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At about 8 P.M. US Central Time yesterday, I graduated from Buckhorn High School. I was happy to receive my diploma like the rest of my friends but unlike them I wasn't ecstatic about being done with High School. It's not that I'm not ready to move on but rather that I know that it's just step one of starting a life of my own. I have decided against going into the military. This is a different day and age than from all the history reels of World War II that I've watched and I don't know that I want to participate in any current or future conflicts because their cause I know for a fact will be different from that of the past Great Wars and I also know that I will want no part of them as a member of the armed forces. I still however highly respect veterans and current service members as many of my friends and family are both and I thank them for the service they have either given or are giving for my country. I still wish to pursue getting into the Gaming Industry. Gaming, I think it is safe to say is one of my passions aside from reading books. I have helped a little with The Seed by creating some of the item descriptions you read if you play the beta, or the whole game when it comes out. This came to be thanks to me knowing Mr. Aaore of Misery Ltd. whom several years ago I asked to become part of his team to help with MISERY's weapons mechanics which was an unsuccessful venture due to Life in general. He did however give me the chance to help with his current project late last year I believe it was. I was glad to do it as it felt to me to be some sort of recompense for me being able to do so little in the past to help him and the MISERY mod team back a few years ago. I thank those for keep me in their mind's and prayer's when they read my very first blog. After I posted it my popularity jumped from one of the 100,000s to the 17,000s which I still find incredible. And also the fact that at least 2 or three people are still visiting my page to read my last blog post is also pretty awesome.

Again, Thank You those of you who continue to visit my page and read my blogs. It means a lot.

-God Bless

EDIT: I forgot to state that I graduated yesterday

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