What's to be said? I just a non-regular 21 year-old Argentinian :P I have a sharp interest in anything related to science and I love to put my mind into any subject, so beware to start a discussion with me! (chadaFACE would know). well, what else... I've had over 10k visitors to date, so that must mean that I'm quite popular (or so does my ego like to beleive). what else, what else... Oh I almost forgot. I'm a modest mission maker for the game Nexus: The jupiter incident, but I'll expand my horizons sooner than later. I'm currently working in the mod Stargate: War Begins (yeah, you've probably guessed I'm a stargate fan by now) as a mission maker and mild coder, and also trying to finish a damn book I've been writing since I was 12.

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Bit of everything

Mularac Blog 2 comments

So.... A couple of months worth of vacations have come and pass, and the days till the back to college are getting thinner at an alarming rate, not to mention an exam I have on early Febraury... F**** Algebra...

Anyhow, I've spent this past months trying out for the first time the 360, a good friend of mine got it on his trip to the States. So these days have been all about Co-op games (with the exception of Assassins Creed 2, which turned out into a pretty good game, absolutely loved the game mechanics). First of all it was Gears of War 2, then Borderlands and now Army of Two: 40fth day.
But after all that gaming there's only one thing left to say: The more and more I played on that console I realized that there's no better device for FPS games than the all-mighty mouse. I mean, after a while you get used to aiming with the pad, but... it's just not the same. Not by a long shot.
Anyway, as fun as it is, other than with AC2 I didn't played with it by myself, even though I had it at home for weeks with some pretty nice-looking games. It's just... not so appealing. I even preferred to play Imperium Galactica 2 (a great but very old game) than the xbox. Heck, I even re-started playing Freespace2 (for a short time, yeah, but I re-started it non the less). But that's probably 'cause I'm getting old...

On the modding aspect of things, work on the Prequel Campaign for Stargate: War Begins is coming along nicely, even after the countless setbacks, which have been all cleared now... after many long and frustating hours... sometimes I just HATE Nexus.
But the community of that agonizing game has grown a lot in the past months, with plenty of old mods being brought back to life and other being started from scratch, and the future of our beloved game is looking brighter now. Or at least a bit less dark :P
Oh, I almost forgot, the call for both Beta Testers and Voice Actors is still up, so if you wish to become either (or both) just let me know :)

And also, a good friend of mine the other day made me feel rather guilty of leaving behind any work on my book... haven't done pretty much anything these vacations... or the whole 2009 for that matter... and now that they're almost over the guilt's come... so time to unpolish the 200 pages manuscrit and continue digitizing the blasted thing....

Okey, moving on... Finished reading the newest book from Dan Brown these last few days, The Lost Symbol. Quite mind-blowing, in fact. A good read, by all means. Specially because it backed up my beliefs (if you could call it that) quite well, it was a bit... I don't know, far-fetched, about certain stuff (well, a lot of stuff, actually), but it was rather good too (and I won't be doing here a full review of it... not in the mood right now...), but I do beleive that some of the stuff there has to be true, specially what's related to our mind, but that's just my belief.
I'm now trying to find a copy of Alice's adventures in wonderland to get warmed up for Tim Burtom's upcoming film, which I'm definately going to see (I mean... one of the most "lisergic" books made into film by one of the most, again, "lisergic" director? that's got to be something)

well... that would be it for now... Just some rambling that I decided to put into paper (you know what I mean...)
G'Night people


Back to Colleage

Mularac Blog 8 comments

Well... my overwelming one-week vacation is now over and I'm back to getting up at 5 every morning and getting at home at 8. Good life.

This shal prove interesting, as I've now actually entered, the past four months've been some sort of entry course, extremely difficult, but I did manage to score an 8.5/10 in mathematics, 9 in physics and 6 (shame on me) on chemestry.

Although I have less class-hours I do have now one more subject and as this is the career itself, much more difficult.

