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Trolls, you know them and love(strongly dislike) them. You can't go to any forum, onto any server, or even somewhere in public without encountering one eventually. I recently just got off of a Team Fortress 2 server where two players found it amusing to constantly fire into spawn and not let anyone out. Both didn't stop when several players asked them to, as a matter of fact it actually made it worse. I eventually was able to break trough myself but not for long as one of them killed me shortly after I got the other. One was asked why he kept spawn killing but gave no answer, the other one said and I quote "I can kill people without spawn killing, I do this to piss people off". The process of trying to kill one then getting killed by the other continued for about 25 minutes that I will never get back. So I eventually just left the server, it was just a waste of my time (even though I found a new medigun) and there is no use beating a dead horse. I have finally reached a point to where I have started wondering why trolls do what they do. To be completely honest I think some people do it because they have a bad personal life or are struggling emotionally. They are rude, act like smart alecks, post stupid/mean/irrelevant things onto forums that don't contribute to the topic, don't play fair and just overall take the joy out of things for everyone else and bum them down because in the real world they have no kind of happiness or purpose other than trying to make people feel the same way they do to make themselves feel better. I really don't know if I should say that you should feel sorry for trolls, because some of them really do genuinely troll just to troll. But I would take this into consideration next time you encounter one, and try to ignore them all together, or at least be passive. Leave the server, ignore their posts. Don't waste your life on trying to best them or prove them wrong because they already are wrong. One day they will either grow up and realize how childish they are being or will run into someone even worse than them and will stop acting like a 3 year old.

Chapter 1 Finished

Mickapicka Blog

At about 8 P.M. US Central Time yesterday, I graduated from Buckhorn High School. I was happy to receive my diploma like the rest of my friends but unlike them I wasn't ecstatic about being done with High School. It's not that I'm not ready to move on but rather that I know that it's just step one of starting a life of my own. I have decided against going into the military. This is a different day and age than from all the history reels of World War II that I've watched and I don't know that I want to participate in any current or future conflicts because their cause I know for a fact will be different from that of the past Great Wars and I also know that I will want no part of them as a member of the armed forces. I still however highly respect veterans and current service members as many of my friends and family are both and I thank them for the service they have either given or are giving for my country. I still wish to pursue getting into the Gaming Industry. Gaming, I think it is safe to say is one of my passions aside from reading books. I have helped a little with The Seed by creating some of the item descriptions you read if you play the beta, or the whole game when it comes out. This came to be thanks to me knowing Mr. Aaore of Misery Ltd. whom several years ago I asked to become part of his team to help with MISERY's weapons mechanics which was an unsuccessful venture due to Life in general. He did however give me the chance to help with his current project late last year I believe it was. I was glad to do it as it felt to me to be some sort of recompense for me being able to do so little in the past to help him and the MISERY mod team back a few years ago. I thank those for keep me in their mind's and prayer's when they read my very first blog. After I posted it my popularity jumped from one of the 100,000s to the 17,000s which I still find incredible. And also the fact that at least 2 or three people are still visiting my page to read my last blog post is also pretty awesome.

Again, Thank You those of you who continue to visit my page and read my blogs. It means a lot.

-God Bless

EDIT: I forgot to state that I graduated yesterday

The Force Awakens

Mickapicka Blog

I don't know about anyone else but I am HYPED for the new Star Wars movie coming out! It'll be in theaters this Christmas. One of my favorite things in Star Wars is all the types of armors that you see people wear. Out of all of them my favorites are Mandalorian Beskar'gam, Phase II Clone/Katarn armor, and Stormtrooper armor, and this particular variant of Stormtrooper armor revealed in the latest trailer looks sick. From the looks of him, I think he is actually capable of aiming.

Happy Easter!

Mickapicka Blog

The day that our lord rose again, defeating death itself. I hope you all have a good time with your families and friends tomorrow and if you're not able to be with them that you're able to make whatever you can out of Easter. I personally am pretty happy that I have a new "toy", that of which I have to thank my good Dad for getting for me today.
New Mosin

My Future

Mickapicka Blog 1 comment

I don't expect many people to read this but I hope a few certain people do. A few years ago I was wanting to become part of the STALKER modding community but unfortunately life wouldn't allow it. Now I'm at one of the important crossroads we all get to eventually. When I graduate from high school I plan on joining the US Army Reserves. Hopefully, while im doing that and online college I will FINALLY be able to do what I've wanted to do for many years now. This isn't a promise, but more of a hope of mine that I'm putting out there so those of faith can help pray this into reality and for those that aren't cross their fingers that these things come to be.

Thank you in advance, and thank you especially to those of you who gave me the chance to become a part of the STALKER modding community even though I regrettably was not able to contribute hardly anything at all. I hate to end my first blog on such a bleak note but it is what it is.

-God Bless

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