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WON2 - CD-Retail Multiplayer

Mod review


Mod review

Black Mesa

Mod review

Over all its a great recreation of the original all the way up to the portal to Xen via the lambda complex.

The mapping and atmosphere is superb and the graphics are stunning despite the growing age of the source engine.

However as satisfying as this mod was I still have to point out some glaring problems :(

For starters the view models are well ... decent at best. The MP5 model is incomplete as its missing its front sight blade and along with its proportion issues it has really ****** reload animations to boot.

The bolt for example magically moves on its own while reloading which is a simple clip in clip our deal. the grenade launchers trigger is used but only for what seems to be a couple frames making it look jerky and robotic and the M203 isn't even reloaded.

The MP5 magazines are also 3 times the size of the ones on the actual MP5 model and this is just plain retarded. The grenade models for the MP5s M203 are also way too small looking like some kind of an airsoft toy :/ The regular MK2 frag grenades view model is also somewhat too small when compared to its RL counter part as well as the games world model of it.

The Glocks model and textures are ok but it lack any secondary fire mode like say the classic rapid fire or even iron sights or melee. Strangely the secondary does make a empty clicking noise while under water tho. the animations are ok but they lack a full reload animation IE no matter how many rounds are left the guns slide always moves back on it own during reload which is again annoying. simply moving the slide back to chamber a round by hand would have been much easier and more visually appealing when reloading.

I would also like to point out that the sounds scripts particularly with the weapon sounds don't always work failing to play

And as a final disappointment the M4 and Beretta weapons are missing from the game despite them being modeled and showcased on the website Alot of HD fans like me are bound to be annoyed by this as well.


CS 1.6 to CZ:DS Graphical Overhaul

Mod review - 3 agree

Great conversion mod certainly better than its counter parts. Has alot of potential as well.


Cry of Fear

Game review - 1 disagree

Yea just beat the mod as well and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. Been a long time since ive played a good SP & MP coop mod.

Now the 1st thing that come to my mind is using this mods assets to upgrade Paranoia 0.0 I mean the same weapon & movement systems with out the inventory. I mean a proper remake called Paranoia Redux for example with newer weapon models and animations. Hell id really love to see that both this game and Paranoia are some of the best horror mods to date.

All in all congrats Team Psykskallar you have just set the new standard in gold source modding and horror mods in general.


G String

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Certainly the most diverse and brilliant set of maps I have seen to date. Game play could use a little polishing but other than that this mod is pure brilliance.


Firearms: Source

Mod review


Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Ok were to begin.


Over all of all the HL2 themed source mods Ive played this one was certainly the best. Unlike many other mods this one focuses on its OWN story instead of trying to tie into the default HL2 script with some random rebel, combine, or what ever. Its so far the most accurate depiction of the time frame b4 the 7 Hour War to date. I don't see eye to eye with some parts of it but that's a given for artistic freedom so I cant really complain about that.


Its a little rough around the edges but over all its quite fun and it will leave you wanting more. It just to bad that in my personal opinions the game play aspects couldn't have reached their true potential especially with the movement animations which are sound but could have been more complex, realistic, & natural.


This is were the mod really suffers and its not just in realism in general but certain aesthetic details are just horrid. For examples the weapons in game are just plain ****** up especially when it come to their sounds which truly seem half assed and some of them don't even fit the animations >> The scripts are also totally illogical. For example the M16M203 sniper rifle has for some odd reason 12 rounds for the mags while it should be 30 and it does not use the same ammo as the M4 which uses the same STANAG mags and 5.56mm ammo. It was so bad that I had to change them my self and use realistic and quality CS:S sounds mostly made by Strelok on :/ The X army soldiers look more like mercenaries that soldiers as none of the gear even resembles anything the US military used aside from the M4s and LAW-72s which btw are not supposed to be re loadable nor guided >> Hell some of the soldiers look like reskined CS:S terrorist players which is absolutely horrid.

Overall Ill give it a 8/10 but there is so much room for improvement that would make this game a truly one of a kind mod.



Mod review

Realistic Weapons

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