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Sorry for this random post in this place... but i need some answers for my questions...

1. why are blue prints like that... can't they be red? Pink? Yellow? WHITE?!

2. Is there any animated comic maker... or whatever they are called, that I can use? i need it for a project of mien for promotion of something...

3. Why is there such a big deal about someone saying "I am for Iraq and I am Muslim." in an airport... can't people let go, instead of calling the police and punching you in plain sight of a cop...

4. If cows ruled the world, would this place be more civilized?

5.iGod... who's the stupid son of a fragger who invented this?! Titane.ca

6. Why do people keep saying its the end of the world?!

7. Who is most likely to win the Fifa World Cup?

8. Why did i just change avatars again?!


1. because red/yellow/pink/rainbow (especialy pink) dont sound too good with prints together.

2. not a clue myself...

3. The world is a cruel and rotten place. The freedom of speech has long since ceased...

4. If cows ruled the world, then chickens would be bankers...

5. That could have been Blizzard...

6. Because they cant find the reset button.

7. Chuck Norris.

8. Because you wanted to.

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ramagon Author

1+ karma for you!

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1. Same as chaosmaster4

2. Not a clue

3. It's not because the world is cruel or freedom of speech is gone. I think that it's horrible that we've come to a point where Muslims and middle-easterners are discriminated against the way that they are. However, I do understand it. No one can deny that is was middle-eastern Islamic terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center. Islamic terrorists who have been "terrorizing" innocent people in the middle-east. Islamic terrorists who we've been fighting in the middle-east. Overall, not all Muslims are bad. Not at all. Unfortunately, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are Muslims and most are middle-eastern. So, my opinion on airports and such is this... Profiling is wrong, but it has become necessary... unfortunately.

4. No. If cats ruled the world though, it would be more civilized but we'd all be their slaves.

5. Hey maybe not a stupid son of a fragger. Who says God can't stay connected online (lol).

6. For many religions recent events are starting to appear similar to those predicted in prophecy. For example, in Christianity, there is talk of speaking about God being against the law, and governments across the world being corrupt, wars being fought between nations, increases in seismic, volcanic, and hurricane activity. All these things in one way or another are appearing to be happening. I personally am a Christian but I am skeptical to believe that the world will be ending within my lifetime.

7. I don't follow soccer (or futball or as in England... football) at all. I follow baseball, and NASCAR. So... I say... Chuck Norris, too.

8. It's part of your evil plan to program our minds through specially designed images. Each avatar adds a new set of code, and eventually the avatars will include....... COMMANDS! AH! MAYBE THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END?!

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7 nz we sent the all whites to the rainbow country
score one 4 nz

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Well i was just bored... looked at your profile... and i would like to answer your questions:

1. Maybe because they are called blueprints? make it red and call it redprint. Yeah worst idea ever...
2. Well i dont believe that a specific program exists for that,but it can be possible with other advanced programs. I would try to use Adobe After Effects for cool effects and stuff.. but i dont think you'll need that.
3. Because people like that description in the USA sometimes like to blow themselves up taking some people with them...
4. No.. Just no..
5. I dont know,and i dont want to know.. But i just hope he burns in hell..
6. Well its written in Bible,and others believe meteors will destroy us.. who knows..
7. Spain,England or Brazil. Netherlands and Germany have a little chance too.
8. Because you got bored of the old ones?

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Okay ..

1. You know, maybe blue color look clear not dark like red ..

2. Don't Know ..

3. In My Country .. you can say anything in public area .. cause My Country is Demo .. Democratic ( something like that :) ) mmm.. by the way I am Muslim.

4. Cows ?? I Hope Dinosaurs rise from dead ..

5. I Can't open that site .. So, no answer ..
in Islam .. God or Allah is The Creator of The Whole World, Human , Animal , All of it .. and Allah Canoot be said He or She ..

6. Cause Nuclear, Global Warming , All Goods raise 10% , Comet ,and others..

7. Germany .. Always !!

8. Maybe you too much seeing picture or opening your profile ..

Thanks You ..

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1. because white prints sounds wrong, imagine you're drawing on a white paper with a white ink..
2. I don't know about this one.. sorry
3. because most people thinks being a Muslim and came from Iraq means you're a terrorist.. weird, eh?
4. if cows rule the world, then who will produce milk?
5. iHavenoidea :P
6. I don't know about this one..
7. probably European teams.. they play well
8. because avatars depicts your mood. if you change moods often, then you'll change avatars often :)

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1. blue looks good :D

2. iam not

3. they think he is a terrorist while he is just mentally retarded

4. no than we all woulden't have cow milk!

5. another iphone app but they made a fault and made it with PHP and HTML

6. these people are bored or homeless

7. -_-'

8. you are bored and look at avatar's and change them XD

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ramagon Author

i like the sound of pink-prints... its like the pink panther! :'I

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