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powerchico @ Dark case V.3

Just finshed it and I must say that I didn`t thought that it would be so good! You realy worked hard on this project and you should be proud.
Here are the list of the good stuff and things you should improve:


-The story was awesome, the felling that you didn´t know what was going on and why strange things where happening was very cool, You mixed mystery, tension and horror like a boss xd
- The "interact with all" idea. Even if its not a fresh idea, I usually love when people do that in a C.S.
-The time it taked me to finish the story was big, and I realy like big custom stories.
- The puzzle ideas where fantastic. Even though there where gigantic maps, there where small hints and objects that helped you to progress, so you really nedded to explore everything.
- The scares. Subtle scares, but effective, not just ... you know, flying naked guys.
- The overral atmosphere. You always felt like if you where being followed or observed, and that really helped to build up the tension.
- The maps. They where huge, complex and most of the time very detailed.

The Things you could improve.
On the 2nd floor, that gigantic hole on the wall felt a little akward, maybe you could make it smaller or just like a broken window or something.
- Some corridors where a little... empty. Not a huge deal, but maybe you could add just a some more stuff in some of the corridors,
At the final part,you should add a more kinda epic music. The background music that plays is more for the scary sections, and at the end you will not be felling that much fear, you will fell more like you need to stop that girl.

I have played more than 100 custom stories, and this is definetly one of my favorites. I will give it a 9/ 10. Just some more improvements and it would be a 10. So yeah, thanks for making this awesome custom story and congrats! :D

PS: Sorry for my terrible English, Its not my real language.

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powerchico @ Venture in the Dark

Really great Custom Story!
It taked me around 3 hours to complete it and I must say I loved it!
The atmosphere, especially in the first map, was just great and I was always nervous if something bad was going to happen or if some monster was going to appear. The "puzzles" where also great, not to hard and not to easy, just how I like :D
The only things I think that you could improve is some rooms that just felt a little "empty", but again most of them where great and very detailed. Another thing is that the Ending was just to fast, i mean: (SPOILER) I just opened the Exit door and it ended immediately. Maybe if something creepy happends right in the end, like a monster happearing behind you and then everything turns black and the credits rolled. I dont know, something that just maked you say "WOW that was awesome!"
Other than that this c.s. was awesome and I think you deserve a 9 out of ten. You must had got a lot of work to finish this project and all the time I wasted playing it was worth it!
I hope to see more c.s. from you soon, and once again GREAT JOB!

PS: Sorry for my bad English, my native language is Portuguese XD.

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powerchico @ Trapped

Just give a mediafire link instead of saying that it works for you!
Half of us are not being able to play this custom story, and we don`t want you to say that it works for you!
Just ****** upload this on mediafire, and give us the link!!!
Sorry for being so angry, but i am really mad with this stupid download system, so...... mediafire link please!!

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powerchico @ The Great Work

Need help again. Manaed to get to the door with the broken stairs in chapter 3. But when I get down to the place where the heart is I cant destroy him. I tried to go up to the stairs on the monster side, and that said "I shouldnt live already. I continued climbing without caring about the message and then I began chapter 4 !
Is this really suposse to happen or I need to destroy the heart first?
PS: sorry for bad english

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powerchico @ The Great Work

Also you have to it the pipe with the hammer and chipper on tiny spot. I think that it is in the vertical side of the pipe, a little upper from the juction of the two pipes. Remeber: - hammer and chiper; use on vertical part of the pipe, - a little upper from the junction part (on the vertical pipe) , and finally lit up the candle.

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powerchico @ The Great Work

In the middle laboratory room use one of your items on the pipe (i dont remember which one it is xd) and so it will like do a little hole on the pipe and the gas will come off. Then lit up the candle underneath the gas and the wall will explode.
PS: Once again, sorry for bad english.

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powerchico @ The Great Work

Very good cs until now, but im stuck in chapter 3:

I exploded the wall in the laboratory and then went down by hanging myself in the chain, then I went to the clock work and saw stairs, so went even mre down but the stairs are broken down there and I cant reach the door next to the broken stairs! On the W.side theres nothing useful ,just one door that has a padlock and i tried using every item on it and it didnt work!Also I did try to get back to the E. side and get up trought the chain, but when I climbed up the wall was not destrocted and I cant get back now!?
Please Help me!!!

PS: Sorry for my really really bad English XD

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powerchico @ ☆ Winter's Curse [RPG] ☆

Thank you doing feedback soon ;D

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powerchico @ ☆ Winter's Curse [RPG] ☆

Please I beg you upload it on mediafire and give the link in a comment, I can`t wait to play it and the mirrors are not working for me!


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powerchico @ ☆ Winter's Curse [RPG] ☆

ehovda321 : Can you please upload this cs in mediafire or rapidshare and then give me the link?
Im having issues with the downloads because I cant download any customstory right now, so if you could upload it and give the link in a comment I would be really pleased and would give a feedback ;D

PS: Sorry for my bad English xd

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powerchico @ Calm Terror - Demo/Beta

Downloading it now.I Probably will give you a feed back when i finish it.

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powerchico @ Disponentia

Mackiiboy, you really know how to make CS, and what makes your cs so original is the fact of beeing based in real event and real stuff...
I would realy enjoy if you continued macking cs like this, based on real events. You could search on google for houses or castles etc that people say its haunted and make awesome CS about that.
Keep the awesome job please!
PS: once againg, sorry for my bad english XD.

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powerchico @ Disponentia

Guys this custom story is great! I just played it like 5 min and this the best CS I have ever played.
The way it worked for me was opening the download file with winrar and put the "a_mod_disponentia" in the redist folder. Please read this I DO NOT PASSED ALL THE FILES ON "a_mod_disponentia" TO REDIST, I PASSED THE BIG FILE THAT AS EVERY OTHER FILES INTO REDIST!
Then I opened that file on redist and executed the bat. file and it worked!,it ****** worked!
So try this and if it still dont work so I dont no, sorry.
This CS is a ****** 30 out of 10!

PS: Sorry for my bad english im portuguese but I hope you guys understood the message ;D!

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