I just play games really... Channel is MickLMZR and my Twitter is exactly the same :)

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Well Hello There

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Holy Shit, yeah it's been a long ass time since that last update, a lot has happened... Quite a bit bad actually but i'm still here in one piece so that's good i guess :) My channel has grown quite a nice amount since that last update going from 100 to 400 in that period alone, it's growing and i'm uploading a lot more, I'm not gonna post here very often if at all because i feel like my interests no longer give me the time to wanna play BF2 or any of it's mods for that matter, still I will visit from time to time and hope everyone I was friends with during 2013 and 2014 is doing okay and all, I wish them the very best and hope you all take care :)

Happy new Year everybody!

mickLMZR Blog

It's 2015... already, well shit. ModDB still has their 300 character limit, and I think i am nowhere near that character limit, so I'm typing this stuff to make filter to hit the 300 character limit, If you've read here, I believe it would be best to move on and see what else I have to talk about. :D

I'm not too active on here because of my YouTube channel and other hobbies. ;)

A link to my YouTube channel is here to click on and have a look if you desire. :)


More Videos!

mickLMZR Blog

ArmA 2
ArmA 3
Counter Strike: Condition Zero/Global Offensive
Project Reality: Battlefield 2
And some other games that will not be mentioned... ;)

Download my Little Mighty Zebra Rabbits EP's below.

Little Mighty Zebra Rabbits -Cascade [ETH] Hell EP
RAZR Music Distributors

My Videos

mickLMZR Blog

Hope you enjoy these videos! Global Storm videos won't be released till early next week, sorry guys, i have something else i want to upload. ;) Keep an eye on both ModDB and YouTube.

Alpha Project
Forgotten Hope: Zombies
Forgotten Hope 2
Allied Intent Extended
Global Storm/Global Storm Special Forces
More Project Reality Videos

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Halo: Spartan Assault (Don't really know why, thought i'd do a video on it)
Garrys Mod
ArmA 3
A few surprise game videos every now and then. ;)

Want me to do a video on a mod? Post what mod in the comments below!

New YouTube video coming soon

mickLMZR Blog

The title says it all, and it's not one of those 1 minute videos ether, it's a long video and will be released on my YouTube channel and here once the link is available.

Stay Tuned, if you haven't subscribe to my YouTube channel (MickLMZR) to keep up to date on all of my videos, and if you haven't checked yet, check my bands music (https://soundcloud.com/marigoldrock) and check my solo music in videos section of my profile. :)

My YouTube channel

mickLMZR Blog

I use this as a blog to post my gaming pictures, download mods and voice opinions on games and mods, but i also have a YouTube channel.


Games i am currently playing.

mickLMZR Blog

Farcry 3: Blood Dragon
Borderlands 2
Battlefield 2 (+ 20-30 mods)
Battlefield 2142 (5 mods)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
many other PC games.

Expect more screencaps from these games and more games! :)

Hope you all enjoy the pictures i am uploading to ModDB, sorry the graphical quality isn't all that good, the laptop i am using doesn't have the latest and greatest specifications. :)

Also, if you wish, Add me on Steam: (S.D)LMZR and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: MickLMZR

Few things about me.

mickLMZR Blog

Hey, don't worry the title doesn't mean what i'm going to do is one of those cheesy "tell everything about my life in less than 60 words" blog posts, but it's more of the music i produce.

If you want to add me on Steam, go ahead, look up (S.D)LMZR

The solo project i am doing, i'll get around to releasing it sometime in the month or early March, I'll release a few songs here and all of them will go up on my YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel link is here: Youtube.com

I don't really know what the genre will be, but so far, it's a mix of Psychedelia, Electronica and Ambience.

Here is a link to my song that i uploaded. :) Moddb.com

LMZR out.

About our band.

mickLMZR Blog 2 comments

Hey, i've mentioned once, ONCE that i'm in a band, so i decided well, why not tell you about the band?

The band's name is Marigold, I'm the second drummer to be in the band joining officially in August 2013, the band formed in May 2012, and we are in the process of releasing an album, we are a three man band that consists of:

Adam (Lead Guitar), Kurt (Rhythm Guitar), Michael (Me, Drums)

Soundcloud.com (Our soundcloud link)

Youtube.com (Our YouTube account)

Have a listen to us, and post a comment down below.

LMZR out.

Who am i?

mickLMZR Blog

Hey, i've been on here for a while now and i decided, well it's finally time to introduce myself.

I am MZR101, also known as LMZR (Modern Combat Wiki and WPCentral) RazoR41 (Project Reality) and MZR101/LMZR here!

I play Battlefield 2 and Project Reality quite a bit. I also play the occasional ArmA, Call of Duty (yes i know.) and tons of Battlefield 2 mods!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

Thanks, MZR101.

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