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NureinVoter @ The agony of (in)sanity


- Even if just a few, there had been stupid jumpscares included that made no sense and didnt cooperated with the atmosphere
- Sometimes the leveldesign was a bit 'bended' and I catched myself getting sleepy and totally forgetting how it all started.
Dont know if this is really important but a CS shouldnt make you feel like you are suddenly forgetting how it even started.

- Unusual and rare leveldesign
- Beautiful use of the few outdoor-aspects in Amnesia
^ I liked the open doors 'to freedom'. Made me remember Dungeonkeeper a bit. A game that takes place underground and you never really reach the surface.
- The little "plot twist". I liked how he hallucinated and thought he escaped already just to get chased down and then you noticed... oh... right... he didnt escaped. I thought credits would roll down already. :P

Yeah a pity the story felt so thin in general.
In the end it was all "oooh must run away and escape from the monsters" again, but in some CS's even the monsters had a little bit unique backgroundstory.

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NureinVoter @ Digressiophobia - The beginning

All done for installation instructions in the "readme". : /
But the CS doesnt appear ingame in the list.
I use the german client.

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NureinVoter @ The Broken Mirror

Deutsch oder Englisch? ;)
Just in case... ^ ...

Please stop this annoying jumpscares,
they are WORST ever made in Costumstorys.
Cause they destroy the atmosphere when they are not logically.
Amnesia is not about sudden horror and poor thrill.

Its about a tense atmosphere, beautiful and amazing scenerys.
And the lurking and slowly upbuilding dangers and horrors trying to catch up to you.

I liked the leveldesign alot. Especially in the beginning.
The first time I felt a bit "Dark Project" or "Thief" in a CS. :>

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NureinVoter @ Amnesia: Last Night


- Normally a CS would never impress me more as 3 if there is even just 1 jumpscare in it (that is no support to the atmosphere) and just to force a sudden scare into the player, and
- whenever I see sexual suggestive stuff in a CS it will hit the common atmosphere of the CS in general.
" Looks like something penisshaped will fit in. " great. =_=
Yeah I know that a key looks like this, haha~.

In expectation that this will wont make me popular since he got quite some fans I say that I dont like Pewdiepie as well.
Because he is just to freaky and his whole personality destroys what Amnesia should be.
Serious... dark... dangerous... tense. And not a walk in a park or making stupid jokes without end. This is not Scary Movie.
Just when I heard about him and saw one clip with him for just 30 seconds I knew I need to avoid this guys content.
Like Leeroy Jenkins in WoW he is a "VIP" for something silly.

If Amnesia is too intense for some people they better shouldnt play it?
Ah yesyes I stick to the stuff I like, no problem, yesyes and I dont have to pay intention to crap if I dont like it.
But **** stays ****: Important to say it.

This story wasnt actually so bad. The jumpscare ****** me off and the sexual remarks.
But the leveldesign was amazing. Maybe a bit boring when a corridor looked like becomming to long and no one would build something like this in reality.
But the changing atmosphere was cool too. When suddenly a room became darker or brighter after a short outpassing.
The specialeffects had been luxus.
Nothing always to witness in a CS.

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NureinVoter @ Not enough popularity

Really - never do ANYTHING in life if you dont have joy just from the process of doing it.
Because if you have no joy, its clear that you open the door to regret. And if you regret what you have done, well... your screwed. :D

So be positive and never forget that again.

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NureinVoter @ The Brotherhood

Nice intro and cool music + singing
... BUT ...

right when I start the game, one bug blocks my path to play the game.
I can see a guy getting pierced, a little blackout and then a corridor with candles at the bottom...
... and then another little blackout comes in but nothing new gets loaded and I can hear my character walking when I "walk" and that tells me that the next location doesnt get loaded properly.

Well... it was nice. The intro. °_°;

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NureinVoter @ a Shade of lavender: Chapter 1


-1 cause the climax felt a big fast ;>
-1 minor bugs
( in the library at mobiliar some bloodtextures got stuck in the air )
( I could despawn the Kaernk when it first appeared. It was stuck unter the stairs and I left the room to the Mainhall once and it appeared later when I was in the room, you need the needle for to get in )

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NureinVoter @ Servant's Night Demo

They Key should be placed more obvious.
It just doesnt make sense when its in a illogical position.

Nice demo til yet.

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NureinVoter @ Memento

I used up to many tinderboxes until I was trapped in the room with the candles. Of course it looks like I was to dumb to notice that soon enough but it was also dumb, to design the custom story in this way.

A story should always be idiotproof. Thats disappointing.

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NureinVoter @ Amnesia - Abomination


- Hammer-chipper bug and not being able to combine them. I know thats not entirely the autors fault, but oh well, still ******* me off and I think maybe autors should avoid using this fu**ing mechanism. :3
- When you leave the map where you met the grunt for the first time and enter the map behind, there were alot of books levitating in midair and missing objects oviously. ^^
- I avoided needing the mechanical door (probably to activate if you reach the lewer in the closed room ) by jumping on the board nearby on top of it and over the mechanical mechanism.
Soon I entered the map where the guy talks to you from behind a door, but maybe it was because I entered "unnaturally" and the map was bugged. I found a Key but couldnt use it and this is where I stopped the story.

