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Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Early access game review

You land on an alien planet, make a base, harvest resources, and once you're strong enough clear out the alien facilities and take over the planet. After that you're ready for the stars. The only things I don't like are things I'm pretty sure will be fixed later on in development, seeing as it's only in Alpha/Pre-Alpha. I do think however that there should be more dynamic hull blocks (and I hate to say this) like in Space Engineers. Some ships are easy to replicate while others may lack fine details due to the hull block shapes currently available. Over all though the game shows great promise, and am always excitingly awaiting new updates.


Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0

Mod review

Nothing that I had said on the CoP version of this mod is different. It is just as great as it's cousin. I highly recommend this mod to anyone who want's to see other STALKERS and yourself using something other than an AK-74us, SGI-5Ks and TOZ-34s("Hunting Shotgun").


Arsenal Overhaul 3

Mod review

What's not to like? Over 100 new weapons with several new ammunition types. I personally enjoy shooting firearms in real life and with this mod I get to use some of them ingame, some examples are the AR-15, SKS, and AK-47. The recoil is more or less accurate, the 7.62x39 weapons seem to kick up more than what I remember when I fire them but then again this could be for balancing purposes. Also the AR-15 has almost next to none when I shoot it, but again balance. Overall this is one of the best mods I have played for both Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat and I find it to be up there with MISERY as far as content and IRL accuracy of weapon statistics such as accuracy and handling. Overall, this mod just gets better every update and I look forward to ever one. Don't have any space for this mod? Make it, it's that fun.



Mod review
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