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I'm a video game developer (C#) who specializes in creating mobile games for the Android platform. I'm also an avid gamer and a mod user. If for some reason you need to get in touch with me - lucrative business proposals, collaboration requests, or just casual conversation - feel free to send me a message!

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R42 @ A Gothic Tale

If you manage to make an actual Gothic-inspired Warband mod, that'd be amazing. I used to play the crap out of Gothic 1 and 2.

I'll keep track of the progress ;)

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R42 @ Nova Aetas

I've been enjoying this mod very much, though I've encountered a couple of bugs. I'll list them here:

- after constructing a building in the village I keep getting the following script error:
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1608: Invalid Party ID: 455; LINE NO: 80:
at script: cf_calculate_distances

- horses have human face textures on their tails, lol (Playing in DX7 for better performance)

- I became a vassal and constructed a castle. Got promoted to Count. Kingdom's ruler didn't assign me a town I captured so I cancelled the oath and chose to give up all my fiefs.
Because I had that castle already built, I got promoted to a king and a war was declared. After I joined an another kingdom I got degraded but then my name and title disappeared in lord introduction dialogues, eg. instead of "I'm Baron John." there's "I'm ."

- castles have no management options anymore (no ministers) and can be only used to garrison & recruit soldiers. Was that removed on purpose, or that's a bug?

- [probably not really a bug] If you increase armor on the player and horse to withstand large bomb's explosion and throw it nearby, player will be ejected from the horse and look like he's knocked out, but horse will remain controllable - you can use it to run people over, lol

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R42 @ Warsword Conquest

Very interesting mod. Definitely one of the better ones available.
I've composed a small list of things that should be fixed/could be added to the mod though.

1. There seems to be something wrong with the notes system. At first I wasn't getting any info, even if I/my people killed someone. Later though, everything started to work but I was getting lots of red script error notes.

2. The items I add with the Morgs WB editor don't show up in cheat menu and don't get added to the player inventory when the troops.txt is modified to do so. New items appear only in shops as a merchandise.

3. Naval battles are completely broken - boat colliders don't match the mesh causing weird stuff to happen. It's quite pointless to play as a pirate while being unable to attack ships on the sea..

4. There's no point in buying a boat for 1500, when the player's party can travel through the water without it, is there?

5. I'd like to see some warhammer themed special locations (just like in viking conquest).

6. Faces of the ladies could definitely use an overhaul. These vanilla face textures kinda make them look like mashed potatoes, lol.

7. There could be some minor, hostile factions spawning special parties across the map (see the Prophesy of Pendor)

8. There could be more interactions with the wife - having them as a companion, for example.

9. Entering certain places (wood elf cities for example) cause a pretty large fps drop for me.

Keep up the good work!

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R42 @ Colosseum

is it available for SP as well, or just MP?

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R42 @ Empire III Ver 1.87 Full

The tournaments are broken. The amount of participants on each side is unfair, eg. 10 vs 5, 1 vs 14, 15 vs 0.. The armor colors are distributed improperly as well. I'd suggest using Tournament Play Enhancements or other tournament overhaul.

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