted to ask you guys the same thing...

Astro-boy versus Iron Man?

Wolverine versus Freddie Krueger?

Star Wars versus Warhammer 40k?

AC-DC versus Justin Bieber? (this is just meant to make someone angry... of course this should be a landslide...)

These are just a few... but i do hope some people can tell me their opinions... do prove it though... i just don't want you to blurt out....


ramagon Blog 10 comments

Sorry for this random post in this place... but i need some answers for my questions...

1. why are blue prints like that... can't they be red? Pink? Yellow? WHITE?!

2. Is there any animated comic maker... or whatever they are called, that I can use? i need it for a project of mien for promotion of something...

3. Why is there such a big deal about someone saying "I am for Iraq and I am Muslim." in an airport... can't people let go, instead of calling the police and punching you in plain sight of a cop...

4. If cows ruled the world, would this place be more civilized?

5.iGod... who's the stupid son of a fragger who invented this?! Titane.ca

6. Why do people keep saying its the end of the world?!

7. Who is most likely to win the Fifa World Cup?

8. Why did i just change avatars again?!

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