However, I'm now closer to studying what I really like, and I'm confident I'll still manage to find some spare time to do some coding for my mod... hopefully. We have a big release planned for this november and I'm not planning on letting my buddies down. But we're already quite pressed on time, due to this whole swing-flu thing I have two less weeks than I'd normally have, but the same content :S

And on a funny side note, so many people had sign for my Algebra and Mathematical Analysis classes that we had to move to a larger class-room :P

Oh, and just to clarify, I'm studying Computer Engineering (direct translation from Ingeniería en Informática, a career somewhat similar to your Computer Science), the ultimate meca for us computer geeks :P.

well, that was it, an small blog to blow some steam, this first class's been quite confusing, didn't understand half what the teachers were saying... :P, and yes, I have to admit, this idea for a blog was inspired on [SCARECROW] ones...

Mularac, out.

P.D: on a side note, I do know that I may have severel spelling and grammar mistakes scattered across this blog, but since I'm too lazy to track them down, I'll leave that to you :P a cookie for anyone who manages to find one :P

2° of April

Mularac Blog 26 comments

The day is 2 of April, 1982. This is event is strictely related to the one of the previous blog, so if you Ihaven't read it, I recommend you do it now.
Ok, done? :P
Well, what happened that day is of more common knowledge to the world that what went on march 24°, but if the events that occurd that had not happened then today I would have been going to colleage like any other day. But let's just go to the point.
If you haven't guessed it already, this is about the Malvinas war, also (wrongly) known as the Falklands war. It was in april 2 when the argentinian troops where deployed in the island and took it back from the small english garrison that was stationated there. The following days were days of joy for the argentinian nation, and hundreds of people gathered in Plaza de Mayo (the countries most important square) to praise the goverment and the military for this act of nationalism. Quite an odd fact since not so many days ago people (probably even the same ones) were protesting and getting beat up by the police, screaming for having democracy back. But, what would be of life withouth a bit irony, right?
Well this is how all went on:
Back to that day, the military goverment, the "proceso de reorganización nacional", was running out of options. The whole country was now against them, and the euphoria that was caused by the soccer championship of the 78' had long worn off. So they needed something to stay on flote, and they needed it fast. The answer to that was to do something they did best. A military action. Before I countinue I should say that that in that decade argentina was in a arming process along with chile, as we were fearing a war would rage there due to some territorial conflicts over the Andes mountains.
Well, back to Malvinas. The president (military one, and one that liked the scotch a bit too much, if you know what I mean) decided to use that firepower to do a decesive and rather cheap military action: take over the lands that were rightfully ours. First of all, I should say that the islands truly belong to our nations, as they are in the same continental platfor as our country and had had an argentinian population when the brits arrived and kicked them away, and that they should one day belong to us, but what Galtieri (the president I was telling you about) did was not the right thing to do.
In truth, we weren't prepared to be involved in an actual war, the goverment had taken the islands just as a desperate maneouver to win the people back and we were not counting on the british to retaliate. But, sadly to us, Margaret Thatcher (UK prime minister of that time) was in a similar position, she too needed desperately something to win back some support. and well, we all know what happened afterwards, no need for to me to outline that is it?
well... if you don't know it you should have probably guessed it: we got out asses kicked.


24° of March

Mularac Blog 12 comments

24° of March of 1976. The day that begun one of Argentina's darkest moments. It is the day when democracy (or whatever that was ruling the country at the time...) ir overthrown by the third time in the same century by the military of this nation. The banner was the same as usuall, that the people need to be protected from themselves and the danegers of democracy and freedom. But this time there was something else. At this time was executed the Plan Cóndor (Condor plan), a plan that appeared in all the southamerican countries that were also under a dictatorship at the time (Uruguay, Brazil, Chile) and had as the main code the utter extermination of comunism (guess who gave us that idea and logistic?). The plan on itself was quite simple, just kidnap, torture and later execute anyone remotely related to that particular way of thinking.
In truth, it all started by chasing a series of guerrilas in tucuman (northren argentian province), followed by sistematic torture and execution of a few hundreds of freedom-fighters. However, it is thought that the total number of "desaparecidos" (the name that was given to those that were taken by the goverment and then killed) is as high as 40000, but only 19000 have been identified. Most of those men and weamen were civilians who had nothing to with it, but were caught in somebody's elses' phonebook.
One particular night, later known as the "Noche de los lápices rotos" (the night of the broken pencils) were houndreds of highschool students were adopted and tortured only because they were demaning an student bus toll.
Most of this horror were unkown by the population, and some still are, masked by our victory in the FIFA succer tournament that took place in the 78 in our country and by a new heavy consumist economy brought by the goverment that put us into one of our deepest crisis.
This dictatorship ended defenetely in december of the 83', brought down rapidly by our defeat in malvinas, but that's an story for some other time.