+ very nice musical parts and I liked the flashbacks
+ great story and very good atmosphere, just how I like it.
+ and I like that I didnt encountered one unnecessary jumpscare without any lore

Im not a fan of the spiders but I guess it couldnt be helped. They shouldnt even be in Amnesia. They are to big, make no sense and look disgusting. And yeah im one of this arachnophobia-type people.

A pity I couldnt finish it.
It was very good so far.

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NureinVoter @ The Monster Affair (REQUIRES JUSTINE)

If there is even one part with a big spider in, I wont play it.
Give me horror, give me apocalypse - but no spiders please.

They are disgusting mistakes by god that should have never made it into existence.

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NureinVoter @ Gary - Dark Secrets

SO~ I finished the Demo now.
And have one bug to report.

- If you get chased down by the monster, ( I took the room to the left and died by a sequence like it was darker and darker and meaning he got me or something )
dont know if this happens if he kills you normally, but after I died the first time, the PARTY MUSIC returned and kept playing.

Maybe this was intentionally, but I dont think the music was fitting, it actually robbed the serious atmosphere.
But everything else was a blast.

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NureinVoter @ Gary - Dark Secrets

" Marry fu**ing Christmas " lols, that was one of the best CS's I ever played, when not the best. ^^

It says Demo but im still going to test it.
Cant wait for full conversion. ^^

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NureinVoter @ Darkness Insanity

I would now give it a 1 if the bar would be there.

Just for having around 2-3 jumpscares alone in the first map.
Jumpscares without any kind of lore and just exist to forcefully create fear and thats the biggest joykill of all times.

Amnesia is something you enjoy, something with atmosphere.
Not a uncreative jumpscare-fest that makes you want to quit.
Its over when I notice that im walking corridors down while actually looking at the floor, or even walking backwards, so that I dont look at the jumpscare, when it suddenly happens.

This is not how Amnesia is supposed to be.
I want to droll over a beautiful environment and look at the detail of every room or corridor. And not close my eyes and think "when is it over" ?

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NureinVoter @ A Coma Awakening: The Unknown Mysteries

It freezed even with the fixpatch when I reached the deadend.

But nice story.

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NureinVoter @ False Hospitality Chapter One

- jumpscares without any lore
- when I hid in the closet with "Agrippa", the monster disappeared after 10 seconds and so did the music
- but worst of all, when I read the note of the guy who is laying dead beside the crowbar, the game not crashed, but...
... if you move an object to fast with this engine and it gets stuck in the wall, ceiling or ground, it can produce massive framrate-lag.

Since the engine cant handle the wild flapping object that is trying to get in so many directions at once and even bending in seize, that it will be the worst diashow of all times.
And since you blew the whole room up, guess what happened? Exactly what I just described.

Couldnt finish the map.
But the jumpscares are the biggest **** of all custom history.

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NureinVoter @ Dark Seclusion

-4 cause of meaningless jumpscares in form of suddenly approaching monsters that poff into dust when they reach you.
Just one of them is one to much. They destroy the whole atmosphere of the story.

The characters arent Daniel, who is mentally ill and gets haunted by pieces of his own, messy memorys.
I liked the poltergeist-part. With the corpse under the cealing and the corridor but... *spoileralert* .

Ah yes and all the rooms are a bit to big and empty.
They feel not natural. Everything else was okay and the CS
got high potential.

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NureinVoter @ Followed By Death

10/10 because

this Customstory is equal, when not superior to the original Story in every Aspect.
In Story, in Voiceacting, not so much in Flashbacks but what it lacks there is at least superior in panorama.

You made the Rest Rooms more beautiful as all bright and normal shaped rooms in Brennenburg had been.
I totally love the part where you need to go outside the castle cornice and had to enter at another window.
And then the room and the library. The outer landscape was very nice made and I love the view into the distance. It looked super realistic.

Or the windows though that you see the gatherer at a later part. And the roof of the castle. Everything was very impressive. I need a CS in which you need to climb at the outside of a castle for a longer time, using tendrils as latters too and such stuff.
And then over roofs and such.

Amnesia is very much focussed on rooms and inside of constructions.
So parts with outworld scenerys become a very rare sight that gives every CS its own atmosphere.

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NureinVoter @ The cruel ways of Dr. Richard Jones

Oh, Deutsch, wie gemütlich. ^^
Inzwischen bin ich natürlich wieder gut drauf.
Für eine erste Costumstory ist's auch ganz gut gewesen.

