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Global Warfront

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Pretty good, some maps don't work, game feels heavily un-balanced, but overall still good fun to play. There is a good variety of maps and the factions are interesting and bring a strategy feel to the game. :)



Mod review

Bf2 Arctic Warfare mod

Mod review - 5 agree


This is a very good mod, one of the best around (in my opinion) This doesn't have much new content, weapons are similar to vbf2 but they suit this game very well, the maps and vehicles are amazing, Epically the Snowmobile. It's a great fun vehicle.

The Map is the only one, but it's a really good map, with bot support for all sizes (16, 32, 64) And each size of map makes a large amount of entrainment. The Bots are a good challenge making me die on the most unexpected times and are among the best A.I in a mod.

Overall, I'll be enjoying this mod for quite a bit.


Alpha Project

Mod review

I'm rewriting my mod because of the v0.2 release.

The mod was amazing from v0.1, and v0.2 is better.

The new maps are a unique set, and the A.I are very challenging at times. Weapon Customization is a breakthrough add-on for Alpha Project, WC just needs a bit of clean up and it's perfect, the weapons feel brilliant and the Customization options are epic!

Everything feels balanced and the game is brilliant, this gets a 10/10 from me. :)


Global Storm

Mod review - 1 agree

Excellent mod, gives a great fun challenge everything is brilliant. Loving the new weapons and modified vehicles!


Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review

With out a doubt, this is one of the best BF2 Mods ever!


Forgotten Hope 2

Mod review

An excellent World War II Mod, it feels like Project Reality WW2 :)


Battlefield 2

Game review

One of the best games of all time, Nothing better than squad based infantry and vehicular combat, The mods available are even better!



Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Very good mod, Get's very enteraining, Espically using an RPG-7 on a group of enemies is great fun!

Graphics and Animations are great the pistol animations when moving and aiming are wierd

Only 1 map and no vehicles, i hope there is vehicles in the next update!

Great work.


Spec Ops Warfare

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

The beta is excellent, and judging by the screenshots, the new game looks comparable to Battlefield 3! Can't wait to play!

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