Finally, I would have to say this only:
Neither forgetfulness, nor forgiveness, but JUSTICE!
(btw, that's what reads in the image below, if you were wondering)

La dictadura del 73'



Mularac Blog

We made it! top 100 of 2008, here we are!
the Stargate: War Begins mod for the game Nexus the Jupiter incident has officially made it to the top 100. (sorry if I'm a bit excited and repetitive. it's just that, we made it!!)

To all the passcomers (not sure if it is even a word.) of my profile, if you value all our hard work and diligence, please vote for us at the the 2° round of the MOTY, we won't let you down.

that's all for now... gonna go and grab a beer.. this deserves some celebration...

War Begins public beta released

Mularac Blog 9 comments

Our newest beta for the mod is up and about (Moddb.com ), and with it comes my very first mission released to the general population (XD), Prequel Mission 4.
It is featuring alongside a lot of the group's work, such as many new models, animations, effects and several new things worth checking out.
But specially my mission (I deserves this share of ego as the damn thing took me over a month to develop), which is the first one to have full voice acting.


And.... Voice acting!

Mularac Blog 2 comments

We (Stargate: War Begins group Moddb.com ) are in dire need for voice actors. We don't discriminate accent, gender, age or anything, but I'm not really in charge.... if you're interested, send a mail to our mod leader, SoulAssassino p.morpheus@gmail.com with the title: "Stargate: War Begins voice acting" and he'll take care of the rest. just give it a try to have some fun.
And if you like our mod and have any ideas or comments, please apply to our forum: Stargatethewarbegins.tk

What is it about modding that is so appealing?

Mularac Blog 1 comment

Good afternoon fellows, I've just started to walk that preciously unknown world of modding. I'm now the mission maker of the Stargate:War begins mod, and cannot believe what I am feeling. Is something, quite different, unknown, and yet familiar. yes... It's like writing a book or making a poem or creating something. It feels like that, like I'm part of the creative process of something.
and, is that what make it so appealing? the creative aspect? or, as :SysOp: said, the fact that provides a way out of reality?
who knows. It may be that for someone, that for another one.
But is soooo appealing...

Islas Malvinas - Falkland Islands

Mularac Blog 1 comment

A couple of weeks ago I was fooling around on the google earth when I found myself over the Malvinas Islands (wrongly known as Falkland Islands, name given by the english when they took it away from us) and I saw a most curious picture, the one that's currently first on my image gallery, with a poem in spanish that says:
"El pueblo de Usuhaia a quienes... con su sangre regaron las raices de nuestra soberania sobre Malvinas... volveremos!!!"
as I know that not many of you speaks spanish, i triedto translate it and explain it the best I could:
"The people of Usuhaia (argentinian province next to the islands) to whom... who with ther blood irrigated the roots of ower sovereignty over Malvinas... we shall return!!!"

I somehow thought to share it with you, to see what you think about this subject, so feel free to post in here, so when we can discuss it and learn from each others point of view.

Final comment: Las Malvinas son Argentinas!

Nexus Hamachi

Mularac Blog 2 comments

Morning guys, as many of you already know, there's being developed a Stargate mod fot the game Nexus:The jupiter incident, the Stargate mod War Begins. Quite some time ago, member Alienspain suggested the idea of the creation of a Hamachi (it's a program that allows you to connect two PS via LAN but using the net as a wire) server, to play Nexus online. At the time I'm writing this lines only five of us are there, even though it is such a great idea, so i'm encouraging everyone who's reading this to join us, we need people from every time zone, as all five of us live across the world.

This idea is not only for the entertaiment given by the game, but also about knowing each's other cultures, I found myself chating with a Spanish an a American at the same time.
So... just download the program (it's less than a megabyte) and have fun!

The server's name is : Nexus Hamachi
and the Password is: 123456
Try it! Nexus is an amazing game and it deserves to be played by all of us.

See you around,

P.S: sorry about the extension of this blog, I got carried away...

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