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Freeworlds Restoration Project

Old_Sparta Blog

So it begins. Or rather, so it continues. A friend from my Freelancer modding community has already done a great deal for us, and now we are going to continue and improve upon his great work. Today is as good a time as any to start showing the public a bit of our work.

I would have more to say, or maybe give you some deep, insightful bits about what we are working on, but I suppose I better get back to it. We have a lot of good ideas, and we hope- as always- you will find them enjoyable.



Freelancer Modding: Alderaan

Old_Sparta Blog 1 comment

After dealing with a bit of personal and game related stuff, its time for me to break back into modding work again. Without the stress of (one flavor of) leadership, I am going to tackle systems again.

My current project is simple enough. I am going to create the Alderaan system to bring it back into the Freeworlds mod. I am hoping to do something a bit different from what we have in the 18.xx version, and I actually have a page of brief notes on how I might do so. It is gonna take some time, but I am hopeful on what I can actually create.

As I get farther into it, I might put up a pic or two to show my work.



Freelancer Modding: Systems

Old_Sparta Blog 3 comments

Well, if there is anything that has tested my determination/patience, it has to have been systems modding.

In the last few days, about 99% of all my modding attempts have been met with less-than-uplifting results. In fact, to date, I can say that only two attempts have been met with anything other than Freelancer crashing. Nonetheless, I am pushing forward. With some work, I will finally understand exactly what it is that is going so horribly wrong.

It looks like I will have to start my modifying an existing system with a little tweak here, a little modifcation there, until I can figure out where I am going wrong. Jumpholes/jumpboys are part of the problem, I believe, but perhaps it has something to do with objects. Likely, its something even simpler than I think. Oh well, in the meantime, I have time to think out what my final system goal will be- that is what the final system I create will look like.

If nothing else, I will have developed a greater patience when things don't go right. :)


With the Unveiling of the new 19.xx page...

Old_Sparta Blog 4 comments

and everything, I am thinking about looking back into modding stuff again. I became a bit discouraged before because of my difficulty with modeling before. I figure I should go ahead and delve into other aspects of modding instead. This will become especially helpful as I will not have the money I have had in past to invest in gaming...
besides, I need something to invest my time in, that engages my little grey cells. :)


Freeworlds 2.0 and "Something Big"

Old_Sparta Blog

I have been thinking about the 'something big' that has been announced by the Tides of War devs. I am still a bit bummed about the possible passing of Freeworlds 19.xx, especially given all the fond memories I have garnered in the mod. However, it will still be quite interesting to see what they come up with.

To be perfectly honest, I am hoping that Snake runs a server, so that I can swap back and forth a bit between the new format and a bit of the old in the world of Tides of War. A lot of people are getting very worked up about the new revelation. It is probably the Beta, but only time will tell.

It is kind of cool, that a further announcement is coming out on my birthday. It almost stinks that I have to be going to work for the next few days, but that is not so big a deal. Will give my thoughts on the mod as things unravel, I guess.

Oh, and I finished my Sith trials in Freeworlds (19.xx) and have officially become the Sith Darth Ferus. It is quite awesome. :)


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