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Well, if there is anything that has tested my determination/patience, it has to have been systems modding.

In the last few days, about 99% of all my modding attempts have been met with less-than-uplifting results. In fact, to date, I can say that only two attempts have been met with anything other than Freelancer crashing. Nonetheless, I am pushing forward. With some work, I will finally understand exactly what it is that is going so horribly wrong.

It looks like I will have to start my modifying an existing system with a little tweak here, a little modifcation there, until I can figure out where I am going wrong. Jumpholes/jumpboys are part of the problem, I believe, but perhaps it has something to do with objects. Likely, its something even simpler than I think. Oh well, in the meantime, I have time to think out what my final system goal will be- that is what the final system I create will look like.

If nothing else, I will have developed a greater patience when things don't go right. :)



Well it really depends on what you have been trying to do and how you went about it, you probably need a point in the right direction or some help.

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Old_Sparta Author

I can get some help a little bit later. The person I would turn to is a little tied up at the moment. :P

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Old_Sparta Author

I have a theory! I think I know how I can fix the issue I have been suffering from! :D
Now, let's see how badly I can make this blow up in my face... :P

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