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A lot of games are coming out, and many are great, others have a great lot of potential to go for. In which case, I have grown curious as to what games you lot are eagerly awaiting for:

State the game you would like to see, or if you think a game, no matter if its Indie, AAA, any genre or theme should be looked into by other people. Please say why the game is one to look forward to rather than simply posting squat. Cheers


I would like to see one only online game, in sci-fi setting, FPS baed, PC exclusive, which encourage creating clans and ppl relationships.

Also for an indie i would like to see, a 2D or 3D exploration only, PC based game. Something similar to Minecraft or Cube world but different in some way.

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ramagon Author

I'm not entirely find of online only, primarily because my of my Internet connection... But when knows, tons of games out there. As for the 3D exploration only, you could simply put it as a sandbox games, however I would like to explore other planets rather than a single world... Could be fun and a neat twist. But that's my dream. Good to know mate.

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I would really, really want to see a game being made and released that puts you in the boots of a East German NVA Grenztruppe or a game about the early years of People's Poland UB agency for internal defence. While this will never happen just like it was with Six Days in Fallujah, the feeling of actually playing as an really evil character would have been interesting. Probably a lot more interesting than done-to-death WWII scenarios of playing as the paramilitary additions to the German Army.

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