Naja ich werde diese Story nicht mehr spielen aber hier ein Tip für etwas, daß um die 90% aller Modder vergessen.
Du kriegst in den Storys haufenweise Öl und Zündbüchsen. Das Öl gar nicht so im Augenmaß, wird man vor allem die Zündbüchsen nie gescheit los.
Es fehlen einfach die Lichtquellen!!

Das hat auch bei deinem Mod hart an der Substanz genagt und an meinen Nerven. Nichts ist störender als (so wie ich es mache) die Büchsen aufzubewahren für potenzielle Levelabschnitte in denen man wirklich GAR NICHTS sehen kann und dann sind nirgends Fackeln oder Kerzen.

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NureinVoter @ Marcell Davis Castle Horror

Nicht mein Humor, sorry aber ich passe. ^^

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NureinVoter @ Poisonous

I just found they key hanging out from the grid, hold by the hand.
Will continue playing later... but its 10/10 already for me.

Such a beautiful and detailled mod was unseen for me to this point.
And what a lovely female voice acting. <3

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NureinVoter @ Number 1


I nearly cant even think... sooo incredibly annoying is this mod.
When I want to think about how I explain why its annoying, my mind simply stops, so damn ... "bad" is the mod.

The jumpscares... I dont care... but how its dark all the time, no matter how you use the tinderboxes - there is just not enough stuff to lit - and in the room where you have to build another "ladder"...
... and after the Brute finished me, after not disappearing for 3-4 minutes and nonstop walking into the wall... I just let me getting finished, since I couldnt avoid him comming after me...
... the worst thing in all my Amnesia-mod experiences happened.

The map loaded again when the characters "falls" into it... and he falls THROUGH the ground, there is no stage animated and he dies ever and ever and ever... and is never reaching a respawn point.

............. this mod was so annoying and then the master-assfu** came, thats just unbelievable enraging.
When this mod is supposed to **** people off, this is a masterpiece beyond comprehension of most people.
But after comming so far, in a mode without any beauty and with such low atmosphere... it just ****** me off and nothing more.

Its in fact so enraging... that I could nearly laugh.
But its just bad. I hope you fix the bug... but I wont play this mod ever again until I die. Thats such a good feeling.

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NureinVoter @ The Hands Resist Him

Comming soon... ^^
I hope so. ;3

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NureinVoter @ Where Are Our Protectors?


- Nice and very beautiful made environment.
- Only the very long travelrouds annoyed me a little bit.
- And there should always be the option to be wasteful with tinderboxes and light a whole corner, corridor or stuff, but some places just lacked the candles or torches.

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NureinVoter @ Insanity: Nocturnal Confusion

A bug made me lose everything. :(
When the part came where you had to blow a wall up and the Kearnk chased the player, I lit the fire first and put the chemicals on the fire. But then it didnt worked.
So I put the fire out again and I could place the chemicals.

But since the animation of the fire didnt disappeared, I thought its working not, throw something at the pot and the pot disappeared without the blowing the wall out of the way.
I guess in the end it was buggy cause the fire wasnt "on" but the animation was working.

A nasty bug...
Well, a pity I wont see the ending, but nice story and still 8/10.

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NureinVoter @ Quiet

Wont work for me. ( Cause of "German" version? )
Oh man what a turnoff. :<

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NureinVoter @ The Library


These damn boring jumpscares took alot of quality away.
Such an unique design and then this stupid jumpscares.......

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NureinVoter @ Obsession

You know... after just 3 or 4 minutes of playing and already like 5 jumpscares... I JUST QUITTED YOUR CS like ANYONE should do.
This **** is becomming way to popular not even among the players, but the modders.

And its just ****. Its not impressing anyone
and shouldnt! Normally a jumpscare is making me
shrunk in a sudden impulse, yours were not and they
were fairly cute, compared to others.

But Amnesia is still not about this uncreative crap.

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NureinVoter @ The cruel ways of Dr. Richard Jones

Normally I wouldnt give this a "1".
The levels are very beautiful made and the story may be flat, but is still valid as a story.

Jumpscares are just something that makes me angry and just for 1 or 2 of them - if just placed annoying enough - I drop 4 points away.
Then why "1" and not "6" ?

Because this has over 40 votes and is over 9.
Some people really dont know how LAME jumpscares are.
And they are unhealthy as well.
CS's should be over atmosphere and passive anxiety, not sudden and forceful shockmoments that seem to carmoflage the uncreativeness of the modder.

Amnesia can do so much more. Just look at the original story.
Flashbacks, windeffects, slowly opening or closing doors, not stupid BOOM and BÄNG, or stupid CORPSES that beam right into your face!!
This stupid **** doesnt even make sense!

Just because Amnesia is a game, that doesnt mean you can drop the art in it and say "hey its just a game anyways, so **** yourself".
I wont. Im only getting ****** off by this crap!

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NureinVoter @ Sins Of Our Past

Oh' okay. ;)

So the guy we controlled slaughtered someone before the story even started? ^^
Will be interesting to watch a continuation. ;3

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