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RSS Freeworlds 2.0 and "Something Big"

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I have been thinking about the 'something big' that has been announced by the Tides of War devs. I am still a bit bummed about the possible passing of Freeworlds 19.xx, especially given all the fond memories I have garnered in the mod. However, it will still be quite interesting to see what they come up with.

To be perfectly honest, I am hoping that Snake runs a server, so that I can swap back and forth a bit between the new format and a bit of the old in the world of Tides of War. A lot of people are getting very worked up about the new revelation. It is probably the Beta, but only time will tell.

It is kind of cool, that a further announcement is coming out on my birthday. It almost stinks that I have to be going to work for the next few days, but that is not so big a deal. Will give my thoughts on the mod as things unravel, I guess.

Oh, and I finished my Sith trials in Freeworlds (19.xx) and have officially become the Sith Darth Ferus. It is quite awesome. :)


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